2017 Candidates

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This page last updated on November 8, 2017.

At least 130 Greens ran in November 7, 2017 elections, with at least 29 elected

At least 171 Greens ran in 2017 overall, with at least 51 elected

Arizona (1 candidate)

Mike Cease for City Council, Ward 6, Tucson
3rd/3 for one seat; 4867 votes, 6.84%

California (4 candidates, 4 elected)

Angelia Hillman, Board of Trustees, Area 5, Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District (Humboldt County) incumbent
1st/1 candidate for one seat   ELECTED

Jeffrey Dean Schwartz, Governing Boardmember, Arcata School District, Arcata (Humboldt County) incumbent
1st/3 candidates for three seats (tie, race not on ballot because uncontested) ELECTED

Rama Zarcufsky, Governing Boardmember, Maple Creek School District (Humboldt County) incumbent
1st/2 candidates for three seats (tie, race not on ballot because uncontested) 

Scott Kender, Board of Directors, Redway Community Services District (Humboldt County) incumbent
1st/2 candidates for three seats (tie, race not on ballot because uncontested)  ELECTED

Colorado (4 candidates, 2 elected)

Merrily Mazza  for City Council, Lafayette | Campaign Details
4th/14 for four seats; 2911 votes, 10.73%  ELECTED

Julie Bañuelos for Denver School Board | Campaign Details
3rd/3 for one seat; 18,625 votes, 22.04%

Bryan Williams, School Board, Ourat, 2017
3rd/3 for three seats; 463 votes    ELECTED

Steven Cervantes, Town Council, Ward 1, Thorton (Adams County)
4th/4 for one seat; 386 votes, 16.96%

Connecticut (29 candidates, 12 elected)

Jean de Smet for Mayor, Windham 
2nd/4 for one seat; 1,081 votes, 36.59%

Joseph DeGregorio for Town Council, New Milford
14th/15 for nine seats; 1,513 votes, 3.11%

Dagmar Noll for Town Council, Willimantic    ELECTED
2nd/5 for three seats; 771 votes, 25.35%

Corey Krohn for Town Council, Windham
5th/5 for two seats; 316  votes, 13.29%

Andrew Frascarelli for Representative Town Meeting, District 1,Waterford
1st/8 for five seats; 415 votes ELECTED
Received 162 votes on Green Party ballot line, 253 on Democratic ballot line.

Baird Welch-Collins for Representative Town Meeting, Waterford
5th/9 for five seats; 374 votes ELECTED

Carl D'Amato for Representative Town Meeting, District 4, Waterford
1st/8 for six seats; 415 votes ELECTED

Received 241 votes on Green Party ballot line, 395 on Democratic ballot line.

Joshua Steele Kelly for Representative Town Meeting, District 3, Waterford
1st/8 for six seat; 549 votes   ELECTED
Received 238 votes on Green Party ballot line, 311 on Democratic ballot line.

Brian Merlen for Board of RepresentativesDistrict 7, Stamford
3rd/3 for two seats; 77 votes, 7.08%

Hugh Birdsall for Board of Education, Clinton
6th/6 for four seats; 990 votes, 8.92%

Erick Carrión
for Board of Education, New London
13th/15 for seven seats; 731 votes

Mirna Martinez
for Board of Education, New London 
7th/15 for seven seats; 1,161 votes ELECTED (provisionally, subject to recount on Wed 11/15)

Michael Abbondandolo
for Board of Education, Madison
7th/7 for five seats; 1,156 votes, 8.53%

Jackie Pioli for Board of Education, Stamford
5th/6 for three seats; 2,090 votes, 4.87%

Cassandra Martineau for Board of Education, Windham
6th/8 for five seats; 1,030 votes, 11.33%

Douglas Lary for Board of Finance, Windham 
3rd/5 for three seats; 1,121 votes, 20.21%  ELECTED

Owen Charles for Board of Finance, Madison
5th/5 for three seats;1,113 votes, 12.45%

Kevin Kelly for Board of Finance, Waterford
6th/6 candidates for three seats; 730 votes

John Amarilios for Constable, New Canaan
9th/9 for seven seats; 407 votes, 2.24%

Hector Lopez for Constable, New Canaan
8th/9 for seven seats; 681 votes, 3.75%

Leif Smith for Constable, Redding
7th/7 for 7 seats, 359 votes  ELECTED

Cora Santaguida for Constable, Stamford
9th/10 for seven seats; 1,247 votes, 1.99%

Angela Capinera
District 7, Stratford (write-in)
3rd/3 one seat/2 votes

James Connolly for Planning and Zoning Commission, Clinton
7th/9 for five seats; 1,314 votes, 9.39%

Billy Gene Collins
for Zoning Board of Appeals, Waterford
6th/6 for three seats;

Darcy Van Ness for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, Waterford
1st/3 for two seats; 1905 votes  ELECTED
Received 470 votes on Green ballot line and 1435 on Democratic ballot line.

