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MINNEAPOLIS – The treatment of the Haitian immigrants at the Texas border is racist. The Chair of the Minnesota Green Party (MNGP) Trahern Crews sat down with members of the Haitian Green Party to discuss Joe Biden's racist immigration policies and the crisis in Haiti. Read the interview with the Green Party of Haiti here.

  • San José City Hall Rotunda, Sunday, September 19, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

SAN JOSÉ, CA – Join Santa Clara Greens and our partners, the San Jose Peace & Justice Centerand the Santa Clara County Single Payer Health Care Coalition, at the Viva Calle San José event on Sunday Sept 19, 10 am – 3 pm and enjoy a day of cycling, fun and community.

SOUTH DEERFIELD, MA – In a world in crisis which leads to isolation, fragmentation, and conflict, there is a time and place to come together to build support and address the greater needs. That time and place is the annual Green-Rainbow Party Convention, September 25, 2021. We will meet virtually to participate in:

  • Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us.

PA Green Reflects on Summer Travel  

by GPPA Co-chair Beth Scroggin

As we progress into August, I find myself reflecting on how this summer has brought awareness of political issues we face, and how the Green Party has always been on the right side of history. Nearly every summer of my adult life, I have traveled to a different place in the U.S. or Canada and have sought to experience all that nature has to offer. My travels have all reinforced my sense of urgency when it comes to protecting our environment, and have highlighted the importance of one of the Green Party’s four pillars: Ecological Wisdom.

HOUSTON – Join Green Party of Texas (GPTX) candidate for Governor, Delilah Barrios, on Saturday July 24th between 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., at the Medicare 4 All March in Austin at 1100 Congress Ave. Help us tell lawmakers that we will not rest until we have a universal, single-payer healthcare system!

As 2022 approaches, GPTX is calling for candidates for ALL ballot positions. We will hold a Prospective Candidate Information event on August 28, so please attend to have your questions answered.

INDIANAPOLISThe Indiana Green Party (INGP) hopes you are as excited about this month's June newsletter as we are. Each event revolves around our focus as a people-powered party. We hope to see you at a few! Attend and learn more about your local Indiana Greens!!

Please join us for these upcoming events

  • Medicare for All Now!

WARRENVILLE, IL – Greens support a Medicare-for-all, single-payer health-care system. This would not only fulfill a basic government obligation to meet the essential needs of its people; it would also be a boom to our economy, as both businesses and consumers would be relieved of the crippling burden of paying for overpriced, wasteful private health insurance.

Nationwide Medicare for All March

  • Illinois Greens will continue with the fight for Equal Ballot Access and Ranked Choice Voting!

CHICAGO – Equal Ballot Access House Bill 2398 would have reduced the petition requirements for new parties. Ranked Choice Voting HB2416/SB1785 would have eliminated the so called “spoiler effect” when there are more than two political parties’ and independent candidates running in a general election.

Donate to Support RCV

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us.

PA Green Party Denounces Israeli Violence

by GPPA Co-chair Tina Olson

In response to the Israeli killing spree in the Gaza Strip, many Green Party activists came forward to stand with Palestinians in their continued struggle for the right to exist. Members of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, joined in pro-Palestinian rallies that were held throughout the state on May 15. The Green Party joined other activist organizations such as Black Lives Matter; Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Coalition; Drexel Students for Justice in Palestine; New Afrikan Independence Party; Pittsburgh Anti-Imperialist League; and Jewish Voice for Peace, in solidarity to end the suffering of the Palestinian people . . . 

SAN FRANCISCO – Today, May 15, is the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba, the day that changed the Palestinian people's history forever. The Nakbah (al-Nakbah; "catastrophe") marks the forced expulsion, dispossession, and displacement of the majority of indigenous Christians and Muslims, over 750,000 people from Palestine during the 1948 war. In reality, the Nakba has since solidified into an Israeli campaign of terror, ethnic segregation, land confiscations, and destruction of villages for Jewish settlement leading to a vanishing Palestine with over 7 million Palestinians living as refugees today.

  • With the Chauvin conviction, class struggle must continue

  • Will Biden end the War on Terror?

  • Help get the NCGP back on the ballot

  • Join the new Young Ecosocialists Caucus of NC

PITTSBORO, NC – The North Carolina Green Party has several updates for you this month: An anticapitalist take on Derek Chauvin's conviction and the abolition of the police state, Biden's plan for Afghanistan must be full withdrawal, how you can help get the NCGP back on the ballot, and the Young Ecosocialist Caucus of NC officially forms.

  • Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us.

Green Party Embraces Workers’ Rights on May Day

by GPPA Co-chair Beth Scroggin

DEERFIELD, MA – Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Voice of Massachusetts Greens. We will share the thoughts and activities of our state and local party activists and allies. Join with us in our quest to support gravely endangered People, Planet and Peace. Every voice counts.

