The Green Party US Steering Committee (SC), along with the party’s staff, oversees and helps execute the day-to-day administration and operations of the party. The SC is made up of seven members plus the party’s Treasurer and Secretary, for a total of nine members.  Steering Committee members must be National Committee delegates, alternate delegates, or former delegates/alternates from their state parties.  They are elected by the National Committee for two-year terms, with a two-term limit.

Ahmed Eltouny, Co-Chair
New Jersey

Ahmed has been with the Green Party since 2005. An Egyptian immigrant, Ahmed currently resides in New Jersey where he served as the state co-chair in 2016 and 2017. Ahmed is a longtime activist who has fought diligently for many leftist issues including racial justice, gender equity, anti-imperialism, and the redistribution of wealth. A former co-chair of the Diversity Committee, Ahmed has held various workshops and webinars on these issues as an anti-oppression trainer.

Ahmed is also a longtime member of the International Committee, which he co-chaired from 2017 – 2019. He serves as the party’s point-person on international issues, and has represented GPUS at several international conferences. He spearheaded the party’s membership with the Sao Paulo Forum, and has led the charge in working with leftist and revolutionary organizations across the world.

With a passion for liberating the world’s most vulnerable communities, you can often find Ahmed overseas in solidarity with people in the struggle.

Ahmed is dedicating his term on the steering committee to his dear friend and mentor, the late Bruce Dixon.

Anita Rios, Co-Chair

Whenever I seek to provide a political context for myself I always start with the fact that I was born into “the American Third World”. That is, I was born and raised in deep poverty. I know what it feels like to be a hungry child in this wealthy nation and I know what it feels like to be discarded by society. I will always share this not for myself but for the many millions of Americans trapped in some variation of “the American Third World” who are the focus of my political activity.

My parents, both born in Texas, came to the Midwest as migrant farmworkers. I have six sisters and a brother, half of us did not graduate from high-school. All of us who dropped out of high-school graduated from University. While this is an a-typical story it is not unheard of among Latinx raised in poverty in this country. The American educational system routinely discards youth of color.

As a young person I worked many difficult demeaning jobs, but eventually graduated from the University of Toledo. Afterwards I worked in several social service jobs, monitoring child care providers, finding non-agricultural jobs for migrant farmworkers, and in case management for the severely mentally ill. As a case manager I was both honored and challenged to be of assistance to people who were struggling with some of life’s most difficult issues, abuse, homelessness, substance abuse, and poverty, along with severe and persistent mental illness. I was elected shop steward/ executive delegate for SEIU/1199 and was appointed as a delegate representing SEIU/1199 on the Regional Labor Council of the AFL-CIO.

What these experiences taught me was that all the good works we do in communities is important but if our government does not provide an adequate infrastructure for education, health care, criminal justice, housing, mass transit, nutrition, and energy there will always be people who fall through the cracks. Government determines the quality of our infrastructure and politics determines the quality of our government. Throughout my lifetime neither democrat nor republican governments addressed the needs of my community so I started seeking alternative political parties and came to the Green Party.

I joined the GP in 2000 and worked to get Nader on the ballot in Ohio. In 2001 I was elected one of three co-chairs of the entity that would become the Green Party National Committee. I was part of the leadership team that obtained National Committee status for the Green Party.

Building the Green Party and in particular the Ohio Green Party has been an almost full-time job for me since 2000. Since that time I have been on the central committee of the Ohio Green Party and have served as Co-Chair for several years. I was recently elected to a another two year term as Co-chair. In 2004 I helped with the Ohio recount and was the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Ohio Secretary of State to prevent the certification of that election. In 2008 I participated in the legal action that gained Party status for the Ohio GP. In 2014 I ran for Governor of Ohio and by receiving over 3% (over 100,000 votes) of the votes maintained political party status for the Ohio Green Party for four years. I was the Green Party candidate for Toledo city council in 2011 got over 30% of the vote. In 2006 and 2010 I was the GP candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Ohio.

I have been married for 37 years to Robert Hannon who is a letter carrier. We have two grown sons. I decided to retire last year due the difficulty in finding a job. I lost my part time job as a patient advocate in 2013 when Ohio's “TRAP” laws caused the closure of the abortion clinic where I was working. I continue to work as an activist on numerous issues including serving as the President of the Agnes Reynolds Jackson Fund which raises money to pay for abortions for low income women.

