Free Leonard Peltier- President Obama should just have the personal courage to do this!

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    I teach in a Bureau of Indian Affairs school that was designed to eradicate Native American Indian culture (kill the Indian to save the child-General Henry Richard Pratt). Nearly 70 years after the Brown V. Topeka, KS supreme court decision that made separate but equal banned….we STILL exist. Students must produce a certificate of Indian blood to attend and it is publically funded. The argument is that these are treaty rights…yes for free and appropriate public education NOT separate but equal education!
    I think the most pathetic fact is that when we needed the Navajo language in WWII we sure used it but THIS is what we’ve given them in return…a 3rd rate education! Pathetic!
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    As Leonard Peltier said, “The only thing sadder than remembering that you were once free, is forgetting that you were once free.”
    P.S. Unless it is of course, you don’t have a clue about what being truly free is in the first place.
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    Leonard Peltier has been yet another political prisoner of Uncle Sam for decades and should be immediately freed. Expecting the ultraconservative now occupying the White House to exercise his power to pardon or commute sentences is a dim hope at best. Obomber went until December 2010 without using those even once in even trifling low-profile cases. He has bern extremely stingy with it since then, with a small uptick recently. American Indians remain treated shamefully for the most part, including activists such as political prisoner Leonard Peltier, who languishes in ill health in horrible conditions in federal prison. The brazen theft of two continents from the First Nations peoples already here tops even human slavery as an historic moral outrage and disgrace in this hemisphere. (Some American Indians were enslaved by the way—such as those women and children shipped for life from my native Massachusetts to Caribbean plantations after the extremely bloody on both sides 1675-1676 King Phillip’s War in New England.)
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    Leonard Peltier has also been a victim of a different sort of gun violence when federal agents invaded the jumping bull residence. It is egg on the face of AmeriKKKan jurisprudence the longer he remains in jail!
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