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Nevada Green Party Statement in Support of Abortion Rights

Clark County, NV — The Nevada Green Party urges people to join actions nationwide to protect and expand access to abortion services. We must stop the criminalization of abortions to permanently protect all people’s right to safe, legal, accessible, and confidential healthcare. Reproductive rights are non-negotiable! The Supreme Court decision attacks the reproductive rights of women, transgender people, and non-binary people. Lack of abortion access will also impact both parents who may be mandated to pay for child support of unwanted pregnancies. Continue reading

Put Green Candidates On the Ballot This November!

If you want to see important issues like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal with a Fracking Ban, and Ending Corruption By Passing a Gift Ban on the ballot in Pennsylvania this year, then we need your help! The Green Party of Pennsylvania has a slate of candidates running for office this year that need your help to get on the ballot so they can represent your Green values and give voters a real choice this November. Can't wait? Sign up to volunteer now! Or, read on for more info how you can help! Continue reading

Green Party San Diego Newsletter: June 20, 2022

Some Takeaways from the June 2022 CA Primary The recent June 7 California primary was an important one for the Green Party of California. We were in danger of losing our ballot status if we didn’t get a 2% or greater share in at least one statewide race. Fortunately we were successful in crossing this threshold in several races. Here are some of the lessons we learned. Continue reading

Please help us start the summer with momentum!

We could really use your help. If you are able, I hope you will consider making a mid-year donation to the Green Party of Washington. For the past six months, I have been working hard, along with our GPWA Coordinating Council, to strengthen our local Chapters and increase our membership across the state.  One of our biggest expenses each summer is for our Website and our Database. We use a content management and customer relationship management (CRM) software called NationBuilder. Your donation will help us make our annual payment to them in mid-July. Any amount is appreciated. Continue reading

Register TODAY for the the Green Party of California's July General Assembly

Registration is NOW OPEN! Join us at the July 9 & 10 General Assembly! You are invited to the Green Party of California's General Assembly on Saturday and Sunday, July 9 and 10, 2022. This General Assembly will be held by video teleconference, and all Greens are invited to attend. Early registration begins TODAY and will end on July 4th. Continue reading

Green Party of Florida Annual General Membership Meeting 2022

Annual Green Party of Florida Meeting 2022Saturday. June 25 Start 10:00 am | Sunday June 26 10:00 am Register for the meeting here Register as Green Party of Florida voter active member here Continue reading

Congratulations to all Greens and the Left Unity Slate!

Left Unity Strategy Pays Off for California's Green Party, Peace and Freedom Party Parties Mark Major Electoral Gains After California’s Tuesday Primary Election. June 10, 2022, Sacramento, CA - California's Green Party and Peace and Freedom Party are pointing to major electoral advances after Tuesday's primary election that ensured both parties ballot status until 2026 – they credit historic cooperation between the two parties in creating the first-ever “Left Unity Slate” of statewide candidates that resulted in significantly higher-than-usual vote totals. Continue reading

NLGC Statement on Leaked Draft SCOTUS Opinion

The National Lavender Green Caucus unequivocally denounces this assault on the bodily autonomy of those who can become pregnant. The leaked draft US Supreme Court opinion first circulated by Politico, if finalized, would throw out nearly five decades of protection for an individual's right to a safe and legal abortion. The draft decision also makes it abundantly clear that the conservative majority on our nation's highest court is setting up future challenges to LGBTQIA+ rights. Continue reading

Greenstar June 2022

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us. Download our petition “Right now, gathering signatures on the Green Party petitions to nominate state-wide candidates is a great opportunity for new activists,” said GPPA Steering Committee Member Beth Schongar (Allegheny County). “First, it will give them a great opening to talk to people about the Green Party and progressive politics,” said Schongar. “Volunteers will be asking voters to help us get candidates on the ballot and increase everyone’s choices on Election Day. Most voters are glad to help and interested to find out that the Green Party is real and active. It can lead to interesting conversations and recruit new members.” Continue reading

North Carolina Green Party qualifies for the ballot

North Carolina Will Have A Voice For Working People This November Grassroots petitioners, volunteers, and staff of the North Carolina Green Party and the Matthew Hoh for Senate campaign have made history by collecting almost 22,000 signatures in 96 counties to qualify the Green Party for the ballot – the first time since its founding that the North Carolina Green Party qualified for the ballot through running a successful petition drive.  Continue reading