The Green Party US Steering Committee (SC), along with the party’s staff, oversees and helps execute the day-to-day administration and operations of the party. The SC is made up of seven members plus the party’s Treasurer and Secretary, for a total of nine members.  Steering Committee members must be National Committee delegates, alternate delegates, or former delegates/alternates from their state parties.  They are elected by the National Committee for two-year terms, with a two-term limit.

Craig Cayetano, Co-Chair
New Jersey

Special election, March 14, 2023

Margaret Elisabeth, Co-Chair

I was born in Knoxville, TN and was put up for adoption when I was 2. I was adopted by a couple who worked for Esso (Exxon) and we moved to Libya when I was 6. I was raised there until I moved back to the United States during the summer I turned 16. I am grateful for that experience in more ways than I can possibly count yet it was trying and very difficult as well. I grew up without access to television, print media or radio, with only the school library available as any form of diversion and, as boredom will do, I ended up reading every book in the library including the dictionary, twice. Some topics of education were not permissible such as astronomy and human biology and it was against the law to have a telescope so I read a book, took apart a microscope and built my own so I could study the moon for myself. Because of that experience growing up, as an adult I highly value science and the scientific method for acquiring useful knowledge about our world and the universe we find ourselves drifting through.

I've been involved in Green activism for the last 25 years with specific focus upon Leave-No-Trace camping/festivals and non-monetary barter based economies with community policing. My friends and I created an event called Playa del Fuego (Beach of Fire) based off the Burning Man ethos in 1998 and it's been going ever since. I've voted Green ever since Nader ran and I formally joined the National Party in 2016 to help run the 'Washington State for Jill Stein' and 'Jill Stein Dank Meme Stash' pages on Facebook. I've been honored and grateful to receive the support and trust of my peers in the Lavender Caucus, initially representing the Caucus as a National Delegate and, currently, as a Co-Chair and Media Spokesperson. I believe that the Green Party is the best chance we have of making real, substantial change in the United States and I'm proud to be a part of it.

I'm grateful to have been given a chance to earn the honor and trust of my colleagues and comrades and I hope to prove worthy of their faith.

Darryl! Moch, Co-Chair
District of Columbia

Darryl! L.C. Moch currently serves as Chair of the DC Statehood Green Party in Washington, DC and co-chair of the GPUS National Back Caucus. He is a former National Co-chair of the USGP and has served on the Finance, Platform, DRC, Media, Diversity, CCC and other committee. A few election cycles ago, Darryl! served in an interim capacity managing the party accounts and funds and transacting financial affairs. He ran in November 2022 Chair of the DC City Council, and for the DC City Council in the 2010 primary. He has served as an adviser to campaigns and candidates in various parts of the country, locally, regionally, and nationally. He is currently on the board of Green Horizons. He is also the director of the Charm City Labor Chorus.

Darryl! also provides consulting services to communities and non-profit organizations. He is the President/CEO of a local nonprofit and has served as Chief Financial Officer and managing board member for several organizations with duties including fiscal oversight and management, organizational leadership, development, fundraising, donor relations, program development and training a community-based organization.

Darryl! has developed and trained leaders as well as partnered and worked with community leaders on local, regional, national, and international levels. A native of Los Angeles, California who proudly makes his home in Washington, DC, Darryl! serves as a consultant, activist, advocate, performance artist, psychotherapist/life coach, and minister. His current work includes arts and culture of the progressive community; creating opportunities that will empower, expose, and enlighten individuals and our collective communities. His art, activism and advocacy work is rooted in social justice, equality, and quality of life issues and addressing Poverty on all levels. He focuses on work with African-American/ BIPOC and minority communities, children, youth, families, LGBTQ constituencies, people living with mental, SUD, developmental and physical challenges, the homeless, other issues facing communities most disenfranchised by local, regional, and national political policies and laws. His work centers on social change, social justice, and equality for all people without distinction in order to ensure a good quality of life for all people.

