Approved by the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention, July 2020

Table of Contents

A Call to Action | Preamble | The Four Pillars | Ten Key Values

I. Democracy

Political Reform
   • Proportional Representation
   • Abolish the Electoral College
   • Enact Ranked Choice Voting
   • Presidential Debates
   • Public Financing of Presidential Campaigns
   • DC Statehood
   • Publicly-Owned, Open Source Voting Equipment
Free Speech and Media Reform
Foreign Policy
   • Authorization for Use of Military Force
   • Defense Budget
   • Road to Peace in the Middle East
   • The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
   • Puerto Rican Independence
Domestic Security
Demilitarization and Exploration of Space

II. Social Justice

Civil Rights and Equal Rights
   • Respect for Diversity
   • Women's Rights
   • Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women
   • Violence and Oppression Against Women
   • Nordic Model
   • Dialog and Understanding of Violence Against Women and Girls
   • Reparations for United States Afrodescendants (i.e., Black Americans, African Americans)
   • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Environmental Justice
Economic Justice / Social Safety Net
Welfare: A Commitment to Ending Poverty
Education and the Arts
   • Convention on the Rights of the Child
Health Care
Criminal Justice
   • Prison Conditions, Prisoner Treatment and Parolees
   • Right to Vote for the Incarcerated
   • Criminal Justice Reform
   • End the War on Drugs
Immigration / Emigration
Housing and Homelessness

III. Ecological Sustainability

Climate Change
Nuclear Issues
Zero Waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Clean Air / Greenhouse Effect / Ozone Depletion
Land Use
Biological Diversity
Ethical Treatment of Animals
Forestry Practices
Ocean Protection

IV. Economic Justice and Sustainability

Ecological Economics
   • EcoSocialism
Measuring Economic Health
Curbing Corporate Power
Livable Income
Fair Taxation
Local Economic Development
Small Business and the Self-Employed
Work and Job Creation
Banking and Insurance Reform
   • Prohibit Corporate Insurance Fraud
   • Reduce Excessive Executive Pay
Pension Reform
Anti-Trust Enforcement
Advanced Technology and Defense Conversion
National Debt
Monetary Reform