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California: Join us to build a Green Future in 2023!

We wish you peace, joy and community in this holiday season and throughout the New Year Today, with a political climate of division and violence that pushes more people out of the fold, we Greens can be the uniting ties to remind everyone that we do what we do, for love. May your holidays be spent safely and joyfully with loved ones and may you pay your blessings forward.   Continue reading

Oregon: Antiwar coalition, campaigns and election of party officers

CORVALLIS, OR – Happy New Year and Festive Holiday Season to All! In this message: 1) Save the Dates, including upcoming election of Green Party officers at the January 21st convention, consider running Continue reading

Green Party says NYS draft Climate Plan locks the planet into climate collapse

“We’re out of time” say the Greens The Green Party of New York today urged the NYS legislature to return to Albany in January ready to enact a far more ambitious climate plan than is being prepared by the Hochul-dominated Climate Action Council, staffed by many holdovers from the Cuomo administration. Continue reading

Latest news from the Northwest Indiana Green Party

We are closing out another year of action as the Northwest Indiana Green Party and it has been very busy for our local movement! From our local advocacy around environmental issues, work to bring about Medicare For All, and a few parades we have been around the region with our Green Values. As we continue to grow what we go for our local communities, join us to discover how you can get involved with us in 2023 - and it will be an even busier and exciting year for Greens around the region. Continue reading

Banking and Monetary Reform Committee Statement in Observance of International Anti-Corruption Day: December 9

The Banking and Monetary Reform Committee (BMRC) of the Green Party, in observance of International Anti-Corruption Day, has issued a statement that emphasizes the role that our monetary system plays in the vast corruption in our government. The observance of International Corruption Day was established in 2003 by the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), which is a legally binding multilateral treaty adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2003, and entered into force in December 2005. Continue reading

Remembering the Power of Activism on World AIDS Day

On this day in 1988 the very first World AIDS Day was observed. At the time, the epidemic was still growing, with the first tests and treatments for the virus just becoming available. It was a scary time for the world, especially the LGBTQIA+ community. The US Government, led by Ronald Reagan, chose to ignore the crisis at the time, as people died by the tens of thousands every year. Continue reading

Wisconsin Greens election results, news, and strategy session

A lot is happening with the Wisconsin Green Party (WIGP), so read on for an update about WIGP election results, news coverage from the 2022 election, and an invitation to an upcoming WI Green Party strategy brainstorming session! WIGP Election Results Here are the results from our WIGP Fall 2022 internal elections: Sam Chance was elected Co-chair, Bill Breihan was elected Operations Treasurer, Barbara Dahlgren was elected Recording Secretary, Melissa Minkoff was elected Congressional District (CD) 2 representative, Mike McCallister was elected CD-4 representative, and Jo' Nathan Kingfisher was elected CD-7 representative. Co-chair Dave Schwab still has one year remaining of his term. Continue reading

Meetings to prepare for 2023 campaigns

The races in 2023 will be in May and the Pacific Green Party is starting to prepare for those, so let us know if you are interested to help get you started or connected. Current events:  Join us at the campaigns meeting; priority issues include supporting railroad workers, ensuring negotiations are included in the Reauthorization Act and reorganizing with CodePink in Oregon.  Continue reading

Debriefing Your Run: 2022

Webinar: DEBRIEFING YOUR RUN This webinar was designed for candidates, and those active in Green campaigns, to learn more about campaign strategy. This particular session will focus on: a systematic approach to thinking about lessons learned from your campaign how and why to debrief a sample agenda for a debriefing session Continue reading

December 2022 Greenstar

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us. Renewal of PA’s Green Party By Chris Robinson, Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) delegate to Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) State Committee Continue reading