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NWI Green Party Crossroads: December 2023

Your Northwest Indiana Greens (NWI) worked hard in the lead up to the November elections last month. When the results came in that night we were disappointed. However, we are proud that the Northwest Indiana Green Party was able to field two professional and impactful campaigns in Lake and Porter counties. The dedication and commitment that was put in for well over a year by our candidates and their volunteers increased the recognition and clout of Greens in the politics of the region. As a small grassroots environmental and justice focused movement we were shapers of conversations in debates, forums and the press. Continue reading

Green Party Calls for PA Presidential Primary in February 2024

On November 12, thirty elected delegates and friends from seven PA counties voted to hold a Green Party of Pennsylvania Presidential Primary in February 2024. The plan which was proposed by the GPPA GreenWave Team included the following dates: Continue reading

Green Party of Pima County makes ballot in Pima County, Arizona

On December 7, 2023, the Pima County Elections Department certified that the Green Party filed the required number of signatures to qualify for party recognition in Pima County and be recognized as a new political party for the 2024 election cycle. They will be eligible for representation on the ballot in the August 6, 2024 Primary Election and the November 5, 2024 General Election. Continue reading

Longmont Green Party Launches Campaign to Create an Eviction-Free Colorado

LONGMONT, CO. – The Longmont Green Party has initiated a bold campaign aimed at ensuring the stability and security of Colorado residents’ housing. With the goal of creating an eviction-free Colorado, the party is urging voters to take action by calling and emailing their state lawmakers to support the renewal and expansion of the Emergency Rental Assistance Grant Program. Continue reading

Debriefing Your Campaign video

The Coordinated Campaign Committee hosted a webinar on December 7, 2023 titled Debriefing Your Campaign. The webinar recording is now available for viewing. Continue reading

Maryland Green Party: An Update on the 2024 Presidential Nomination

The race for the Green Party's 2024 Presidential nomination has begun. The Maryland Green Party will be sending delegates to the Green Party's national Presidential nominating convention next summer.  Maryland Green Party members will vote in May or June of next year to determine who our delegates to the convention will support. Candidates are coming forward and we want to give you an early update on the field.  Continue reading

From the Illinois Greens: Events, Holiday Toast, and Ranked-Choice Voting

Help the Illinois Greens with Ranked-Choice Voting The Illinois Green Party calls for a true government of, by and for the people. This is only possible through easy access to voting by all people; proportional representation rather than the present winner take-all approach; accurate, untampered counting of every vote; and easy access of all people to the information they need to make informed decisions on who and what to vote for. The government should protect people and the planet from the excesses of moneyed interests. Click Here to Learn More or Attend a RCV Volunteer Meeting! Continue reading

Help the Green Party of Delaware get a ballot line

The Green Party of Delaware wants to make sure that we ave a ballot line for our candidates in 2024, from our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, other federal candidates, to down ballot local candidates we hope to recruit and support. To do this, the state requires that at least 1/10 of 1% of all registered voters are registered in the Green Party. If the calculation were made today, we would fall a mere 46 registered Greens short of the threshold. Continue reading

December 2023 Greenstar

Green Party Watchdog in McKean County, PA By Barbara Laxon The legacy of the oil and gas industry here in Bradford City, McKean County, PA, is centuries-long. It is still poisoning the inhabitants through the leaking oil and gas wells throughout the city. I have had to step up as a watchdog to bring awareness to the public of what is happening in what has become an environmental justice neighborhood. Continue reading

Greens Stand up for Peace and Gaza

Greens March for Palestine in Worcester on Black Friday Hundreds marched past Worcester's City Hall Friday afternoon to support Palestinians in the face of Israel's murderous assault on Gaza and, more recently, its attacks on the West Bank.  Many marchers from the Central MASS Green-Rainbow Party carried signs and led chants, including "Israel bombs, USA pays, how many kids did you kill today?” Continue reading