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Rights of Nature and Antarctica Rights

The International Committee of the Green Party US with The Green Party of Florida and The Green Party of New Jersey recently participated in an online workshop on Rights of Nature and Antarctica Rights held on February 5, 2022. The workshop was part of the 2022 Global Greens Virtual Conference, Connecting For Green Action.  Green Parties and allies across the globe will advance Rights of Nature initiatives and participate in the democratically-created Declaration for the Rights of Antarctica to be launched on Earth Day, April 22, 2022, for adoption by states and civil society across the globe.  Continue reading

Missouri Green Party 2022 Ballot Access Drive

Making Missouri Green Again! The Missouri Green Party is hard at work "Making Missouri Green Again!" to regain ballot access for the Green Party in Missouri. Check out our Ballot Access Petitioning Guide, then download the PDF Petition Form to start collecting signatures in your community! Questions? Contact us here.

Update on Our Bill for Ballot Access Reform!

LAWRENCE, KS – The Kansas Green Party bill to reduce the number of signatures required for official party recognition has been introduced in the House Elections Committee as House Bill 2578! The next step for us to get our bill passed is to get a hearing on the bill and convince the committee to vote to pass the bill out of committee! Passage of our Ballot Access Reform Bill will be a game-changer for the Kansas Green Party! After a successful petition drive, it will allow Kansas voters to register as Green and it will allow us to nominate our own candidates if we petition under the new law. We need your help to get our hearing and a favorable vote from the committee! Continue reading

Stop Banking the Bomb

Stop Banking the Bomb campaign promoted by the Green Party of Pennsylvania PHILADELPHIA – Stop Banking The Bomb (SBTB) is a Pittsburgh-based campaign targeting PNC Bank for its illegal investment in nuclear weapons. In total, PNC has invested 1.6 billion dollars ($1,600,000,000!) in eight nuclear weapon manufacturers. Nuclear weapons have been banned under international law since January 2021. The SBTB coalition has more than two dozen organizations as members, including the Green Party of Allegheny County and the Green Party of Butler/Venango Counties. SBTB demands that PNC Bank immediately sell all of its assets invested in nuclear weapon manufacturers and make a binding commitment to never again invest in weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Continue reading

February 2022 Green Star Newsletter

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us Your 2022 New Year’s ResolutionBy GPPA Co-Chair Beth Scoggin Happy New Year, everyone! With 2021 now behind us, this is the perfect time to look ahead and create the metaphorical trellis upon which the rest of this year will grow vines. With your help, those vines can bear the fruit of Greens in elected offices across the Commonwealth. . . . Continue reading

Green Party of New York seeks candidates for state and federal offices

A critical step in establishing democracy in our country is to "stop the suppression of alternative parties and other independent voices" ALBANY, NY 2/4/22 - The Green Party of New York announced today that they plan to run candidates for state and federal offices in 2022, starting with Governor. The party is looking for candidates who embrace the Green Party agenda including strong climate action, ending mass incarceration, economic democracy, single-payer health care, and social justice. Continue reading

Nationwide Green Artists & Designers

Open Call for Green Artists Graphic Submissions We want to thank you for voicing interest in trying to volunteer your talents and hard-earned skills to help our party grow. As a party built by and for community members committed to a better world, everyone has the potential to contribute. We’d like to ask you to help our party communicate positivity and values with messages and graphics, in the spirit of #BeSeenBeingGreen. Continue reading

Want to help grow the Green Party?

MADISON, WI – Are you a Wisconsin Green Party supporter who's interested in helping grow the party for people, planet, and peace over profit? One of the most effective ways to get involved is to join one of the Wisconsin Green Party's committees, our volunteer teams that carry out the work of our grassroots movement. Continue reading

Greens call out Democratic Party for once again killing California’s hopes for single-payer healthcare

SACRAMENTO, CA - February 3, 2022 — Despite the Democratic Party’s super-majorities in both houses of the legislature, CalCare (AB 1400), the California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act, was pulled on Monday, January 31, just before the Assembly floor vote, by its primary author, Assemblymember Ash Kalra. He cited the need to gather more support from Democratic Assemblymembers as the reason, but his action denied voters the opportunity to learn where their representatives stand on the bill. Continue reading

News from the California Green Party

URGENT CALL TO ACTION - two important bills need YOUR help Your engagement — at whatever level you are able — can make a big difference in healthcare right now! California can lead the nation by greatly improving the state’s healthcare system. Finally, there are bills in the California legislature that will both implement and fund CalCare. We hope you are able to add your voice to push Sacramento. Please act NOW! Continue reading