Mico Lucide

18622155_1651436184897120_1996940410294485411_n.jpgMico Lucide grew up in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey and has lived in Atlantic County his entire life. His passion for serving people developed significantly from the compassion he received from others when difficult times hit his family. His passion for New Jersey government and specifically state legislature developed from his service as a community activist and organizer. Throughout his entire adult life, he has advocated for oppressed groups in society through direct activism, protests, working with elected officials, and community organizing and education.

His political philosophy stems from a three-pronged approach; true change can only be made through education, action, and elections. Without education, action is misguided; without action, education is wasted; without elections, education and action cannot improve upon the broader systems that exist in society to create that change.

Mico is running as a Green Party candidate. After years as a member of a major party, he realized that corporate and big donor money influences their practices far more than passion for people, especially here in New Jersey. His refusal to accept that people's livelihood is negotiable with the right price tag and political convenience is what caused him to join the Green Party. Despite being a member of the party for less than a year, he has already demonstrated his leadership and competency in the party to the extent of holding both local and state positions, serving as a member of the Executive Board of the Green Party of Atlantic County (GPAC) and as the National Delegate Alternate for the Green Party of New Jersey (GPNJ).

Mico is running a campaign focused on two major themes: Government Efficiency and making People the Priority.

Our state is wasteful with our tax dollars, our energy, and our time. Mico plans to focus on putting in place legislation that enhances government efficiency, from ending wasteful contract extensions to reducing energy usage in public buildings. In addition, he plans to focus on reducing property taxes through a comprehensive public education funding reform that will focus on bringing higher quality education to the children who have been most negatively impacted by the current location-based funding system. The current system is biased toward wealthier neighborhoods, leaving children in poorer neigborhoods-- significantly neighborhoods of color-- behind from the start, requiring more effort from them as they age and enter the working world. Through a funding formula that disperses money fairly, those who are paying the most in taxes will be able to see a reduced tax burden.

The livelihood of people must be the priority of our state. Too often, legislation gets wrapped up in political tugs-of-war and contract favors, leaving people behind. People must feel that their state supports them, and our government needs to work hard to earn the trust of the people. Through sensible legislation, Mico hopes to begin fostering that trust. The livelihood of the people must be supported through raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, supporting a sustainable environment with clean air, land, and energy, and putting more substantive efforts into reemployment for the chronically unemployed and those trying hard to enter the workforce for the first time.

If you support progressive reform, putting people first, and a government with compassion, vote Mico Lucide for General Assembly in Legislative District 2 on November 7th, 2017.

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