Resolution 940: Fukushima-Daiichi: Seven Years Later

Approved by the National Committee of the Green Party of the United States, December 2, 2018 Background Three nuclear reactor buildings at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (Fuku) blew apart following the Great East Japan Earthquake and resulting tidal wave in 2011. Nuclear fuel was thrown into the air, onto the land and into the Pacific Ocean. The roofs and floors of the three reactors were destroyed. Continue reading

Resolution 938: in Opposition to Rising Facism

Background The following text is presented to the Green Party of the United States as a proposed resolution in opposition to the growing threat of fascist and white supremacist groups who have escalated their recruitment activities by initiating targeted campaigns of harassment and violence against immigrants, people of color, and left-wing students and professors on university campuses and in communities across the US and beyond. Continue reading