GreenSocialist Notes #23: Whistleblowers with John Kiriakou

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Minneapolis City Council Rep. Cam Gordon, Green Running for Re-Election!

It's the anniversary of the infamous "Santa Clara" SCOTUS decision that granted "#corporatepersonhood", so join @CameronAGordon, City Council rep for Minneapolis Ward 2, to discuss why we must elect folks who REJECT corporate money & fight for REAL PEOPLE! We have big plans to keep producing impactful media to grow the Green Party! Please donate today or become a Monthly Sustainer so we can break through the corporate sound barrier. Continue reading

Envisioning a Greener New Deal

We must halt environmental destruction while providing a better quality of life for everyone on Earth. Since our hope has been that alternative energy can replace fossil fuels, it can be overwhelming to learn of its limitations. How real are concerns with nuclear, solar, wind, and hydro-power? How can overcoming capitalism help attain the social justice and shorter work week that humanity needs? This webinar explored core issues involved in creating a better world while using vastly less energy and producing what we need for a brighter future. Continue reading

Economic Update: A Green 3rd Party for the U.S.

On this week's episode, Prof. Wolff talks about Rolls Royce's $400,000 cars, unionization defeat at Amazon, why Biden boom is just hype, and progressive wins in the New York state budget. On the second half of the show, Wolff welcomes Green Party leader Dr. Jill Stein to discuss the achievements and goals of an anti-capitalist 3rd party. Continue reading

We Need a REAL Green New Deal

Chris Blankenhorn, Illinois Green Party ILGP Secretary and Hawkins/Walker 2020 Tech and Social Media Director, will be going live to discuss Howie's Ecosocialist Green New Deal, how it differs from the Democrats (now unmentioned) Green New Deal, and what we need to do to organize to win a REAL Green New Deal. Continue reading

Trahern Crews on Daunte Wright & Derek Chauvin

National Co-Chair Trahern Crews on murder of Daunte Wright and the Derek Chauvin trial jury deliberations Trahern Crews is based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and has been on the front lines of the people's response the murder of Daunte Wright and the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.   Continue reading

Green New Deal co-author weighs in on Biden's infrastructure plan

Mark Dunlea, co-chair of the EcoAction Committee of the Green Party discusses climate change and green politics with comedian Ron Placone, a regular on Jimmy Dore. The EcoAction Committee will have a webinar of Biden's climate summit with the Global Greens on Tuesday, April 20 (3:00 p.m. EST) as well as a forum on nuclear power and climate change with Howie Hawkins, Harvey Wasserman and Marilyn Elie on April 27, and a forum with GPAX on climate and the military on Sunday April 25. Continue reading

New bill designed to destroy 3rd parties

Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp The Democrats are pursuing an ostensible "Voting Rights" bill that seriously undermines 3rd party politics. For additional information, please visit Continue reading

Green Spotlight Presentation: The Green Party and the Future

Just saying the economy has improved makes a politician look good even it it only benefits a small percentage of the population On January 7, 2021, Sundance Abner (Finance Committee Officer of the Green Party of Kansas City, MO) gave a presentation that takes a deep dive into why people need the Green Party -- and why voters should not settle for the lesser evil candidates. Continue reading

Green New Deal webinar

GPNY Co-Chair Gloria Mattera Joins Transition US for Green New Deal Webinar Transition US hosted a "deep dive" webinar on September 16, 2020 into what the Green New Deal is and where it came from. Green Party of NY Co-Chair Gloria Mattera and 2004 Green Party Presidential Nominee David Cobb participated on a panel detailing the current status of national efforts and attempts to implement these ideas on the ground in Santa Barbara, California. Continue reading