Rob Barstow for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, Marlborough (write-in)  ELECTED
2nd/2 candidates for 2 seats/4 votes

Cassandra Martineau for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, Willimantic (write-in)
2nd/2 for two seats; 12 votes, 0.94%  ELECTED

Michael Westerfield for Board of Assessment Appeals, Windham ELECTED
4th/6 for five seats; 1,038 votes, 16.50%

Massachusetts (3 candidates, 1 elected)

Darlene Elias for City Council, Holyoke
2nd/2 for one seat; 582 votes, 41.39%

Juan Gabriel Sanchez for City Council, Holyoke
2nd/2 for one seat; 182 votes, 29.59%

Laurance Kimbrough, School Committee, Cambridge  
Elected to one of six seats; 2835 votes,  ranked choice vote election ELECTED

Michigan (2 candidates)

Wade Roberts for State Representative, District 109
3rd/3 for one seat, 266 votes, 1.34%

Michael Zubas, Mayor, Mt. Clemens
2nd/2 for one seat; 506 votes, 22.8%

Minnesota (7 candidates, 2 elected)

Elizabeth Dickinson for Saint Paul Mayor | Campaign Details
4th/10 for one seat; 2,927 votes, 4.8% ranked choice vote election, eliminated in round 1

Cam Gordon
, City Council, Minneapolis, Ward 2 (Hennepin County) – Incumbent | Campaign Details
1st/1 candidate for one seat, 5912 votes, 97.27%  ranked choice vote election  ELECTED

Samantha Pree-Stinson , City Council, Minneapolis, Ward 3 (Hennepin County) | Campaign Details
4th/4 for one seat;  1,007 votes  ranked choice vote election, eliminated in round 2

Terry White, City Council, Minneapolis, Ward 2 (Hennepin County) | Campaign Details
2nd/4 for one seat;  1,007 votes  ranked choice vote election, eliminated in round 1

Billy Menz for Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioner, District 1 (Hennepin County)| Campaign Details
2nd/3 for one seat, 5070 votes ranked choice vote election, eliminated in round 2

Charles Exner for Minneapolis Park And Recreation Board Commissioner, District 3 (Hennepin County) | Campaign Details
3rd/3 for one seat, 2069 votes, votes ranked choice vote election, eliminated in round 2

LaTrisha Vetaw for Minneapolis Park And Recreation Board Commissioner, At-Large (Hennepin County)
2nd/9 for three seats; 22,827 votes ranked choice vote election, elected in round 4 ELECTED

Missouri (1)

Elston McCowan for St. Louis City Council, Ward 2 
3rd/3 for one; 185 votes, 15.77%

New Jersey (11 candidates, 2 elected)

Seth Kaper-Dale for Governor, Highland Park, NJ | Campaign Details
5th/7 for one seat; 9,690 votes, 0.47%

Troy Knight-Napper for State Senate, District 28 | Campaign Details
2nd/2 for one seat; 1,268 votes, 3.96%

Mico Lucide for State Assembly, District 2 | Campaign Details
6th/6 for two seats, 613 votes, 0.71%

Sean Stratton for State Assembly, District 18 | Campaign Details
5th/5 for two seats; 1007, 1.07%

Onel Martinez for State Assembly, District 22
5th/6 for two seats;  81,076 votes, 1.10%
Green Party member on ballot under 'Remember Those Forgotten' ballot line

Kenny Collins for State Assembly, District 24 (2 seats) | Campaign Details
6th/6 for two seats, 1,510 votes, 1.37%

Aaron Hyndman for State Assembly, District 24 (2 seats) | Campaign Details
5th/6 for two seats; 1,561 votes, 1.42%

Melissa Tomlinson for Atlantic County Freeholder At Large | Campaign Details
5th/5 for two seats; 1,452 votes, 1.31%

