Earth Day to May Day 2024

The EcoAction Committee of the Green Party of the U.S. held its annual webinar on Earth Day to May Day on Monday, April 8 at 8 PM ET. The event was co-sponsored by the Peace Action Committee (GPAX) of GPUS.

The Earth Day to May Day theme highlights the interconnection between critical issues such as climate change, environmental justice, worker and immigrant rights, peace, anti-racism, and biodiversity. We need system change, not climate change. Another World is essential to the future of humanity

Issues to be addressed during the webinar include an ecosocialist Green New Deal; climate emergency; climate and the military; biodiversity / Rights of Nature; and immigration.

Speakers included Mark Dunlea of EcoAction; Haig Hovaness of GPAX: and, Marci Henzi of Pennsylvania Green Party.

In 2010, the Green Party of the United States launched a call for an ecosocialist Green New Deal (GND). To accomplish a rapid, ten-year transition to clean renewable energy and zero greenhouse gas emissions, the effort needed to transform to a society based on social and economic justice for everyone. It needs to embrace an Economic Bill of Rights based on a guaranteed living-wage job and income, expanded and improved Medicare for All, affordable housing, and education.

We must end capitalism and replace it with a commitment to the common good and democratic control and public / community / worker ownership of our economy. Our political leaders are subservient to the military industrial complex that always seek new wars. The bloated material budget needs to be slashed at least in half and redirected to human needs and the transition to a clean energy future. End war and imperialism.

The Green Party seeks to work in collaboration with the many movements working for fundamental system change as part of the Earth Day to May Day effort. We must put People, Peace, and the Planet before Profits.

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