The Democratic Party Pursues a Purge of the Green Party from the Ballot

WARRENVILLE, IL – The Illinois Green Party will be calling on greater public and local control of energy and polluter industries. We will also support cross-sectional issues such as living wages for essential workers and a comprehensive economic plan that addresses unemployment, enacts a national healthcare service, and puts people to work in jobs that will combat both climate catastrophe and living standard insecurity.

Will you join the call to action to help be the change that this world needs today? Click to volunteer and to be Green!

  • Join us on the Journey and Welcome Home on Earth Day

The Green Party of California invites you to join us in a journey from Justice Day to Earth Day.

What's the connection?

Our country was shaken by the brutal murder of George Floyd in May of 2020. This week on April 19th the jury in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer who knelt on the neck of George Floyd for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, found Chauvin guilty of all three charges of murder and manslaughter.

WARRENVILLE, ILIllinois Green Party (ILGP) members are helping to organize events from Earth Day to May Day to highlight the urgent need for climate change, and to make the connection to the need for overall system change including environmental justice, labor rights and grassroots democracy.

The Greens, who started calling for an ecosocialist Green New Deal in the U.S. in 2010, recently called for Congress to pass a $4.1 trillion a year (for 10 years) green economic stimulus to create 30 million jobs and accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy from all sources by 2030. Biden is reportedly considering a one-time, $3 trillion green infrastructure stimulus, though only about $400 billion for direct climate measures.

  • Local leaders are needed for massive community organizing project

WARRENVILLE, IL – Are you ready to be the change? The Illinois Green Party has a massive community organizing project and we need your help! Since the project entails empowering local community groups, lots of leaders are needed. Sign-up to learn more or join a group at

Green Party Series, Livestreams every Monday at 8:00 p.m. CST. The April 12th guest is Peter Schwartzman, mayor-elect of Galesburg, Illinois Green Party member, and 1st Green mayor in Illinois!

Minneapolis City Council member Cam Gordon hosted a Ward 2 forum Green New Deal For Minneapolis this past week. The event included guest speakers Patrick Hanlon, Timothy DenHerder-Thomas, Alice Madden, Nina Axelson, Isaac Smith, Stacy Miller, and Charles Frempong-Longdon. To watch the forum, please visit Green New Deal For Minneapolis.

No Spray Webinar

"Removing Pesticides From our Public Spaces" will feature a Green Party of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area (GPAMA) panelist relating our effort to end the use of glyphosate on county-administered properties in Bernalillo County. Join this national webinar on Zoom on Thursday, April 8, at 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time. Register in advance.

  • Campaign Finance Reform - PROGRESS but we need your input now!

CORVALLIS, OR – YES!  House bill 3343 is getting a lot of traction - it is getting a hearing March 30, 1:00pm - we need to send testimony before the hearing and up to 24 hours after.  

HB 3343 is getting a lot of attention but it is an uphill battle:  moneyed interests, including unions (yes, they are being a bit shortsighted) want to keep the money flowing to influence elections and legislation.

  • ICE Out of NJ Speak Out!

TRENTON, NJ – We had great support for last month's solidarity event. Tomorrow we will be hosting two events with our YES-Young Eco-Socialists Caucus. First, in solidarity with Alabama Amazon Workers and then only two miles away ICE Out of NJ Speak Out! We as a party have signed onto and support the March 2o "International's Day of Solidarity With Alabama Amazon Workers & Against Union Busting on World Day Against Racism."

  • In a recent Gallup poll, a record 62% of US voters said we need a new major party.

Stop HR-1, the Voting Rights Bill That Restricts Voter Choice

HR-1 is sold as a way to get money out of politics and to protect voters, but it contains a poison pill for democracy and opposition parties like the Green Party in its campaign finance reform section. HR1 quintuples the amount of money Green presidential campaigns will be required to raise to qualify for federal matching funds: from $5,000 in each of 20 states to $25,000 per state.

  • Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us.

Choose to Challenge, International Women’s Day, March 8
by Co-chair Beth Scroggin, Green Party of Pennsylvania

Welcome to March, a month during which we celebrate growth and progress! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring, when plants and animals emerge from a long, cold winter, reminding us all of our natural resiliency. Additionally, countries around the world (regardless of hemisphere) observe International Women’s Day on March 8, an occasion whose roots extend back over a century, beginning with a declaration of the day from the Socialist Party of America.

  • GPNJ Solidarity Action, Seth Kaper-Dale Special Conversation & Upcoming Meetings

TRENTON, NJ – The Green Party of New Jersey (GPNJ) now has 11,488 registered Greens as of February 1st! Our coalition work continues this weekend with an urgent action. We also are announcing our next Special Conversation featuring Seth Kaper-Dale and few upcoming state chapter meetings.

Solidarity & Support Alabama Amazon Union

SAN FRANCISCO – The Green Party of California invites you to join us for a discussion on EcoSocialism we are co-hosting with the Green EcoSocialist Network (GEN) and a number of County Green Parties. In this presentation, we discuss how to build EcoSocialist programs in our own communities as our amazing lineup of guest speakers will explore specific programs focused on non-reformists reforms that help implement an EcoSocialist future.

