Mideast Wars Raging: When Will the Killing Stop?

The Peace Action Committee presented this webinar on March 6, 2024 The devastating war in Gaza is expanding, with U.S. attacks on Yemen, increasing fighting between Israel and Hezbollah, and the growing danger of war between the U.S. and Iran. The Biden administration refuses to restrain Israel, and the Netanyahu government appears intent on continuing to inflict death and destruction on Gaza, where the population is trapped in ruined cities and faces bombing and starvation. Continue reading

Ending the Gaza War: Can a Just Peace Arise?

On November 29, 1947 the United Nations adopted Resolution 181 that would divide Great Britain's former Palestinian mandate into Jewish and Arab states. In the intervening years, Israel has been engaged in a series of wars with adjacent Arab states and displaced Palestinians. Continue reading

The War at Home: Dissent and Repression

Sponsored by the Peace Action Committee All wars begin with lies, and the lies serve to conceal the real motives for war. Government motives for mass killing (war) include war machine profits, geopolitics, and plundering of resources. As the general population uncovers the real reasons for the war, government propaganda becomes less effective, which leads to growing dissent and repression of dissent.  Continue reading

April 22nd Earth Day Strike for People, Planet & Peace over Profit 

SAVE THE DATE! Halt the engines of economic, environmental & military destruction with school and work stoppages, rallies, boycotts, pickets, sit-ins, teach-ins, and peaceful direct action to heal a violent world. This will kick off 10 days of action - from Earth Day to May Day - supporting local actions, building community power, and unifying our movements. Continue reading

Boycott Gasoline - Earth Day to May Day

No Fossil Fuels. No War. No Climate Catastrophe. Tax windfall profits of fossil fuel companies! Fund stimulus checks and clean public transportation! Earth Day Strike 2022 for People, Planet and Peace over Profit Continue reading