He was also part of the Center for New Community program Which Way Forward, confronting anti-immigration wedge issues targeted to the African American community. He was the founding Secretary of the former International Federation of Black Prides, worked with Pride organizations and other leasing community empowerment organizations across the country and abroad. He has also created programs that bridge the relationship between the religious, social, and cultural arenas. He is a former editor, copy editor, program director, and features writer local and national magazines.

He is completing his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership concentration in Transformational Leadership with research on Othering.

Special election, March 14, 2023

Alfred Molison, Co-Chair

Special election, March 14, 2023

Joseph Naham, Co-Chair
New York

I registered as a Green as soon as I turned 18. The Green Party has been a source of support for me during times of strife with family and friends over disagreements over values. I am grateful that Greens presently hold a light to every injustice on this earth.

I am married and have a five-year-old son. I believe that we are borrowing this planet from our children, and I am committed to leaving it in better shape than when I was born.

In the Green Party, I have served as a volunteer organizer, a campaign manager, member of many social, environmental, and progressive boards. I have ran as a candidate for public office on four occasions.

I am chairperson of the Nassau County Green Party, I am passionate about environmental protection, social justice, and peace. As National CoChair, I will work to build a healthier, more just, sustainable, and peaceful world.

Special election, March 14, 2023

Tony Ndege. Co-Chair
North Carolina

Tony Ndege (the ending of his last name sounds a lot like reggae), presently also serves as Co-chair of North Carolina Green Party. For over two decades, Tony has organized from the local to international level for social justice, labor justice, the rights of immigrants and the undocumented, against war and military intervention, against the US embargo on Cuba, and against water contamination from coal ash and pollution. He has worked as a lead organizer for a wide range of major movements and events locally and nationally: from organizing #BlackLivesMatter actions events to Occupy Wall Street, from co-organizing the largest-ever protests against Duke Energy (one of the largest polluters in the nation), to uplifting the demand to make energy publicly owned, and from organizing protests and events standing up to Bank of America and Wells Fargo's criminal malfeasance to the largest statewide and national actions against the second Iraq War.

Tony has led or co-organized several hundred events including rallies, marches, teach-ins, debates, films, concerts, speaker tours, campaigns, immigration defense, political theater, etc. Just a few organizations he has collaborated with include FLOC (Farm Labor Organizing Committee), NC Against Corporate Power, Industrial Workers of the World, NCWARN, NC NAACP, Rainforest Action Network, Campus Antiwar Network, Black Alliance for Peace, Healthcare for All NC, UE150, and Southern Workers Assembly among others. Professionally and artistically, Tony has organized, assisted with, and performed in hundreds of events including auditions, interviews, concerts, plays, short films, operas, etc.

Tony's experience with the Green Party US began as an Occupy Wall Street activist and co-organizer of the DNC protests in Charlotte in 2012, where he first met 2012 Presidential candidate Jill Stein. Subsequently, he participated in Global Climate Convergence as a lead co-organizer for two events in his state. In fall 2015, in cooperation with Bruce Dixon and the North Carolina GP leadership, he co-organized a four-city cross-state tour for Dr. Jill Stein. Tony eventually became the North Carolina Ballot Access Coordinator and later the State Volunteer Coordinator for the Stein/Baraka campaign. Later, he had the honor to serve as Mid-Atlantic regional coordinator for the Stein/Baraka campaign, where he had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with thousands of Greens and supporters across the region. Subsequently in 2016, Tony was elected co-chair of the NC Green Party. Tony also serves on the GPUS Ballot Access Committee as the Southeast Regional coordinator, and he is a member of the Green Party Black Caucus and Lavender Caucus.