Beginning with a performance by Shamako Noble, a brief recap of the first webinar is followed by a series of discussions; Kali Akuno and David Cobb will discuss Cooperatives, then Mel Figueroa will speak on Traditional Ecological Knowledge, followed by Misty Cross of the Moms4Housing movement and David Bond on Housing and Tenant Unions.

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us.

Introducing the New Co-chairs of PA’s Green Party

by Co-chairs Beth Scroggin and Tina Olson

Happy New Year, everyone! We are delighted to have been elected as co-chairs of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, and hope to build our party in strength and numbers. Now, more than ever, we need to elect Green Party candidates and advocate for Green values at every available opportunity. As the new co-chairs of GPPA, we would like to introduce ourselves to those who don’t already know us.

SEATTLE – The Green Party of Washington will hold a statewide membership meeting on Wednesday, February 3. We will discuss news and happenings with the national Green Party, and give input for upcoming decisions at the national level regarding state affiliation of Green Party chapters in RI and GA.

We will hear updates from our Green Party US committee representatives and our local Green Party chapters.

  • Celebrating Black History Month

MINNEAPOLIS – African Americans have contributed to America for over 400 years and this month we celebrate those contributions and the legacy of Black Americans in the United States. The Minnesota Green anti-racist leaders have been busy in the fight for racial justice. Green Party activist Trahern Crews worked closely with city councilwoman Jane Prince on working on and passing bipartisan resolution the Saint Paul Recovery Act which will set up a commission to study reparations at the city level in Saint Paul City Council passes Reparations ordinance

HOUSTON – What is a political party if not its platform? The 2021 Texas Green Party (GPTX) Annual State Meeting is the next opportunity to update our state party platform. This is distinct from the national party platform, and to some degree reconciliation may be desirable.

In essence, the Green platform is a Platform for Human Dignity, in this case as curated by the consensus of the Green Party of Texas in the two decades since our inception. We recognize the 10 key values of the Green movement as the basis for our decision-making.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Here is the January 2021 news from the Green Party of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area.

Please choose and rank items you would like to see GPAMA direct its efforts in 2021. We plan to focus on the top-three items from the vote results. Thank you for your input.

We anticipate our monthly meeting to move from the second Thursday to the third Wednesday. It is not clear when this will take effect. Please check the web site for the latest news on this.

  • Updates on January 25th Events

CHICAGO – Massive change requires massive organizing. Massive organizing requires big resources. The big donors from the corporations and the 1% will never support the changes the Illinois Green Party is fighting for.

Give what you can and keep working, learning, teaching and building whenever and wherever you can to make the world we want, need, and deserve. 

As we close out 2020, we may feel tired of the struggle, but we can't give up. It is crucial that we maintain our ballot line as an alternative for progressive candidates and a pressure point on the status quo.

In 2021, the Green Party of Texas (GPTX) must focus on recruiting candidates for the 2022 general election. We have collected relevant information for prospective candidates on our website: You can help by referring good prospective leaders you may encounter in your community to this information resource & emphasizing the value of not being screened out in a competitive primary. Once an individual files to run for office, GPTX can post a profile & give guidance about the convention process.

  • Election News

Congratulations to Michael Cundick, 2020 Salt Lake County Mayor Candidate, for making history in the Green Party of Utah (GPUT)! Michael earned the votes of 17,622 Salt Lake County voters, representing 3.34% of the county-wide vote.

  • Thank You to H20 Volunteers, Resist Raytheon in Buncombe, What's Next for NCGP Ballot Access, The Dems' SCOTUS Sham, Building a Mass Party Now and for the Future

The North Carolina Green Party has several updates for you this month: an Election Day roundup, what's next for Green Party ballot access, how to build the party we need for the future, and a call to resist the new expansion of Raytheon into Buncombe County.

Thank you to all who voted Green in 2020, making a clear demand for the changes we need. While the scenery of the political theater changes, the circumstances of people's lives remain precarious. The climate catastrophe continues whether we prepare for it or not, and the empire continues its short-sighted pursuit of safeguarding the status quo.

The Green Party of Texas (GPTX) retains ballot access through 2026. By holding the door open for progressive candidates to access the ballot without competing in a crowded Democratic primary, Greens serve as a pressure point to force issues into the public debate, and a very real threat that if progressive voices are continually denied they will go elsewhere.

Pro-democracy movement in the streets

Baltimore Green Party members came out to a demonstration across Northern Parkway on November 4 to demand that all votes be counted. In the photo are Erica Harts'horn and Bill Barry, who were also joined by Cynthia Marshall, at the corner of Northern Parkway and York Road. There were demonstrators at every major intersection in Baltimore after a press conference at a church in Pimlico. Post-election, Green Party members across the country are rallying to protect the democratic right to vote and have every vote be counted, and remain involved in many local political activities and community organizing at this crucial time in our city and country.


