2021 ANM Registration — Please Register by July 5

Registration fees will cover comprehensive training on anti-racism, anti-oppression and solidarity necessary for building our party as a powerful, equitable force for the liberation of all. Your fees also provide for the infrastructure and staff necessary to produce an online national meeting from multiple locations, plus online workshops, news conferences and more.

We will also dedicate resources to accessibility assistance, such as for the vision-impaired, hearing-impaired and lack of access to a computer or Internet connection.

Financial assistance in the form of a reduced or waived registration fee is available on the registration form below. The Green Party strives to allow any Green to attend our national meetings. As the only political party that refuses corporate donations, we acknowledge a registration fee can be a financial burden for some Greens. Therefore, we never turn anyone away because of the cost of registration.

Please do not use your browser's "Back" function between form steps and do not reload or close your browser in the middle of registration or payment.