Barry Bendar for Ocean County Freeholder
3rd/3 for one seat; 2,756 votes, 1.88%

Jessica Clayton for Board of Education, Brick Township (Ocean County) | Campaign Details
1st/3 for two seats: 8,483 votes, 37.02%     ELECTED

Erika Jacho
, Board of Education, Bellevelle (Essex County)
1st/6 candidates for two seats; 1,414 votes, 20.39%  ELECTED

New York (44 candidates)

Bryan Jimenez for Mayor of Albany | Campaign Details
354 Votes,   2.33%

Terrence Robinson for Mayor of Buffalo | Campaign Details
1,199 votes,    3%

Akeem Browder for Mayor, New York City | Campaign Details
15763 votes,     1.44 %

Rich Cirino for Mayor of Glens Falls | Campaign Details

Alex White
, Mayor, Rochester (Monroe County) | Campaign Details
1579 votes      5.35%

Howie Hawkins
 for Syracuse Mayor | Campaign Details
3rd/5 for one seat; 970 votes, 4.05%

James Lane
 for New York City Public Advocate | Candidate Details
18465 votes    1.76 %

Julia Willebrand for New York City Comptroller | Campaign Details
32879     3.15 %

Manny Cavaco for New York City Council, District 2
359     1.56 %     

Marni Halasa for New York City Council, District 3

Florindo Troncelliti for New York City Council, District 7
1097 votes, 4.88 %

Carl Lundgren for New York City Council, District 18 | Campaign Details
445 votes, 2.91 %

Frank Sha Francois for New York City Council, District 27 | Campaign Details
429 votes,    1.79 %

Jabari Brisport for New York City Council, District 35 | Campaign Details
8,619 votes,  28.71 %

Carmen V. Hulbert for New York City Council, District 38 | Campaign Details
758     6.50 %

Persephone Sanderson-Smith for New York City Council, District 37 | Campaign Details
1111 votes,  9.95 %     

Ronald R Ring, City Council Rochester       
12th/12 for five seats, 1579 votes,  1.19%   

Hank Bardel for Staten Island Borough President | Campaign Details
3rd/x candidates for one seat; 773 votes,  0.84 %

Frank Cetera for Syracuse Councilor At-Large | Campaign Details
4th for 2 seats; 3,443 votes, 8.96%

Eric Graf for Syracuse City Council District 2 | Campaign Details
2nd/x candidates for one seat; 543 votes, 19.79%

Serena Seals for Syracuse City Council District 37 | Campaign Details
3rd/x candidates for one seat; 351 votes, 10.90%

Neil Abdul-Wahab for Troy City Council, District 3
3rd/x candidates for one seat; 81 votes, 6.56%

Jeff Peress for Glen Cove City Council | Campaign Details
14th/x candidates; 110 votes,  0.38%     

Robin Barkenhagen for Glens Falls Councilman at large | Campaign Details

Ben Lapham for Glens Falls City Council, Ward 4 | Campaign Details

Josh Dolan for Ithaca City Council

Alison Blanchette for Long Beach City Council | Campaign Details
7th for three seats; 921 votes    4.18%

Joseph Naham for Long Beach City Council | Campaign Details

Anthony Giordono 
for Rochester City Council
10th place; 1708 votes, 1.46%   

Carol Sandy Przybylak for Cheektowaga Town Council | Campaign Details
7th place; 615 votes     1%   

Elmer Bertsch for Niskayuna Supervisor
3rd/3 for one seat; 204 votes , 3.03 %

Joseph Levy for Saratoga Springs Supervisor
5th/x candidates for one seat; 245 votes, 1.56 %

Alexander Brownstein for Niskayuna Town Board
5th/x candidates for two seats; 227 votes,  1.74 %

Walda Chesnut for Niskayuna Town Board
6th/6 for two seats; 181 votes, 1.39 %

Gary Glanz for Southhampton Board of Trustees

Mark McDermott for East Rochester Board of Trustees
597     22.28%   3rd
D / G / WFP  

Anthony Baney 
for Erie County Legislature | Campaign Details
1,308     10%

Cassandra Lems for Nassau County Executive | Campaign Details
1,975 votes     0.68%

Laurence Hirsh for Nassau County Comptroller | Campaign Details

Wayne Foy for Rensselaer County Executive
3rd/x candidates for one seat; 565 votes, 1.45%