  • News from the Pacific Green Party of Oregon

Ranked Choice Voting in Benton County Commissioners Race

Ranked Choice Voting will be used for the first time in Oregon to elect the County Commissioner.  Mike Beilstein, long-time green party member, is running, providing the electorate a first time opportunity to see how RCV works.

PITTSBORO, NC – As the election ramps up, the North Carolina Green Party wants to let you know about this month's news from the North Carolina Green Party:

  • Organize with us to get out the vote for the Hawkins/Walker Green Party presidential campaign;
  • Donate to our presidential campaign fundraiser;
  • Check out our most recent activism in solidarity with BLM;
  • Read our open letter calling on Gov. Cooper to put farmworker safety before profits during Covid.

  • Latest news from the Green Party of Allegheny County (GPOAC)

PITTSBURGH – With about a month to go before election day, we need ALL HANDS ON DECK to get the word out about our Green candidates! Check out the events and ideas below for ways you can get involved.

Join The Medicaid March on Thursday 10/1

Saying 2020 has been an unusually challenging year is an understatement as the onslaught of environmental, social and health crises fill our daily lives. 

California's recent lightning-sparked wildfires have brought the 2020 tally to well over 2 million acres of land burned and have forced tens of thousands of residents from their homes amidst a pandemic in full swing. We must acknowledge that this is the result of decades of destructive environmental policies dictated by the fossil fuel industry and a deep disregard for the Indigenous Nation's ancestral fire management practices for sustainable land stewardship. For centuries, Native nations of California have naturally managed small "good" fires in order to prevent devastating ones like the SCU Lightning Complex Fire and the currently raging Mendocino National Forest fire.

  • The North Carolina Green Party cosponsors protests against police violence and racism and calls for immediate end to police immunity

PITTSBORO, NC – The North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) continues to emphatically support the protests and actions in North Carolina, across the US, and around the world that have arisen in response to decades of systemic police violence and institutionalized racism that culminated in the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020.

HOUSTON – The Green Party of the United States nominating convention held July 11th finalized our Presidential & Vice-Presidential nominees. Congratulations to Howie Hawkins & Angela Walker who won broad approval throughout the party. Follow them on Twitter @HowieHawkins & @AngelaNWalker. GPTX supports our nominees!

Great news! Hawkins/Walker 2020 has already qualified for federal matching funds. So donations through most of August can be DOUBLED, letting the campaign put more into ballot access efforts!

  • June 2020 Newsletter

HOUSTON – You don’t need the Green Party of Texas (GPTX) to tell you that the current moment is a crisis of authoritarian capitalism. Abuse of authority, police brutality, white supremacy, systemic racism – heartbreaking economic & social conditions – sheer incompetence and waste, all are on full display for anyone to observe.  How can we navigate a pandemic without healthcare for all? How can we loosen environmental restrictions and disregard responsible climate action in a time of looming climate crisis? How can we be so completely dysfunctional?

BALTIMORE – In a few short weeks, a vibrant and powerful movement has erupted in this country, with reverberations and solidarity actions across the globe. Not just bystanders, Maryland Green Party members took part in actions and demonstrations in counties throughout the state. In addition to the rallies, protests and vigils, here is a brief snapshot of other events and activity the Maryland Green Party is involved in support of  the uprisings and movements proclaiming “Black Lives Matter”.

It was 155 years ago on June 19, 1865, that an "end to slavery" was declared in Texas. Juneteenth celebrates this historic event, but are Black people really free in the 21st century? The disenfranchisement, systematic racism and oppression of Black and Brown communities across our country are still very present.

HOUSTON – As 2020 continues, many of us are trying to figure out how to proceed in the current political landscape. the Green Party of Texas (GPTX) invites lonely Greens scattered around Texas to join us on Monday, June 8 at 7:00 p.m. for our bi-weekly "Eco-Social" video conference, to discuss how to activate our party & any other topics of interest to Texas Greens. Active members will be on hand to explain background & provide orientation & encouragement to Green-interested participants.

San Jose, Ca – As California ramps up its testing capacity for COVID-19 and a portion of workers are allowed to return to work, let's not forget that over 3 million Californians - and currently about 100,000 Santa Clara County residents - remain without health insurance, the vast majority of whom are undocumented immigrants. Even though Santa Clara County is proposing initiatives to provide health coverage to those who can't afford it, many with coverage can't pay their medical bills and/or avoid going to the doctor or the hospital for fear of contracting the coronavirus. This situation hugely benefits for-profit health insurances at the expense of people's health and well-being.

PORTLAND, Me – Please join the Maine Green Independent Party in congratulating our candidates vying to be state representatives in the Maine House of Representatives!

Support them by liking their social media accounts, donating to their campaigns or volunteering. Visit their sites for more information about their campaigns and how to get involved.

WHEATON, IL – Justice is something for which we constantly struggle but only occasionally obtain in the U.S. legal system. Once in a while, though, we get a measure of it. And we are pleased to announce that this just occurred in the lawsuit we recently filed in federal court in the Northern District of Illinois.

