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Nonviolence in a Violent World

The Green Party Peace Action Committee (GPAX) presented this webinar with speakers directly involved in these struggles followed by Q & A. It took place on November 18, 2021. Continue reading

Green Party of California General Assembly

Join us at the California Green's General Assembly Saturday, Dec. 4 - Sunday Dec. 5, 2021 REGISTER HERE SAN FRANCISCO – California Greens are invited to the next GPCA General Assembly, Saturday and Sunday Dec. 4th and 5, 2021. This GA will be held by video- and teleconference and the details of the teleconference will be emailed to you shortly after registration along with your receipt. Continue reading

Let's put ecosocialist candidates on the ballot in North Carolina

PITTSBORO, NC – Our petitioning drive to run Green Party of North Carolina (NCGP) candidates is in full swing. The state is making us collect about 15,000 signatures, on paper, from registered voters by May 2022 if we hope to run candidates next year, and we need your help. Continue reading

Save the Date for our Annual Fall Gathering

  November 21 at 7:00 p.m. SEATTLE – The Green Party of Washington State will be holding our Annual Fall Gathering in 2 short weeks! Please join us on November 21st from 7pm to 9pm for planning, connecting, and learning! The meeting will be all virtual via Zoom. Make sure to Pre-register for the event. Agenda, and more details to come soon! Continue reading

It's a great time to be Green!

Membership Campaign With 2022 elections coming up, we can break the duopoly! Organizer Meeting Come join the organizer meeting to get the latest update on the progressive movement in Illinois. We meet every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. CST. Sign-up here! Continue reading

Open municipal village or city Wisconsin clerk jobs

MADISON, WI – Wisconsin Green Party members would make great Municipal Clerks! Here are some clerk vacancies across the state. Share these with your networks as we try to recruit progressive clerks. The City Clerk's duties involve the overall administration and operation of voter registration and elections. These jobs can assist you to get started in a career in government. Continue reading

Green Voices: Rally for Human Rights & Mother Earth

The Voice of Massachusetts Greens COP-Out 26 and Environmental Survival After 6 years of wrestling with the Paris Agreement to reduce fossil fuel consumption and in other ways stem the decline of life on Mother Earth, President Biden and his fellow leaders must again address the failure of major polluting nations to stem their toxic emissions.  The Green-Rainbow Party has joined with other environmental activists to condemn the high-sounding rhetoric and the absence of real actions.  Continue reading

Help sustain the Earth and the Green Party

SAN FRANCISCO – Right now, the climate change conference COP26 is happening in Scotland, from October 31 through November 12. Undoubtedly, it will be the protestors outside the meeting rooms who will be putting forth the best ideas about the sustainability of life on earth. This letter to you is also focused on sustainability — of the Green Party of California. The Green Party is needed in this world to fight the watering down or outright dismissal of badly needed solutions, like the real Green New Deal and its meaningful and living wage work toward a livable planet. Continue reading

November 2021 Green Star

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us. Become a Rising Star in the Green Party by Co-chair Beth Scroggin, Green Party of PA October marked five years since I joined the Green Party. After having worked on the Bernie Sanders campaign for nearly a year and seeing my efforts undermined by the Democratic Party, I knew that I needed to invest my future efforts into a party that represented my values AND had the courage and integrity to support grassroots efforts. My involvement with the Green Party escalated quickly after the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, www.gpofpa.org) leaders informed me that my county had no local chapter. Shortly thereafter, I became the co-founder and co-chair of the Chester County Green Party. . . . Continue reading

New York state climate activist: Time is running out

World leaders have gathered for COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland to address the most fundamental issue facing countries across the globe: Climate change. COP stands for "Conference of the Parties" to the Kyoto Protocol. It was in Kyoto in 2005 that industrialized nations, including the U.S., first committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. COP21 took place 10 years later in Paris. At that convening, all the parties agreed to keep the increase in global average temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Continue reading