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The Green Party of Florida Slate 2018, laying the Foundation

In reporting on the Green Party of Florida (GPFL) election results for the August 28, 2018 primary, we reported that Elijah Manley got 43,000 votes (18.49%) for Broward County at-large School District 8 and Robin Harris netted 4,720 votes (24.8%) for Orange County Commission District 6. We remarked: "To put it simply, this year's numbers show that where Greens run and run hard, they now represent an identifiable voting bloc that duopoly candidates can only ignore at their peril. They call that power." Continue reading

ELECTION DAY: This vote is about you!

Today is Election Day! If you didn't have a chance to participate in early voting, today is your last chance to vote Green-Rainbow. Please look up your polling place here: http://www.sec.state.ma.us/wheredoivotema/ Polls are open until 8:00 pm across Massachusetts. Continue reading

Tomorrow is Election Day in Indiana

Don't Forget to Write-In "George Wolfe" for Secretary of State on Tuesday, November, 6. Verify your voting location and hours on the state website and take your ID! Continue reading

Vote Green November 6th in Wisconsin

Election Day is almost upon us, and we encourage you to vote if you have not done so already. Thankfully, the Wisconsin Green Party has some great candidates carrying our Green message with them on the campaign trail, and if you haven’t been acquainted with them, please meet our candidates: Continue reading

Arizona Green Party: Angela Green does not speak for us

The Arizona Green Party (AZGP) disassociates itself from the comments by Angela Green, former candidate for US Senate who endorsed Democratic Party candidate Kyrsten Sinema. Green does not speak for the AZGP. Her comments are her own. The AZGP does not endorse the candidates of the corporate ruling class. The AZGP is an eco-socialist political party and part of a world-wide movement for human needs before profits. We are independent of the corporate capitalist parties and accept no contributions from corporations. Green was not endorsed by the AZGP and was running as an individual on the Green Party ballot line because state law allows her to do so without our permission. Without consulting us, Green assumed the vacant slot created when our endorsed candidate Eve Reyes Aguirre, was sued off the ballot by Democratic Party operatives. Continue reading

Help Us @ the Polls!

The North Carolina Green Party is issuing an URGENT plea for volunteers to sign up for Election Day as well as the last week of Early Voting (which is the biggest week) We suspect there will be a lot of folks waiting until the last week or Election Day because of recent disruptions such as hurricane outages, etc. so your help is critical and greatly appreciated! Flyering at the polls is generally very easy – you occasionally have to be moderately aggressive, (particularly if there's a crowd) and smile, but aside from that, people are eager to see if there is any last minute information that may influence their decision. Continue reading

Reminder - Join the Green Power Rally in Berkeley with Jill Stein on Sunday

Green Power Rally in Berkeley Sunday October 28 6:30South Berkeley Senior Center at 2939 Ellis St. Berkeley, CA, 94703 Green Party 2016 Presidential Candidate, Dr. Jill Stein joins Bay Area Green Party Candidates in the November 6th Election, Laura Wells, Aidan Hill, Saied Karamooz, Mike Murphy. Join us at this Green Power Rally to hear the candidates' visions for social and environmental justice and a Green future!  Continue reading

The Green Party of Florida strongly supports Amendment 4

"This is the most important vote you can make this year." Florida is one of a handful of states that bars anyone convicted of a felony from voting for life — by far the largest state doing so. Florida's voting prohibition is the most powerful disenfranchisement mechanism in the country, with 10% of Florida adults currently so barred. Continue reading

Green Party of Colorado positions on 2018 statewide ballot issues

These positions were approved unanimously by the Green Party of Colorado state council on October 22, 2018. Amendment V: Lower Age Requirement for Members of the State Legislature – YES. Continue reading

Where the Green-Rainbow Party stands on Ballot Questions

Question 1 – Vote Yes If Question 1 passes and Massachusetts enacts the Patient Safety Act, we believe it will enhance nurses’ rights and improve health care for patients in our state. We stand with the broad coalition of nurses, patients, and family members, health and safety organizations, community groups, and unions that support a YES on Question 1 – many of whom see the issue addressed in this ballot question as part of a larger grassroots movement regarding health care rights. Continue reading