As explained in the last newsletter from the Illinois Green Party, Illinois has among the most repressive ballot access laws in the nation, requiring so-called “new” parties to gather 25,000 petition signatures from registered voters, in just 90 days, in order to get their candidates’ names on the November ballot. We have achieved that monumental task a number of times in the last 20 years. However, the public-health measures now in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic made petitioning virtually impossible.

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day by Registering GREEN!

SAN FRANCISCO – In these time of physical separation, the spirit of the human community and gratitude for our beautiful planet is with us all. Today, on Earth Day, please take a moment to reflect on the enormity of our responsibility in protecting and defending our home against greed and destruction.

Indeed this responsibility weighs heavy on the shoulders of all Greens worldwide but we all know a better world is possible and we will continue to work towards making it a reality for all future generations to come.

BALTIMORE – The Maryland Green Party is calling on the General Assembly, Governor, and Board of Elections to place our party on the ballot for the November general election, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have been petitioning throughout the state to collect over 10,000 signatures to get back on the ballot.

Our party's participation in the democratic process should not be made impossible or dangerous due to the declared public health emergency.


North Carolina Green Party’s First Presidential Primary March 3

Thanks to all of our Green voters who showed up to vote Green on Super Tuesday, or during early voting! For the first time ever, the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) held a state-run presidential primary to apportion delegates to the national Green Party's Presidential Nominating Convention, to be held this July in Detroit.

CHICAGO – As previously announced, the Illinois Green Party's 2020 Spring Convention and membership meeting will take place on Saturday, February 29, 2020, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Third Unitarian Church, 301 N. Mayfield, Chicago, Illinois.

The meeting will be followed by a social hour from 5:00-6:00 pm, and a presidential forum, featuring recognized Green Party candidates for president of the United States, at 6:00 p.m. The forum will feature Green Party US recognized candidates Howie Hawkins, Dario Hunter, and David Rolde. More information about the candidates can be found here.

“We must recognize that we can’t solve our problem now until there is a radical redistribution of economic and political power… this means a revolution of values and other things. We must see now that the evils of racism, economic exploitation and militarism are all tied together… you can’t really get rid of one without getting rid of the others… the whole structure of American life must be changed. America is a hypocritical nation and [we] must put [our] own house in order.”

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Report to SCLC Staff, May 1967.

  • Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us.

Working Toward Sanity and Democracy

by GPPA Co-chair Sheri Miller

Here we are again; finishing up another year of the Green Star Newsletter and nearing the end of my second year as Co-Chair. I've been honored to work with amazing volunteers and supporters across the state whose belief in the Four Pillars and 10 Key Values has given strength to our cause. 

BALTIMORE – We are so excited to share with you that the Maryland Green Party has officially launched our 2019 year-end fundraising campaign! We have the goal of raising $2,500 in individual gifts and 28 new monthly sustaining donors to our ranks by December 31st. I know how much our Maryland Green Party values of ecology, social justice, and grassroots democracy mean to you and I so hope that you’ll join me in making a gift of $15, $30, or $99 to secure a more equitable and sustainable Maryland for all!

PHILADELPHIA – The 2020 election season is off to a fast start, and the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) has big plans. We want Green candidates across the Commonwealth to run for state legislature.  We know voters are tired of the same old politics in Harrisburg, and ready to hear new voices supporting the 4 Pillars and 10 Key Values of the Green Party.  

To ordinary citizens, running for office often feels intimidating.  The Green Wave Team of GPPA is here to educate potential candidates from the start.   And between now and the end of this year, our Sowing the Seeds candidate incentive campaign will make a $250 donation to all candidates who organize and file a campaign committee for 2020.

BALTIMORE – Over the past year, the Maryland Green Party has been actively working to regain Ballot Access and to lay a foundation for the 2020 election. We look forward to the 2020’s as a crucial decade for the direction of the state of Maryland and for the Planet, we know that increasingly more and more people are demanding an alternative to the two party system and we want to be well positioned to be that alternative.

So far this year we have:

  • Kevin Zeese of Popular Resistance Coming to Illinois!

For years, Popular Resistance has been an indispensable source of information for the peace movement and struggles for economic, racial and environmental justice. Now co-director and frequent contributor Kevin Zeese will be coming to Illinois to speak at several events, including our Fall Conference in Urbana on October 26th. 

EUGENE, Or – The focus of the Pacific Green Party will defined at the convention to be held on Saturday, October 19; but our aim is to focus on statewide races while supporting local races and local chapter strengthening. We are making the convention accessible for participation online via zoom meeting by going to this link:

Please let us know you are coming by registering; particularly if you want to join us for the evening social in Coos Bay; you can email [email protected].

  • Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us

Colonialism, Capitalism, and Conquest Versus Connectedness

by GPPA Co-chair Alan Smith

My great grandfather, James, built a house for our family and white supremacists bombed it. He died from the injuries he suffered. He was Cherokee. His wife's mother was Lumbee, and lived enslaved on a North Carolina plantation.

