Reparations and MLK's legacy

On the day of our nation's official celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, we wish you solidarity and strength. As Greens with a radical commitment to the pillars of Social Justice and Nonviolence, we are eager to commemorate and give praise to Dr. King's legacy.

The movement for Black liberation and justice has endured for generations, david. So why is it that we still have to say “Black lives matter?” Why must we still struggle for basic justice?

We need bold leaders in Congress willing to reintroduce legislation that would commission a study on the causes and effects of slavery, and its lingering impact on America. The findings of such an investigation will lead to reparations for African Americans. It is time for our leaders to show the courage and dedication MLK modeled during the civil rights movement.

We must support HR 40, the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act.

The Green Party of the United States is the ONLY national party whose platform has committed to full and complete reparations.

The Green Party is committed to ensuring the right to live free from discrimination and oppression, in all its forms.

We are also committed to ensuring no one is left behind in the march toward equality.

Will you commit to supporting this struggle with a donation to the Green Party’s National Black Caucus, today?


Reparations would be a victory for social justice that would reverberate for generations, join us by signing our petition.

With Gratitude,
The Green Party of the United States

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