When serving as North Carolina Volunteer Coordinator for Jill 2016, NC Greens achieves historic election results for Stein/Baraka as write-in candidates, including the highest number of write-in votes for a Presidential candidate in North Carolina history. They accomplished this success via meetings with supporters in every major city in NC, and thanks to fantastic volunteer organization and personal motivation of so many NC supporters! This write-in campaign results were a major factor in passing legislation in fall 2017 that dramatically lowered our ballot access signature requirements from over 94,000 to about 12,000 signatures. As a result of these new laws, the North Carolina Green Party was able to achieve ballot access for the first time ever. It has become the first progressive or left party to achieve North Carolina ballot access in over 37 years! In less than three months after winning ballot access, NCGP interviewed several prospects and successfully recruited 4 strong candidates for the 2018 Elections ranging from US Congress to Soil and Water Supervisor and intends to build upon this success next year.

During Tony's tenure as state co-chair, NCGP has grown from one functioning local to five region-wide locals, with plans to add more over the next year. NCGP has successfully restructured the state party into a dues-paying organization while significantly increasing membership. NCGP has co-organized several events, such as helping coordinate a statewide tour of Dr. Margaret Flowers and a presentation by Ajamu Baraka for its 2017 Spring Gathering. As a founding member of his new regional local, Triad Area Greens, Tony worked on its first electoral campaign, (CJ Brinson for Greensboro City Council), where he served as a fundraiser and assistant campaign coordinator

Tony presently resides in Winston-Salem NC, works in the public school system and will be heading back into the IT field. He also has experience in music, film production, and directing. Tony holds degrees and diplomas from UNC Greensboro and North Carolina School of the Arts conservatory.

Tony is extremely humbled to serve on the GP US Steering Committee where he hopes to increase the party's profile to new communities, improve workflow and volunteer participation, improve state ballot access retention, and foster radical political education for the public.

Tamar Yager, Co-Chair

My professional work background is in development, meeting planning and non-profit marketing/administration. I've had some great jobs over the past 30 years; I was a community organizer for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. I worked for many years at Actors Theatre in the marketing department. I was a federal grants writer for the Louisville Metro Government and most recently I was the Community Manager for my housing cooperative until it was bought out by a developer

My work, volunteer and political experience is broad. I was chosen by our town council to serve on the Board of Zoning Appeals, which is a constitutional office.

I also serve on the board of our local United Way. I have served in roles on various candidate and issue campaigns since I joined the party in 2006. I feel I can bring a balanced view to the Steering Committee and as a liaison to other committees at GPUS.

Some have said I am a voice of reason because I listen to all sides and try to reach compromise. I try to find common ground on issues while still maintaining the letter and spirit of our rules

Holly Hart, Secretary

Since becoming involved with the Green Party in the late 1990's, I have been a member of my state and local chapters, I have also enjoyed working on the national Green Party's Platform, Media and Coordinated Campaign Committees, and am a member of the National Women's Caucus,

Locally, I served on the Iowa Secretary of State's Voting/HAVA Task Force and was my state party's Lt Governor candidate in 2002; subsequently, the only third party/independent panelist on a University forum featuring Women candidates; and a member of Iowans for Voting Integrity and Iowans for Justice in Palestine.

At the state and national level, I have organized and hosted press conferences and other candidate events. I've been involved in ballot access policy and work of some kind: petitioning for a ballot line, coordinating a ballot line petition drive, managing ballot filing paperwork for statewide ad two presidential campaigns, researching ballot status legislation, working for improved access and benefits for third parties, and served consultant in two successful legal settlements.

Special election, March 14, 2023

Bob Stuller, Treasurer

Bob Stuller has served as treasurer of the New London Green Party for nearly a decade, and, during that time, he has also served as campaign treasurer for local legislative candidates, including Mirna Martinez’s run for State Representative in 2019, which was the first (and only, to date) Green Party campaign to qualify for public financing under the Connecticut Elections Program. Since 2019, he has also been treasurer of the Green Party of CT, submitting financial reports to both the State Election Enforcement Commission (SEEC) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC). In addition to his longtime employment as a software engineer, Bob has served on municipal commissions and nonprofit boards; in all these venues, he has strived to facilitate effective teamwork by identifying complimentary skillsets and fostering goodwill and cooperation.

Special election, May 14, 2023