Petition Signing Party for Santa Clara Green County Council

Saturday, October 5, 3:00 – 6:00 PM
San Jose Jose Peace & Justice Center, 48 S 7th St, San Jose, 95112

Please join us at our Petition Signing Party as our County Council candidates gather signatures from registered Greens to get on the ballot for the March 2020 Primary Elections! Come by and enjoy a fun afternoon of food, drinks, and music while meeting new Greens and discussing our work and campaigns.

HOUSTON – Climate Strike & Extinction Rebellion events have been called for everywhere 9/20-9/22. The Green Party of Texas (GPTX) encourages all Greens to participate with these events in their area in order to amplify the clear demand for climate action and peace. The People's Mobilization is planned in NYC, and the Green Party Peace Action Committee (GPAX) has schedule and other information.

Get Ready for Campaign Season!

Santa Clara, Ca – As leaves start to fall off trees and California Assembly and Senate members reconvene in the Capitol, we, Santa Clara Greens, get ready to fight for the causes and campaign for the bills and candidates we have endorsed. From Public Banking, Rent Control, and Ranked Choice Voting bills to the Climate Strike to our County Council elections, we are busy bringing our Green values to our communities.

New Orleans – At September meeting of the Green Party of New Orleans we learned there's a lot going on in the Crescent City, across the state, and around the world, that will be of interest to all Greens.

Even as I type, people are converging on the Public Service Commission meeting in Baton Rouge. If you care about solar energy, contact your commissioner immediately and demand the preservation of net metering.

The Green Party of Texas (GPTX) is now recruiting Green candidates who support our ten key values for the 2020 general election ballot. For detailed information on running as a Green, please review our Candidate FAQ.

GPTX is committed to maintaining a ballot line to advocate for the people's issues as articulated in our platform. For this reason, GPTX has joined with other parties, candidates, and voters in filing a lawsuit to challenge Texas' unconstitutionally burdensome ballot access requirements. 

  • Help Wanted: Candidate to Run for U.S. Senate!

  • The Illinois Green Party is looking for a well-qualified candidate to run for U.S. Senate in 2020.

Instead of waiting for someone to come to us and then seeing if that person is a good fit, we have decided to set out our qualifications first, and then see if you, or anyone you know, would like to apply for the role.

CHAPEL HILL NC – In our last newsletter, we announced Allen Smith’s campaign for Congress in the District 9 special election. Please consider donating to his campaign and volunteering. Allen is an outstanding candidate and will carry the Green Party message throughout his campaign.

This week we want to highlight the NC Green Party’s endorsement of Joshua Bradley for Raleigh City Council District A. This is a nonpartisan race, but Joshua is carrying the banner of the Socialist Party USA and the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP). Josh is a dual member of both organizations. NCGP members and supporters in the Triangle area, please donate to his campaign and volunteer. Josh and the campaign will need canvassers and poll workers, among other volunteers.

  • Time to stand up and resist corporate-dominated media & politics!

The Green Party of Santa Clara County is excited to have candidates running in different upcoming elections!

KPFA (94.1 FM), Northern California's only progressive/Left community radio station, is holding elections for its Local Station Board from August 15 - October 15, 2019. The Rescue Pacifica slate is composed of Greens and progressives whose mission is to preserve KPFA's and Pacifica's independent, rebellious, and uncensored voice. Our own county councilmember Christine Pepin is running as part of the Rescue Pacifica slate.

  • Green Star is the official publication of the Green Party of Pennsylvania

  • Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us.

The Violence of Nuclear Energy

by Co-chair Alan Smith, Green Party of Pennsylvania

I awaken, head to the bathroom and look out the window. A column of steam greets my eyes as it rises from a nuclear power plant. I turn to look in the mirror and put on a peace sign necklace, taking a moment to meditate. The peace symbol, first used in 1958, was derived from international semaphore code which uses flag positions to symbolize letters. The letters used are N and D representing nuclear disarmament. In order to bring about peace we must rid this planet of the use of nuclear energy.

Wheaton, IL – A big thank you to all of you who contacted your representatives or state senators, or who sent in witness slips opposing HB 1633, the obnoxious ALEC-sponsored bill that would have sweepingly criminalized certain forms of protest against what its proponents called “critical infrastructure” (such as oil or gas pipelines). As one of our allies put it, it should have been called the “Protect Big Energy From the People Bill.”

Action Alert: Stop HB 1633!

As reported in our last newsletter, we are still in a struggle to defeat Illinois House Bill 1633 in the State Senate. Thank you to all who filed witness slips or contacted your State Senator to urge a “no” vote.

Action Alert: Stop HB 1633!

As we reported in a March newsletter, the Illinois Green Party opposes Illinois House Bill 1633, and we ask you to do the same. Unfortunately, despite our opposition and that of a number of other social justice, civil rights and environmental organizations, and despite there being many more witnesses opposing the bill than supporting it, the bill passed by a large majority in the House. Read more ...

