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The community of people of African ancestry whose family members were held in chattel slavery in what is now the United States of America have legitimate claims to reparations including monetary compensation for centuries of human rights violations, including the Transatlantic slave trade now recognized by the United Nations as a "crime against humanity." As our Nation has done in the past with respect to the Choctaw, the Lakota, the Lambuth, and more recently for Japanese Americans and the European Jewish community, reparations are now due to address the debt still owed to descendants of enslaved Africans.

Tariq K. Shabazz is a Husband, Navy Veteran, and Political Scientist. He grew up in inner city Cleveland, Ohio where he experienced numerous traumas ranging from the debilitating state of poverty to gun violence. The Issues that he experienced only forged the fire and ambition to enact longstanding change.

The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) endorsed the March for Reparations on October 16 in Clark Park, University City, Philadelphia. This was not a difficult endorsement because the Green Party holds that the national problem of white supremacy can only be resolved through reparations.

From the Green Party point of view, reparations should be offered to rectify three types of white supremacy: the forced slavery of kidnapped Africans beginning in the colonial era; the resulting violence and discrimination against citizens of color since the formal end of chattel slavery in 1865; and the continuing punishment of people of color by “the ideology of white supremacy which permeates our institutions today.” Those institutions include healthcare, housing, education, finances, law enforcement, employment and food distribution. As a result, the Green Party in 2018 endorsed the call for a National Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans (HR 40).

WARRENVILLE, IL – We are Green. We commit to full and complete reparations to the African American community of this nation for the past four hundred plus years of genocide, slavery, land-loss, destruction of original identity and the stark disparities which haunt the present evidenced in unemployment statistics, substandard and inadequate education, higher levels of mortality including infant and maternal mortality and the practice of mass incarceration. We recognize that reparations are a debt (not charity) that is owed by our own and other nations and by the corporate institutions chartered under our laws to a collective of people.

Minneapolis City Council member Cam Gordon hosted a Ward 2 forum Green New Deal For Minneapolis this past week. The event included guest speakers Patrick Hanlon, Timothy DenHerder-Thomas, Alice Madden, Nina Axelson, Isaac Smith, Stacy Miller, and Charles Frempong-Longdon. To watch the forum, please visit Green New Deal For Minneapolis.

  • Celebrating Black History Month

MINNEAPOLIS – African Americans have contributed to America for over 400 years and this month we celebrate those contributions and the legacy of Black Americans in the United States. The Minnesota Green anti-racist leaders have been busy in the fight for racial justice. Green Party activist Trahern Crews worked closely with city councilwoman Jane Prince on working on and passing bipartisan resolution the Saint Paul Recovery Act which will set up a commission to study reparations at the city level in Saint Paul City Council passes Reparations ordinance

The Rondo Days Parade marches through the Rondo neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota, on July 21, 2018. Photograph by Tony Webster

ST. PAUL, Mn. - The movement for reparations for Black Americans has seen greater urgency since the police killing of George Floyd last year. And in the state where he died, the effort to make amends has taken a big step.

This week the St. Paul City Council unanimously approved a new commission to look at ways to produce financial reparations for descendants of chattel slavery who live in the capital city.

SAINT PAUL, MN – The Saint Paul City Council will consider a resolution on Wednesday, January 13 calling on the city to advance the cause of racial healing by exploring reparations for American Descendants of Chattel Slavery who live in Saint Paul. The resolution calls for the creation of a Saint Paul Recovery Act Community Reparations Commission, which will guide the city on strategies to grow equity and generational wealth, and eliminate disparities experienced by African Americans in Saint Paul.

2020 was a very intense year for the Green Party of Minnesota and America in general. From Covid 19 to the George Floyd worldwide protest the MN Green Party was on the frontlines.

Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner Latrisha Vetaw announces run for Minneapolis city council in ward 4.

Minneapolis city council member Cam Gordon announces reelection campaign. 

The formation of the United States was based on white supremacy. This country was built on the backs of enslaved Africans, who were never compensated for the past four hundred plus years of their forced labor and suffering. Exploitation, land-loss, destruction of original identity, genocide, state violence and systemic racism continued in chattel slavery’s aftermath and still haunt the present in manifold ways.

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