Stop the 'Voting Rights" bill that restricts voting

HR 1 is a bill sponsored by John Sarbanes of Maryland being positioned as a way to get money out of politics and to reform our electoral system, but Greens and our allies should be wary about HR1's poison pills

Migration is a Human Right

The Green Party of the United States is outraged over the recent illegal tear gas attacks on immigrants seeking legal asylum, as authorized by U.S. law, causing severe injury to asylees and creating mayhem in what should be an orderly process of intake and application.

We Are The Green New Deal

If you willing to fight for the Green New Deal and help elect candidates committed to supporting the following points, please sign the petition.

Legalize Marijuana

The Green Party has long been in favor of legalizing marijuana. Our platform states End the "war on drugs." Redirect funds presently budgeted for the "war on drugs" toward expanded research, education, counseling and treatment.

No War in Syria

As President Trump is on a course to escalate war in the Middle East, we need to let Congress know that Americans oppose this. 

Petition: We Stand for Election Integrity!

While Democrats and Republicans hurl accusations in the wake of a presidential race marred by Republican schemes to suppress legitimate votes, a rigged Democratic nomination, and corruption by millions of dollars in corporate donations to both parties' nominees, the Green Party is demanding an investigation in free, open, and fair elections.

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