Maryland Green Party State Assembly

The Maryland Green Party's (MGP) annual state assembly will be on Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at the Baltimore County Pubic Library (Towson Branch), 320 York Road, in Towson, 21204. Hear about issues MGP members are working on, discuss a strategic plan for the MGP and recruiting local candidates. We are inviting candidates for the Green Party presidential nomination to the assembly and are planning further opportunities to hear from them as we get closer to the nomination. The assembly will also elect MGP officers for the coming year.

Santa Clara, California – This week, May Day was celebrated around the world with marches & rallies to defend and protect workers' rights and demand economic equity, social justice, environmental responsibility, and global peace.

Meanwhile, yet another U.S.-orchestrated coup to topple Venezuela's democratically-elected President Maduro has failed! 'We the People' know these issues are related. The U.S. disastrous economic policies of greed have led to growing income inequality, marginalization of our poor, lack of nationalized healthcare for all, and worldwide political instability. And we say #ENOUGH!

Happy Earth Day

As Earth Day 2019 is celebrated in more than 190 countries around the world, it is a time to reflect on our actions to protect our planet, combat pollution and systemic injustices, and propose real Green alternatives. From Public Banking to Sustainability Fairs to a bold Green New Deal, let's celebrate Earth Day every day and spread the Green Party's message of Planet, People, Peace over profit!

TONIGHT: Facebook Live Town Hall at 8:00 p.m. (Thursday, March 14)

Join us tonight at 8:00 p.m. EDT to discuss the first draft of our 2019 Platform in a Facebook Livestream Town Hall.


The March for Fossil Fuel Freedom: A 34-mile walk to Expose Oily Wells

Wells Fargo Bank has a dirty-energy secret: it's a leading lender to the fossil-fuel industry. That's why a coalition of supporters - including Santa Clara County Green Party - is participating in a campaign targeting San Francisco-based "Oily Wells" and marching 34 miles, from Palo Alto to San Francisco.

Change is a constant, but we Greens work for change at an unprecedented scale, because that is what our world needs. By seeding our communities with the small changes we want, we continue to gather power to collectively create massive forests of change from the small seedlings we nurture everyday.

We invite you to join us at these events and actions and help plant the world with revolutionary change.

"If we have a future, it will be green."
~ Petra Kelly, cofounder of the German Green Party

The Courage that Came Before
by GPPA Co-chair Sheri Miller

I read a comment in Facebook recently that was a lament about all the protesting that’s been going on. The woman who wrote it felt that these public displays in the streets were disturbing and not the best way to change things. You can imagine the firestorm of comments that followed. I was actually glad this was posted, because the discussion that was generated prompted me to revisit my history as a woman and I developed a renewed gratitude for the courage and sacrifices of those historical women who brought about the freedoms I have today.

The Green Party of Santa Clara County stands in opposition to the US-led coup in Venezuela against the democratically-elected socialist President Nicolas Maduro. We also ask Wells Fargo - aka "Oily Wells" - to stop funding the worst environmental fossil fuel projects on the planet through a march from Palo Alto to San Francisco. Oil wars and oil wells are killing people and the planet. The Green Party's message of People, Planet, Peace Over Profit has never rung so true.

This month is about Peace & Love. Peace for the planet with a call to end all wars for oil and stop US imperialism (think Syria and Venezuela). Love for the people through a national week of actions to push for Improved Medicare For All (Single Payer).

This message of People, Planet, Peace Over Profit is what the Green Party is all about!


Welcome to your new Green Party of Washington newsletter. We’re still working on an easy way for people to submit news for the Newsletter. For now you can send it to [email protected]

Report from the Fall Gathering 2018

Usually the Green Party of Monroe County has its monthly meeting on the second Thursday of each month.  For this month we are bumping that a week to Thursday, December 20th.  Why?  So we can get together to watch the latest Michael Moore movie, Fahrenheit 11/9!

Join us to watch Fahrenheit 11/9 on the 20th at 7:00 pm at the Flying Squirrel Community Space, 285 Clarissa Street.  It’s free, wheelchair accessible, and of course the captioning will be on.

From the ChairSheri Miller


In this final Newsletter of 2018, I wanted to look back over the year and review our many accomplishments! Through the volunteer efforts of nearly 100 signature gatherers, we were able to get six candidates on the PA ballot. We also had a special election candidate and, after we received a request by voters in Congressional District 13 who wanted alternative choices on November 6, we were able to mount a write-in campaign. 

The Green New Deal

When we Greens talk about our policies and platform it may seem that we are talking about separate platform planks. But our policies come together in an integrated plan called the Green New Deal!

You all may have heard a lot about it in the recent weeks as young progressive Democrats seem to have found the concept and brought it to corporate Media'a attentions!

Welcome to your new Green Party of Washington newsletter. I am anxiously awaiting a name of my own! Send me your ideas for my name and you can all vote on them at our Fall Gathering on November 10th using Ranked Choice Voting!

