Petition for Peace and Humanitarian Relief for the Middle East

Roads lie in ruin, vital infrastructure reduced to dust, and there's no electricity. This amounts to a deliberate act of ethnic cleansing. It's no secret that the US finances Israel's military with $3.8 billion a year. Despite the increasing brutality suffered by Palestinians, the U.S. continues to express support for the occupying forces. Please support an immediate ceasefire, stop all military aid to Israel.

Your signature will help us reach a just and lasting peace that incorporates the right of self-determination for both Israelis and Palestinians. Our mission is to break the cycle of oppression, remove the scourge of illegal settlements, and build a society where everyone gets equal rights. It's a call to action against a tragedy that may one day be exposed as genocide-where humanity has to choose between silence and standing up for justice.

Where We Stand on Palestine | Gaza