The global political structure is built around a “grow-or-die” economic imperative fundamentally at odds with nature and the survival of complex life, including humanity. Neoliberal capitalism has colonized the world and extracted the wealth from the working classes, especially in the Global South, resulting in growing poverty and susceptibility to the effects of climate, enforced globally by escalating militarism and imperialism threatening nuclear annihilation, and locally by an increasingly militarized and brutal police response. Global corporations have undermined local democracy and replaced self-determination with a bureaucratic oligarchy made up of wealthy business executives with governmental representatives that claim “representative democracy” while acting to restrict ballot access from all but those approved by the oligarchy.

Only an anti-capitalist, anti-racist, feminist Green Party, based in our Ten Key Values including respect for gender diversity and gender equality, is prepared to confront and address the existential threat of climate change, and the social crises at the root of ecological crisis.

The Green Party proposes a hopeful, optimistic vision of future human society. We call, not merely for increased representation, but for self-government from the grassroots, bottom up, via decentralized, confederal direct democracies at the municipal level. We call, not merely for greater oversight or regulation, but for a moral economy, directly planned by the community and implemented by workers managing their own workplaces, that seeks human liberation from all forms of oppression, exploitation, and hierarchy, as well as to create an ecological society in harmony with the rest of nature. We call, not merely for improved wages or working conditions, but for the moral usage of technology and automation to liberate humanity from work and toil itself, such that all people may have the maximum time and resources to spend with their families and friends, build and improve their communities, and participate in civic life.

The Green Party proposes this Platform – parts of which addressing economic and environmental justice we refer to as our Green New Deal – as a set of immediate and short term steps to turn our future vision into reality. We propose bold steps to end poverty; recognize human economic rights such as rights to housing and healthcare; quickly halt carbon emissions and transition to a decentralized, community-based economy built with renewable energy and green industry; and much more. We also propose important changes to make elections free, fair, and more democratic; changes to the court system to focus on restorative and transformative justice instead of punitive revenge; changes to the financial and monetary policy to emphasize public banking and community-based economics.

We recognize that both our short term and long term goals will require a struggle – a struggle against not only class relations but hierarchical relations in general, and that this struggle will continue until the people of the world organize a new Green society based in confederal, direct democracy; social justice; ecological wisdom; and non-violent, peaceful relations. The Green Party therefore advocates a range of tactics to advance this struggle against hierarchy, including non-violent direct actions and issues campaigns, electoral campaigns, referenda and initiative campaigns, and building dual power institutions within and as part of our communities.

Together, we can win an ecological future. It’s in our hands!

Updated via Proposal 1087 which was approved on August 21, 2022.