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Pacific Green Party of Oregon issues policy statement on Covid19 pandemic

'Green perspective' covers need for investigations; challenges Governor to do more testing SALEM, Or – The Pacific Green Party (PGP) issued a wide-ranging Covid19 pandemic policy statement. It calls for Oregon to emulate Washington State around their aggressive approach to testing; it demands economic assistance for the low income community, and calls for investigations into President Trump's malfeasance. The statement rakes President Trump for failing to accept World Health Organization test kits in early February. Continue reading

"Eco-Social" invitation

The May Newsletter from the Green Party of Texas Are you ready to invest in a Green path forward? HOUSTON – As 2020 continues, many of us are trying to figure out how to proceed in the current political landscape. the Green Party of Texas (GPTX) invites lonely Greens scattered around Texas to join us on Monday, June 8 at 7:00 p.m. for our bi-weekly "Eco-Social" video conference, to discuss how to activate our party & any other topics of interest to Texas Greens. Active members will be on hand to explain background & provide orientation & encouragement to Green-interested participants. Continue reading

Maryland Green Party 2020 state assembly

BALTIMORE – The Maryland Green Party is excited to announce our three keynote speakers for the 2020 State Assembly. Ajamu Baraka is the National Organizer and National Spokesperson for Black Alliance for Peace. He was the Green Party nominee for Vice President in 2016.Baraka served as the founding executive director of the US Human Rights Network, a national network that grew to over 300 U.S.-based organizations and 1500 individual members. In 2019, the US Peace Memorial Foundation awarded Baraka with the US Peace Prize for his activism against militarism, and imperialism as well as his work for peace. Continue reading

North Carolina Green Party 2020 Spring Gathering

PITTSBORO, NC – We are pleased to announce the North Carolina Green Party Spring Gathering This year, due to COVID-19, we are holding our first virtual Spring Gathering using Zoom. This gathering is both our annual business meeting and our presidential nominating convention for 2020. The gathering will be broken into two parts, a Business Meeting and a Discussion and Organizing Meeting. Continue reading

COVID-19 thoughts from California

Human rights during the COVID-19 crisis Latest news from the Santa Clara County Green Party San Jose, Ca – As California ramps up its testing capacity for COVID-19 and a portion of workers are allowed to return to work, let's not forget that over 3 million Californians - and currently about 100,000 Santa Clara County residents - remain without health insurance, the vast majority of whom are undocumented immigrants. Even though Santa Clara County is proposing initiatives to provide health coverage to those who can't afford it, many with coverage can't pay their medical bills and/or avoid going to the doctor or the hospital for fear of contracting the coronavirus. This situation hugely benefits for-profit health insurances at the expense of people's health and well-being. Continue reading

Maryland Greens File Federal Suit For Ballot Access

BALTIMORE – Last night the Maryland Green Party filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against Governor Larry Hogan and State Board of Elections Administrator Linda Lamone in order to challenge the unconstitutional application of Maryland’s ballot access laws during the COVID-19 State of Emergency. Since early March when we suspended our in-person petitioning efforts, we have been lobbying the State of Maryland for two demands: 1) allow electronic signature collection and 2) lower the signature threshold to account for the impossibility of petitioning during a global pandemic. Continue reading

Building the Peace Movement Teach-In May 20

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  EDT (US & Canada) Speakers include Rich Whitney from the Illinois Green Party and the Green Party Peace Action Committee Join us for a free teach-in on "Building the Peace Movement." Bring your questions and suggestions. We'll hear briefly from a number of key speakers before moving into Q&A. The teach-in will honor the 50th Anniversaries (1970-2020) of Kent State, Jackson State, and all the victims of wars. Continue reading

Judge Diamond's big miscalculation

PHILADELPHIA – Many Pennsylvania Greens are aware that Jill Stein sued the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania following the 2016 election to reveal that voters could not demand a recount of voting machines that were unverifiable. The subsequent settlement, among other things, required a true paper ballot. Once the counties started purchasing the machines, Stein’s committee found that the Election Systems & Software ExpressVote XL (ES&SXL) did not provide a true paper ballot. She therefore reopened the settlement in November 2019. I was a plaintiff as well an observer in the courtroom in the reopening of the settlement. I also observed the mostly thankless role which Jill Stein had in doing what was right for the voters. Judge Paul S. Diamond released his opinion on April 29, and it was not favorable. Continue reading

PA Green Party seeks Federal Court relief from unconstitutional election requirements

PHILADELPHIA – On May 15, the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) filed suit in the U.S. Court for the Eastern District of PA, demanding relief from unconstitutional election laws which are impossible to meet under emergency COVID-19 measures declared by PA Governor Tom Wolf. PA election rules require a minimum of 5,000 voter signatures for state-wide candidates to be awarded space on the ballot. This involves the effort of dozens of volunteers and hundreds of hours of labor to collect signatures in public before the early August deadline. Under Wolf’s stay-at-home order, volunteers will not be allowed to circulate in public, and there will be no public gatherings for them to attend. Continue reading

Green Party of Virginia ballot access update

FALLS CHURCH, Va – The Green Party of Virginia (GPVA), along with the Constitution Party and independent candidates, joined a lawsuit this week asking for a waiver of signature requirements for ballot access in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Northam's pursuant emergency stay-at-home order for the state. The GPVA has successfully met the ballot signature requirements for every candidate it has run, including presidential candidates in every presidential election, for at least the previous 12 years. Continue reading