National Missing Persons Day

On February 3rd, National Missing Persons Day focuses the attention of the country long enough to recognize the national tragedy of missing persons.   Continue reading

Green Party supporters deserve voting rights too

The Democrats belie their commitment to democracy by repeatedly suing to get the minor party off ballots Democrats have framed their voting-rights legislation as a "battle for the soul of America." President Biden last week said that "the right to vote and to have that vote counted is democracy's threshold liberty." But what about the right to a real choice? Continue reading

Freedom To Vote Act — For Capitalist Parties Only

By Howie Hawkins The Freedom to Vote Act, the pared down voting rights legislation that Democratic Senators unveiled on September 14, must be supported to preempt GOP state laws for partisan gerrymandering, voter suppression, election subversion, and intimidation of voters and election administrators. Yet this bill also deserves vigorous protest from the Left for its public campaign financing provisions, which are effectively for the two big capitalist parties only. Continue reading

The Unlearnt Lessons of 9/11 on the 20th Anniversary

By Mark Dunlea, author, Madame President: The Unauthorized Biography of the First Green Party President Twenty years after 9/11, America is less safe, a deeply troubled country, ravaged by COVID, racism, inequality, extreme weather from global warming, and political strife. Its political leaders have embraced an Orwellian approach to the truth, war is peace, with society embracing widely divergent concepts of reality. Continue reading

Gentrification and the end of black communities

Census data show that gentrification is accelerating Black displacement Brooklyn, New York is the epicenter of gentrification, the displacement of Black people from cities in this country. Recently released census data shows that neighborhoods like Bedford-Stuyvesant, which was nearly all Black for decades, no longer has a Black majority. Bedford-Stuyvesant’s white population rose by 30,000 from 2010 to 2020 while its Black population decreased by 22,000. Continue reading

Freedom Rider: U.S. Out of Haiti!

“Every step Haitians take towards true independence has been systematically subverted.” The United States playing any role in Haiti’s future is akin to the fox being left in charge of the henhouse. The recent assassination of Haiti’s president Jovenel Moise has created a great deal of confusion, not only about the crime itself but about the role that the United States might play in that nation. Scant and contradictory information make it difficult to discern who benefits from his killing. Moise was the United States puppet president who refused to step down in February as Haiti’s constitution required, and despite massive protests across the country opposing the continuation of his administration. Continue reading

Freedom Ride: How Not to Celebrate Juneteenth

“An opportunity to discuss resistance against oppression has been turned into a substance-free feel good day.” Juneteenth has become the latest iteration of liberal capture of Black politics, opportunistic virtue signaling, and the intentional misrepresentation of America’s history. Continue reading

From Palestine To Colombia: The End Of The White World Colonial/Capitalist Project?

Despite The Quickening Decline Of The "West," The US And Its Junior Partners In Imperialism Are Determined To Hold Humanity Hostage To Terminal Capitalist Greed And Violence. "Biden labels himself an 'Atlanticist' — shorthand for a white supremacist." The world is shocked by the image of an eleven-story residential building in Gaza collapsing from a bomb dropped by the Israeli Defense Force, one of the most advanced armies in the world thanks to U.S. support. But in the U.S., Andrew Yang, former presidential candidate and now candidate for mayor of New York, proudly proclaims that he stands with the heroic people of Israel who are under attack from the vicious, occupied Palestinians who have no army, no rights, and no state. Continue reading

Statement on Police Killings

The Green Party of the United States calls for accountability and transparency for the 335 police killings in 2021 and all 8,000 police killings reported through the Deaths in Custody Reporting Act and the Fatal Encounters database. The Green Party platform values human life and calls for immediate action from Chiefs of Police and state Attorneys General to hold killer cops accountable and end this violence. Continue reading

Black Activists question reports claiming Biden pulling Afghanistan troops September 11

2016 Green Party Vice Presidential Nominee Ajamu Baraka serves as the National Organizer and National Spokesperson for Black Alliance for Peace Press reports were circulating April 13 that the Biden-Harris administration will not abide by the Doha agreement with the Taliban to withdraw U.S. forces by May 1, violating a key component of the peace agreement negotiated by the previous administration. It appears the Biden-Harris administration is floating September 11—the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack—as a likely date to end the second longest U.S. war. Continue reading