Cuba: from AIDS, Dengue, and Ebola to COVID-19

By Don Fitz Preparing for a pandemic requires understanding that a change in the relationship between people is primary and the production of things is secondary and flows from social factors. Investors in profit-based medicine cannot comprehend this concept. Nothing could exemplify it more clearly than Cuba’s response to the corona virus (COVID-19). The US dawdled for months before reacting. Cuba’s preparation for COVID-19 began on January 1, 1959. On that day, over sixty years before the pandemic, Cuba laid the foundations for what would become the discovery of novel drugs, bringing patients to the island, and sending medical aid abroad. Continue reading

Green Party Message To Sanders Campaign Supporters

We believe everyday people must have a party to call home that is politically and financially independent of the capitalist power structure dominated by the parties of War and Wall Street. We say to you: the Green Party could be your home Continue reading

COVID-19 and Black Workers

The gross inequalities and declining standards of life in the United States are magnified by the corona crisis, pushing already marginalized populations to the brink. There is an old saying that if America catches a cold, black people get pneumonia. The communicable disease reference is especially relevant now that the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic has created a crisis in this country. A privatized health care system worsened a medical emergency whose impact could have been mitigated if the United States was as advanced as it claims to be. Continue reading

A Green Puerto Rico

I think a lot about the future of Puerto Rico. Especially after the hurricanes and recent earthquakes. Puerto Rico has been in a recession the last twelve years. It also has been plagued by corruption and the imposition of the Junta (financial control board) has just made matters worse. Continue reading

Saving humanity from coronavirus and climate change

Death stalks us. Fear Grows. Humanity is threatened at both the micro and macro levels. Covid-19. Climate change. Underlying all of this is inequality, fueled by robber-baron capitalism. And a lack of democracy. Continue reading

US can learn from the world - 3 encouraging things!

By Laura Wells  During this coronavirus pandemic, it is easy to see that many other countries have responded more quickly and with better and more available testing and treatment than the US has. It is also easy to see that we would benefit by shifting away from acting as if the US is a world unto itself, toward an attitude of learning from other countries. Ironically, as the three examples in this post will show, even if we only consider solutions the US has practiced in history, we would be better off now. Continue reading

Corona Virus and the Failed American State

The United States has none of the systems or infrastructure that would allow it to accomplish what China has done to fight mass infection. The only thing more frightening than the COVID-19 virus spreading around the world is the knowledge that this country is woefully unprepared to protect people from it. The response to the epidemic would be funny if it were not so dangerous. Continue reading

The Persecution of Julian Assange

Wikileaks and the Future of Malign Institutional Secrecy The Green Party supports worldwide efforts to promote institutional transparency, because many social evils arise from the concealment of malign actions and policies. Wars, domestic repression, and economic mismanagement are all enabled by secrecy and deception of the public. Accordingly, the Green Party US Peace Action Committee calls for the immediate release of Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, by the UK authorities and dropping of all charges against him by the US government. Continue reading

Statement by Lisa for Maine campaign

GRAY, Me – Today we are announcing a fresh approach to ballot access in order to elect Lisa Savage; a senator for people, planet, and peace. We will continue to identify as Green, while formally switching to independent “unenrolled” status in order to simplify the process of getting on the ballot. We see this pivot as a big opportunity to expand our base and make it possible to reach a wider audience with our Green message. We greatly appreciate all the work that our supporters have already put in to get us where we are, and we hope you’ll continue on the journey with us after taking a well-earned hiatus from signature gathering until our next big push on March 3rd, Super Tuesday. Continue reading

PA Green on Suffrage and the ERA

Several anniversaries acknowledging rights of women are coming up, most notably the centenary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which gave women the right to vote. One would think that the beginning of suffrage would bring women equality, but in spite of societal gains this last century women still remain underpaid, are victims of violence and suffer from exploitation worldwide. Continue reading