Peter Looker for Schenectady County Legislature, District 3
8th/x candidates for one seat; 466 votes, 1.12 %

Richard Moran for Schenectady County Legislature, District 3
7th/x candidates for one seat; 631 votes, 1.52 %

Matthew Willemain for Schenectady County Legislature, District 3
9th/x candidates for one seat; 364 votes, 0.88 %

Joe Duffy for Stuben County Legislature
3rd/x candidates for one seat; 97 votes, 4.92%

North Carolina (1)

Dee Williams for City Council, Asheville
6/6th for three seats; 4663 votes, 10.14%

Ohio (4)

Devin Branch for Mayor of East Cleveland
2nd/2 for one seat, 829 votes, 33.5%

Jake Ellis for President of Council, Lorain
3rd/3 for one seat, 397 votes, 5.67%

Beverly Ann Elwazani for Bowling Green City Council at Large
5th/6 for two seats, 717 votes, 7.53%

Carolyn S. Kawecka for Bowling Green City Council at Large
6th/6 for two seats, 265 votes, 2.78%

Pennsylvania (12 candidates, 6 elected)

Jules Mermelstein for Judge of the PA Superior Court | Campaign Details
106,050 votes; 1.4%

Nate Craig for Mayor of Phoenixville | Campaign Details
3rd/3 for one seat; 364 votes, 10.3%

Bradley Granlun, Philipsburg Borough Council, Philipsburg, Center County
4th/5 candidates for four seats; 77 votes, 17.19%   ELECTED

Tim Runkle for Elizabethtown Borough Council, Lancaster County | Campaign Details
3rd/3 for one seat: 33 votes

Annie DiCampello for Bristol Township Council, Bucks County | Campaign Details
5th/5 for four seats; 509, 2.3% 

David F Ochmanowicz Jr for Quakertown School Board, Bucks County | Campaign Details
2nd/3 for two seats; 1279 votes, 28.5%   ELECTED
Green Party member received 260 votes on Green Party ballot line and 1019 on Democratic Party ballot line.

Olivia Faison for Judge of Elections. Philadelphia County
2nd/2 candidates; 4 votes, 3.31%

Neal Gale for Judge of Elections, Montgomery County | Campaign Details
2nd/2 for one seat; 37 votes, 15.95%

Stuart Chen-Hayes for Judge of Elections, Bucks County | Campaign Details
1st/1 candidates for one seat; 162 votes, 100%  ELECTED

Kerry Foose
for Board of Electors, Susquehanna County | Campaign Details
2nd/2 for one seat; 54 votes, 23.58%

Timothy Runkle, Judge of Electon Ward 1 Elizabethtown Borough (precinct 1601)
1st/1 candidate for one seat; 236 votes  ELECTED

Cem Zeytinoglum, School Board (Monroe County)
4th/8 for four seats; 3173 votes, 13%  ELECTED
(Note: Zeytinoglu is a registered Green who cross-filed as a Democrat in the May primary and finished 3rd/9 for four seats to be one of the four Democratic nominees on the November general election ballot http://agencies.monroecountypa.gov/elections/; and who cross-filed as a Republican in the May primary and finished 8th/9 for four seats to be one of the four Republican nominees on the November general election ballot; but did not appear on the November ballot as a Green as he was unable to circulate Green Party petitions to qualify as a Green Party candidate.)

Utah (1)

Brendan Phillips for US House of Representatives, District 3 
write-in candidate, votes not yet tallied

Virginia (6)

Willton King for Virginia House of Delegates, District 18 | Campaign Details
3rd/3 for one seat; 1,403 votes, 5.08%

Marcus Sutphin for Virginia House of Delegates, District 59 | Campaign Details
4th/4 for one seat; 97 votes, 1.15%

Montigue Magruder
for Virginia House of Delegates, District 69 | Campaign Details
3rd/3 for one seat; 1,061 votes, 3.73%

Jeff Staples for Virginia House of Delegates, District 77 | Campaign Details
2nd/2 for one seat; 3,361 votes, 16.84%

Gerald Anderson for Virginia House of Delegates, District 88 | Campaign Details
4th/4 for one seat; 252 votes, 0.95%

Audrey Clement
, County Board, Arlington County
2nd/3 for one seat; 17, 415 votes, 23.62%