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Have a Green International Women’s Day, March 8

By Marci Henzi (Allegheny) International Women’s Day (IWD) will be celebrated on Friday, March 8, this year.  But did you know that the first “Women’s Day” (No, not the still famous magazine first published in 1931 as a free leaflet for A&P grocery shoppers, almost exclusively women.) was celebrated on February 28, 1909, and that it was organized by the Socialist Party of America in New York City? Then it caught on throughout Europe, and in 1917, March 8 was declared a national holiday in Russia, right after women gained suffrage. That date stuck, and the day was associated with movements of the far left until the late ‘60’s women’s movement and the day’s adoption by the United Nations in 1977. Continue reading

We've Endorsed the Ballot Petition Modernization Act

The Maryland Green Party has endorsed the Ballot Petition Modernization Act, introduced this year as House Bill 1109 and Senate Bill 1029. Click here to add your personal signature in support of the bills, which will be heard in committee this week and next week in Annapolis.  Continue reading

Hydrogen Fuel Will Cause a Worse Climate Disaster

PA Governor Josh Shapiro announced on October 13, 2023, an investment in two “hydrogen production facilities from renewable and nuclear electricity.” Many environmental activists reacted negatively.  The Green Party Platform says, “Greens support research into advanced fuels when the purpose of the research is to develop a fuel that in its full cycle does not create more problems than it solves. We support the use of hydrogen as an energy storage medium; however we oppose the use of nuclear technologies or carbon-based feedstocks for hydrogen production.” The Green Party Communication Team asked a member of the Green Party of Montgomery County to explain why the Green Party does not support the use of hydrogen as a transportation fuel. Continue reading

Greens holding elected office as of February 15, 2024 (144)

At least 144 hold elected office in 20 states across the United States as of  February 15, 2004, according to these criteria https://www.gpelections.org/green-party-candidate-officeholder-definition/ of who qualifies for inclusion in this list.  Below includes 137 Greens currently serving in elected office, who were elected to those offices. Five more joined the Green Party after being elected, and two more have been appointed to elected office.  Report by Mike Feinstein Elections Database Manager Green Party of the United States. Updated as of February 24, 2024 Continue reading

Meet Your Green Candidates for President in 2024!

2024 will probably be a rematch for Biden and Trump, two historically unpopular candidates. Both are advocates for Wall Street, endless wars, and climate inaction, and people are looking for an alternative more than ever. The Green Party can be that alternative.  Multiple candidates are running for the Green Party nomination for president. Below are the four who have met "recognition" standards, according to Article 10 of the GPUS Rules & Procedures, and/or have planned events to meet members of the Green Party of Minnesota. Each candidate is accompanied by a brief description provided by their campaign, as well as their website where you can learn more about them. Continue reading

Attn Greens! Vote for President. Join us for our March 23 State Convention

The Green Party of New York's presidential nominating convention will take place on March 23 at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, New York. All NY Greens may vote, either in person or by absentee ballot.  All Green Party of New York Members (enrolled New York State Greens and Supporting Members legally barred from registering to vote) are invited to participate in our presidential preference vote, either at our convention or by absentee ballot. Download, print, and mail to the address listed on the absentee ballot linked here. Ballots must be postmarked by March 13th. Continue reading

This March, Go Green – Illinois Green Party Convention

The convention will be in-person & virtual Agenda & Registration Are you tired of choosing between lesser evils? Looking for a party that supports your values? Come learn about the Illinois Green Party, candidates, and learn how to get involved in building a people-powered alternative! Continue reading

Greens march in Manhattan

On Thursday, February 22 upwards of 3,000 people gathered and marched in midtown Manhattan to show the popular opposition to the American Israel Public Affairs Council  (AIPAC). The march started at the north end of Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, marched down 2nd Avenue, to 45 Street - blocking traffic for most of the way, then up 3rd Avenue to 49th Street where we demonstrated in from of AIPAC's Manhattan office. It was cold, yet the crowd was vibrant. Continue reading

The Green Party of Hawai'i retains it's ballot line

The Green Party of Hawai'i (GPH) has had a ballot line in Hawai'i since 1992. This year we/GPH had to once again petition the State of Hawai'i to have a ballot line. The deadline is Thursday 22 February 2024 @ 4:30 p.m. HST. The State of Hawai'i Office of Elections informed the GPH on 15 February that the sufficient, verified signatures of currently registered voters in the State of Hawai'i has been met! Continue reading

Ballots have arrived! Support Greens across CA

All California Voters should have received their March 5, Primary Election ballots in the mail by now! There are only 14 days until the election so make sure you cast your votes NOW. If you have not yet registered to vote, the last day to register to vote in the primary is TODAY. Continue reading