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Hot Season for Greens and Friends

Join Us to Collect Signatures & Put Jill on The Massachusetts Ballot! Or submit your ideas for events where we can collect signatures HERE WE NEED YOUR HELP COLLECTING SIGNATURES. Monday, July 15, is our goal to collect a total of 15,000 signatures from registered Massachusetts voters. Cheryl Rose, who is leading petitioning efforts across the state, notes that we have collected a total of 5,500 signatures to date. Continue reading

Greenstar July 2024

Jill Stein for President – A Moral Imperative By Bill Carini, Tompkins Weekly, May 15, 2024 The timeworn tactic of voting for the lesser of two evils has led us to unutterable evil, as exemplified by the arming of, and diplomatic cover for, Israel’s atrocities in Gaza and the West Bank. This war crime is only the latest in a very long series of moral outrages committed by successive Democrat and Republican regimes. The military-industrial complex requires enemies to thrive, and our bought-and-paid-for presidents are happy to oblige. Even if that means risking all in a confrontation with Russia or China. Continue reading

Longmont Green Party Update: GOTV 2024

The Longmont Green Party wanted you to be the first to know that our Get Out The Vote 2024 campaign has officially launched! That means we have a little bit more than a 100 days left to activate and grow our local grassroots and help turn Colorado Green come November. Continue reading

PA Volunteers Needed for Final Weeks of Green Party Nomination Campaign

The Green Party of Pennsylvania needs 10,000 signatures by July 15 to get their candidates on the ballot.    If you are NOT currently circulating a nomination paper for the Green Party’s statewide candidates, Jill Stein, Leila Hazou and Richard Weiss, now is the time to jump on board their ballot access campaign. The Green Party needs to finish strong in the next few weeks, and that means recruiting AT LEAST 25 more volunteers to collect valid signatures from registered voters.  Continue reading

Green Party qualifies for 2024 ballot in Nevada; Dem lawsuit pending

The Nevada Green Party has qualified for the general election ballot in Nevada for the first time since 2008, though a lawsuit brought by Nevada Democrats to block the party’s access remains pending in Carson City District Court. Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar told county election officials last week that the Green Party had submitted about 15,000 valid signatures, well more than the roughly 10,000 threshold needed for minor political parties to qualify for a general election ballot.  Continue reading

Urgent Action on Climate Change as Ohio Faces Extreme Weather Anomalies

COLUMBUS OH – JUNE 17 2024 – In the wake of Ohio’s record-breaking heat and increased tornado activity, the Ohio Green Party is urging policymakers to take immediate action to address the climate crisis. Ohio is experiencing a taste of climate change’s impacts firsthand. From scorching summer temperatures to more frequent and destructive tornadoes, these extreme weather events are a wake-up call. Continue reading

Stop the Duopoly in Massachusetts

  You can make a difference when two undesirables are vying to wreak more havoc on our nation! With 10,000 registered voter signatures, there will be a third choice on the November Presidential ballot--the Green-Rainbow Party! Presidential candidate Jill Stein and her running mate. Gloria Caballero Roca, lead the Green-Rainbow petition. Continue reading

Juneteenth, Freedom Day, Petitioning, and Anti-Genocide - Petition with the Illinois Greens

As we celebrate today, let us remember the growing militarization of municipal and state police forces, supported by grants of weaponry and equipment from the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security, the extensive operations of government that are conducted in secret, especially within the federal executive branch, including the national security apparatus and so-called “black budget” expenditures, that get little oversight from Congress, let alone the general public; and the growing restrictions on freedom of speech, including those resulting from the privatization or other loss of formerly public spaces where people may gather, discuss issues, petition and otherwise exchange ideas. Continue reading

June is for Justice

Celebrating Juneteenth with a Reality Check! The end to racial injustice and inequity in our marginalized communities will not be achieved by a designated day, month or performative gestures. It will take a systemic change to end race- and class-based exploitation and oppression. A systemic change powered not only by a second civil rights mass movement but an equally essential electoral mass movement that will shift the power from the billionaire ruling elite to the will of the people. Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Uncommitted Movement

In last month's Democratic primary election, over 60,000 Marylanders voted "Uncommitted", meaning that while they maintain their affiliation with the Democratic Party, they were unwilling to show support for President Biden in the primary election. We are taking the opportunity to reach out to these uncommitted voters and turn their dissatisfaction with current options into support for the Green Party.  We're written an open letter to the "Uncommitted" movement, and we hope you will read it here.  Continue reading