Poverty is not a lifestyle choice it is imposed by an economic system that picks winners and losers and by a society that has failed its most vulnerable members. Poverty is a global man-made disaster. Despite the tremendous wealth of this nation we are not immune because our government is indifferent to the needs of poor people and of the working class, and continues to squander a tremendous amount of tax dollars on relentless war. The same greed that is behind America's ability to accept poverty as inevitable is also behind our indifference to climate change and the destruction of the natural world. It is my belief that with an Eco-Socialist focus the Green Party is the right tool for fighting both socio-economic and ecological injustice

Christopher Stella, Co-Chair


Garret Wassermann, Co-Chair

Garret Wassermann (he/him) is a mathematician and physicist with an M.S. in both, an educator and author, and is currently working as a computer scientist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he has lived since 2011. Garret previously taught mathematics and physics courses at several Pittsburgh-region post-secondary institutions, and co-authored several educational manuals on introductory physics laboratory. Originally from New Orleans, Garret lived in the city & attended college as the city rebuilt from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005; that experience helped make clear how climate change, poverty, and racism are interconnected and must be addressed together if cities like New Orleans, maybe even humanity itself, are to survive this century.

Garret has been an active member of the Green Party since 2016, serving as media coordinator in 2017 and then vice chair of the Pittsburgh-area Green Party of Allegheny County from 2018–2020, as well as a ballot access coordinator with the Green Party of Pennsylvania’s Green Wave team from 2017–2020. During that time, Garret helped start new Green Wave initiatives to welcome new members, educate members about the Green Party’s key values and party history, and provide ballot access training to potential new candidates for elected office and their campaign volunteers and staff. Garret was elected a national committee alternate delegate in 2019 and a delegate in 2020, joining the Green Pages Editorial Board and working on several personal educational projects since early 2021.

Garret and his spouse Amanda live with six adopted cats, two ducks, and a chicken. When not working on Green politics, they enjoy working in their garden and watching wildlife, volunteering for mutual aid projects, reading about various topics, and playing video games to unwind.

Margaret Elisabeth, Co-Chair

I was born in Knoxville, TN and was put up for adoption when I was 2. I was adopted by a couple who worked for Esso (Exxon) and we moved to Libya when I was 6. I was raised there until I moved back to the United States during the summer I turned 16. I am grateful for that experience in more ways than I can possibly count yet it was trying and very difficult as well. I grew up without access to television, print media or radio, with only the school library available as any form of diversion and, as boredom will do, I ended up reading every book in the library including the dictionary, twice. Some topics of education were not permissible such as astronomy and human biology and it was against the law to have a telescope so I read a book, took apart a microscope and built my own so I could study the moon for myself. Because of that experience growing up, as an adult I highly value science and the scientific method for acquiring useful knowledge about our world and the universe we find ourselves drifting through.

I've been involved in Green activism for the last 25 years with specific focus upon Leave-No-Trace camping/festivals and non-monetary barter based economies with community policing. My friends and I created an event called Playa del Fuego (Beach of Fire) based off the Burning Man ethos in 1998 and it's been going ever since. I've voted Green ever since Nader ran and I formally joined the National Party in 2016 to help run the 'Washington State for Jill Stein' and 'Jill Stein Dank Meme Stash' pages on Facebook. I've been honored and grateful to receive the support and trust of my peers in the Lavender Caucus, initially representing the Caucus as a National Delegate and, currently, as a Co-Chair and Media Spokesperson. I believe that the Green Party is the best chance we have of making real, substantial change in the United States and I'm proud to be a part of it.

I'm grateful to have been given a chance to earn the honor and trust of my colleagues and comrades and I hope to prove worthy of their faith.

Rei Stone-Grover, Co-Chair

Regina "Rei" Stone-Grover is an Author, poet, and activist. She is a former Staff Psychologist of North Carolina Department of Public Safety and was a key executive of the Women's March on Charlotte. Rei joined M4M4All in Detroit, MI as a speaker and Published her book "Commit to Healing Vol. 1."

She has worked to advocate for social justice throughout Michigan and in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC.