Join us in supporting Seattle Solidarity Women's March on the Pentagon! Sunday, October 21st Boeing Headquarters In Seattle! For details go to

We often hear "Why don't Greens run for local offices?". We are proud to share that many Greens across California do run for local and non-partisan offices in every election and many are elected! Greens currently serve in over 60 public offices in California and they have all won their seats by running grassroots campaigns with PEOPLE POWER and with NO corporate or lobbyist contributions.

Greetings Fellow Greens and Green Supporters! 

I am so excited to tell you that our candidates' campaigns are off and running!  Several candidates have received endorsements from some prominent organizations such as Our Revolution and Action Together NEPA. If you want to help our candidates win, we have campaigns throughout the state, in NEPA, SEPA, and Western PA, as well as our three state-wide candidates.  

The debate is on and we want to make sure Howie Hawkins is a part of it.

On Wednesday, August 29, Howie Hawkins, Green Party candidate for Governor will be live on Facebook with post Democratic Gubernatorial debate comments and to answer your questions beginning at 8pm. Organize a watch party or attend one in Park Slope or Red Hook. To RSVP and get the location contact the following.

Signatures collected successfully:  In a record 4 days we collected the required 500 signatures (619 collected) to print the Green party statement in the Voter’s Guide for the November elections.  Thanks to those who contributed!

NO to Measure 105 – We need all our hard-working Latino friends and family feel safe in Oregon.  No to ignorant bigotry, mistreatment and exploitation.  SUPER Important to start spreading thre word about this.  More info forthcoming soon, now please connect with  donte and/or write opeds and letters to your local papers, speak at churches/associations, contact your local immigrant rights groups.  Purchase and display yard signs, stay tuned.

Join the Santa Clara County Greens and all Greens from many neighboring counties at this historic, RISE FOR CLIMATE, JOBS AND JUSTICE just before Jerry Brown's Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. Meet us under the Green flags at the start of the march at Embarcadero Center, and come by our table at the end of the march at the SF Civic Plaza where Greens will be tabling and leafleting. RSVP

Saturday Sept 8th

Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice march and Rally in San Francisco
Saturday, September 8 at 9 AM - 4 PM
Embarcadero Plaza, 4 Embarcadero Ctr, San Francisco, CA 94111

The Green Party of Santa Clara County is kicking it into high gear campaigning for our THREE Green congressional candidates that have passed the Top Two hurdle and are on the November ballot. THIS IS HISTORICAL FOLKS!

It's a rare opportunity for us to get a Green into congress to bring our values and demand to light. Imagine what a corporate-free congress could do for "We The People"!

Congratulations to all THREE of our Green California candidates, Laura WellsKenneth Mejia and Rodolfo Cortes Barragan for breaking through the Top Two stranglehold on our democracy! They are all moving on to the November 6th General Elections!
The Green Party of California is working hard to mount a statewide campaign and organize volunteers behind our fine candidates and YOU CAN HELP!

Please DONATE to our candidates, volunteer to phone bank or text bank and advocate for them on social media. We Greens have to be our own media because main stream corporate media has locked us out of the conversation for decades. Help us turn our government GREEN! #WeAreGreen

Congratulations to Kenneth Mejia and Rodolfo Cortes Barragan for earning the votes of so many in their districts and getting through the top two primary and moving on to the November 6th General Elections!

This is very exciting news for California Greens and we are proud to support these congressional candidate. THIS is the time for us all to donate and volunteer and help these Green representatives take the Green Wave all the way to Congress! 

Your Signature is Needed!

Watch how easy it is to do your part to restore fair democracy in Indiana. This short instructional video explains how to sign a petition to get our candidate for Secretary of State, George Wolfe, on the ballot for the November Election.

The Green Party of Santa Clara County reminds you to VOTE GREEN in tomorrow's primary.

Not registered to vote? You can still go to your County Elections Office  to register and vote conditionally until June 5th! You ballots will be processed once the county elections office has completed the voter registration verification process. Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters, 1555 Berger Drive, Building 2, San José. Learn more HERE.

We don't usually send out links to articles from corporate entities, but this one is pretty telling.  Jon Campbell reports on how nothing is getting done in the NYS Senate because those in power put party over people.  It's chaos and gridlock in Albany as you and I try to deal with crisis after crisis with climate change, health care, systemic racism, and more.  You can read the article here. 

That is why we are so proud and excited about our candidates for statewide office as well as the Brian White for State Senate campaign in the 55th district to replace Rich Funke.  Take a look at what Brian is trying to do with his campaign, then see how you can support him.  This is a perfect example of why Greens run for office.  The two-party system is not working and if those in power don't want to do anything, we will.

The June 5th primary Election is jsut around the corner and voting by mail has already begun. We have been campaigning and phone banking for our amazing Green and corporate-free candidates and they need your vote! We invite you to change the heart of politics!

We need YOU to Get Out The Green Vote and spread the word about our Green and Corporate-free candidates who will fight for ‘We the People’.  #WeAreGreen

If you find that you share these ideals and want to work toward a future where people and planet are valued and our government represents all of us, come and join the movement. 

Everything we do is based on our Four Pillars and Ten Key Values.

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