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Calls To Action from the Green Party of Santa Clara County

In a recent Gallup poll, a record 62% of US voters said we need a new major party. Stop HR-1, the Voting Rights Bill That Restricts Voter Choice HR-1 is sold as a way to get money out of politics and to protect voters, but it contains a poison pill for democracy and opposition parties like the Green Party in its campaign finance reform section. HR1 quintuples the amount of money Green presidential campaigns will be required to raise to qualify for federal matching funds: from $5,000 in each of 20 states to $25,000 per state. Continue reading

Green Party Calls for Cuomo’s Resignation and Legislature Investigation

ALBANY, NY (March 5, 2021) – Green Party of New York officers today called for the resignation of Governor Andrew Cuomo and reiterated their Feb. 12 demand for his investigation and impeachment by the Legislature after the latest revelations in the nursing home and sexual harassment scandals. Party officers stated the news high-level Cuomo staffers rewrote a report to hide the true extent of nursing home deaths and the ignoring of Gov. Cuomo’s own executive order on referring sexual harassment allegations to the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER) in the case of Charlotte Bennett are examples of ongoing abuse of power by Gov. Cuomo and should be investigated as such by the Legislature. They said Gov. Cuomo’s actions were a breach of public trust and should result in his immediate resignation. Continue reading

Connecticut Greens warn HR 1 is poison pill for democracy

The Green Party of Connecticut Calls Democrats’ HR 1 a “Poison Pill” Linking Needed Voting Reforms to Attacks on Third Parties, Independents HARTFORD CT – An otherwise progressive proposal that would enhance voting rights for many Americans is being used in a stealth attack by the Democratic Party to suppress third parties and to entrench the power of rich people in choosing who Americans can vote for. The Green Party of Connecticut supports many of the important reforms in HR 1, the so-called “For the People Act,” but calls on Democrats to amend the bill to truly do what it says – protect democracy. Continue reading

Green Action Alert!

Green Party of Washington urges support for these bills These state bills need your help! They need to get out of the house where they originated by March 9. Please take action to keep these critical bills moving. Tell your Legislator we need restrictions on police use of force: Continue reading

Green Party of Virginia condemns poison pill provisions of H.R. 1

RICHMOND, VA – The Green Party of Virginia condemns multiple provisions of the recently introduced H.R.1, otherwise known as the For the People Act, which undermines third parties. The bill, while purporting to expand democracy, includes changes to rules governing the public financing of campaigns that are aimed squarely at limiting the participation of third parties.Such provisions include section 5202(1)(a) which quintuples the amount of money that campaigns need to raise in order to qualify for federal matching funds. These funds are an incredibly important source of income for third parties, especially the Green Party which takes no corporate money. Raising the threshold for acquiring these funds does nothing to promote democracy, and by limiting the participation of third parties, does much to harm it. Continue reading

TAKE ACTION: Stop Point Beach Nuke Plant license extension!

MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Green Party stands with Physicians for Social Responsibility in opposing the proposed license extension for Point Beach Nuclear Plant in Two Rivers, Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan. We call on concerned citizens to submit written opposition in public comment to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by Wednesday, March 3 before 10:59 pm about environmental and safety concerns regarding the Point Beach nuclear reactors. Continue reading

Berta Cáceres in Defense of Water Rights

ST LOUIS – March 2, 2021 is the 5th anniversary of the death of Berta Cáceres. After winning the Goldman Environmental Prize she was murdered for successfully organizing opposition to Agua Zarca Dam in Honduras. Corporations are investing in energy production, which includes hydropower and solar and wind power as well as fossil fuels. This leads to loss of autonomy by communities in Latin America, Africa, and Asia as well as extensive environmental damage. Continue reading

March 2021 news from Pennsylvania

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us. Choose to Challenge, International Women’s Day, March 8 by Co-chair Beth Scroggin, Green Party of Pennsylvania Welcome to March, a month during which we celebrate growth and progress! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring, when plants and animals emerge from a long, cold winter, reminding us all of our natural resiliency. Additionally, countries around the world (regardless of hemisphere) observe International Women’s Day on March 8, an occasion whose roots extend back over a century, beginning with a declaration of the day from the Socialist Party of America. Continue reading

Bipartisan Disaster

Georgetown, Texas - February 16: Multiple People Outside of HEB Grocery Store During Texas Blizzard There is bipartisan responsibility for utility failures during Texas' arctic freeze, resulting from privatization, regulatory capture by industry interests & profit motive that erodes the public infrastructure. Though the crisis occurred under Republican leadership, ERCOT was established in 1970 and the Public Utility Commission began deregulating in 1995, during Democratic administrations. The duopoly parties are too invested in capital interests and have failed to prioritize the public interest. Continue reading

Jill Stein vs the Federal Elections Commission

Join the Green-Rainbow Party this morning, Thursday at 10 AM on Zoom to support Jill Stein in this monstrous show trial. The FEC plans to make Jill Stein’s 2016 Presidential Campaign pay back $175,000. While the FEC is criticized for overlooking the corruption of super PACs and foreign money, it's also known to go after small, grassroots political alternatives for obscure or non-existent offenses. In this case, it's the Green Party’s 2016 presidential campaign on the firing line (again). Specifically, the FEC is demanding Jill Stein personally repay $175,000 in public funding spent on ballot access after the Green Party’s nominating convention in 2016. Continue reading