Born in Detroit, MI she obtained her Bachelors degree from Central Michigan University (CMU) and Masters degree from Western Michigan University (WMU).

In her grassroots work, she:

  • Trained at Women's Aid Service
  • Directed and Produced the V-Day campaign
  • Organized Take Back the Night.
  • Assessed crises at Catholic Charities of West Michigan's Ark program
  • Coordinated Kalamazoo's Urban Empowerment Multicultural Literacy program
  • Educated about political issues affecting citizens of color and the homeless, organizing Kalamazoo 4 Justice.

Within the scope of her education, Rei was:

  • Customized an Independent study Mentoring youth at Vista Maria Social Services Organization.
  • Awarded Graduate Assistantships with the department of Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness and the school of Interdisciplinary Health Programs
  • Counseled youth at Washington Writers Academy and Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home.

Her writing and processing workshop with Kalamazoo County created the opportunity for her to arrange for youth to execute an ensemble performance for Martin Luther King Jr Day."

Tamar Yager, Co-Chair

My professional work background is in development, meeting planning and non-profit marketing/administration. I’ve had some great jobs over the past 30 years – I was a community organizer for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. I worked for many years at Actors Theatre in the marketing department. I was a federal grants writer for the Louisville Metro Government and most recently I was the Community Manager for my housing cooperative until it was bought out by a developer

My work, volunteer and political experience is broad. I was chosen by our town council to serve on the Board of Zoning Appeals, which is a constitutional office.

I also serve on the board of our local United Way. I have served in roles on various candidate and issue campaigns since I joined the party in 2006. I feel I can bring a balanced view to the Steering Committee and as a liaison to other committees at GPUS.

Some have said I am a voice of reason because I listen to all sides and try to reach compromise. I try to find common ground on issues while still maintaining the letter and spirit of our rules

Kristin Combs, Secretary

I grew up in Texas and moved to Philadelphia in 2009. Almost a decade ago, I met Cheri Honkala and started working with the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign. Through that I learned about and joined the Green Party. In 2015 I ran for Philadelphia city-council at large, winning endorsements from almost every socialist organization in the city and several key labor organizations. I ran a dollar per vote campaign and secured one third of what would be my win number, showing that our green message really does resonate with the people of Philadelphia. The following year, I ran for Pennsylvania State Treasure. My vote total hit the threshold needed to give the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) minor party status.

I've also served in Green leadership at the local, state, and national level. During my term as chair of GPPA, we tripled the annual budget, did a full review of the bylaws, and reworked the party structure to ensure it reflected our grassroots values. Most recently, I completed a two year term as a Green Party national co-chair. During my time on the steering committee, I partnered with a six person team that met in person to coordinate the virtual Presidential Nominating Convention and took the lead to ensure credentialing continued in spite of many challenges. I'm a member of the Accreditation Committee, Apportionment Review Committee, Media Committee, and co-chair of the Bylaws Rules Policies and Procedures committee.

In my day-to-day life, I work with schools and districts as a strategic consultant with the goal of operationalizing equity through the lens of the master schedule. Before consulting, I spent twelve years in the School District of Philadelphia as a teacher and then as the Executive Director of School Organization. My department helped streamline logistics, so that school based staff could focus on students. In my time with the central office, I built safeguards into high schools that ensure equitable programming for all our students, particularly our students with specialized learning needs.

My career, political work, and down time are all aligned to the goal of using my skill set of problem solving, strategic thinking, and efficiency to advance social and economic justice. I'm honored to serve as our party secretary and work with all Greens to build the world we deserve.

PHENND_3.26.14_hillary_smaller.jpgHillary Kane, Treasurer

Hillary Kane is the proud parent of Jeremy, 9, and Lailah, 7. Her day job is the Director of a nonprofit organization that supports and promotes campus-community partnership in the Philadelphia region.

Hillary has been active in the Green Party since 2000, when she became active in Ralph Nader’s Presidential campaign.  She has held numerous leadership positions at all levels of the party since that time including secretary, treasurer, and chair of both her local (Philadelphia) and state (Pennsylvania) parties, as well as various roles on candidate campaigns.  

Currently, Hillary is the co-chair of the GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee. Ms. Kane is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies.