Proposal 1115: Endorse UNvote4Cuba Call to Action

In line with long-standing and current efforts by U.S. Green Party committees, states, caucuses and members and the GPUS Platform position, along with 184 countries of the world standing in solidarity with Cuban and Cuban American families on ending the harmful failed U.S. economic blockade and sanctions on Cuba, and with the upcoming historic 30th United Nations General Assembly vote condemning the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba, the Green Party of the United States will publicly endorse and U.S. Greens will support and participate in UNvote4Cuba solidarity events from Oct 27 through Nov 3, 2022. Continue reading

Proposal #1077: Earth Day Strike 2022

The Green Party of the United States will co-sponsor the Earth Day Strike 2022 for People, Planet and Peace. The idea for having an action involving unified local strikes was proposed by Jill Stein following a series of meetings with a group of activists who were involved with GPAX's webinar "Nonviolence in a Violent World: Making a Difference Through Direct Action and Civil Disobedience."  Continue reading

Proposal 1055: Endorse NoNewJails Campaigns

Background The Green Party of the US resolution to endorse #NoNewJail Campaigns The NoNewJails campaign started in 2018 in NYC to shut down Rikers prison, and is part of a growing prison abolition movement around the country, with the hashtag #NoNewJails cropping up in California, Michigan, Louisiana, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Continue reading

Proposal 1035: GPUS to join World Beyond War WBW by signing its Peace Pledge

Background World Beyond War is a major resource in the anti-war community.  Its purpose is in line with our Peace pillar.  The Peace Action Committee has alreadypartnered with WBW in developing webinars.  GPUS should become a signatory to their Peace Pledge. Proposal That the GPUS sign the Peace Pledge of World Beyond War and become one of its members. Continue reading

Proposal 1010: Endorse Alliance For Just Money AFJM Resolution 1

Background For over 100 years monetary reformers have called for fundamental change from our private, debt-based money system which concentrates wealth and power, to a democratic, equity-based money that circulates permanently and equitably in the real economy. Congress needs to legislate this change, but they don’t know it. Since the 1930’s money systems have been a taboo topic and we all suffer a terrible ignorance about how powerfully they affect our lives. Continue reading

Proposal 970: Endorsement of HR2407

Promoting the Human Rights of Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Occupation H.R.2407 was introduced in the House to prohibit money from the United States to be prohibited from being used to torture or harm Palestinian children. [It's not about ending arms sales however.] It ask United States Secretary of State, to promise in certified writing that Israel is not using American money to torture Palestinian children. It is important for the Green Party to come out clearly and cleanly in support of the rights of the Palestinian people, on the record. Continue reading

Proposal 968: Become a participating organization in the Peoples Mobilization to Stop the US War Machine

Approval for GP-US to sign as a participating organization in the People’s Mobilization to Stop the US War Machine This is an important action supporting our pillar of nonviolence and will give the Green Party wider exposure and help support our pillar of nonviolence. Continue reading

Proposal 940: Fukushima-Daiichi: Seven Years Later

Approved by the National Committee of the Green Party of the United States, December 2, 2018 Background Three nuclear reactor buildings at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (Fuku) blew apart following the Great East Japan Earthquake and resulting tidal wave in 2011. Nuclear fuel was thrown into the air, onto the land and into the Pacific Ocean. The roofs and floors of the three reactors were destroyed. Continue reading

Proposal 938: in Opposition to Rising Fascism

Background The following text is presented to the Green Party of the United States as a resolution adopted in 2018 in opposition to the growing threat of fascist and white supremacist groups who have escalated their recruitment activities by initiating targeted campaigns of harassment and violence against immigrants, people of color, and left-wing students and professors on university campuses and in communities across the US and beyond. Continue reading

Proposal 110: Position statement on reforming the Electoral College

The Electoral Commission holding a secret session by candle-light, on the Louisiana question, February 16, 1877. Presented by DC Statehood Green Party; Black Caucus; Green Party of PennsylvaniaAdopted October 3, 2004 Background Congress enacted the 14th Amendment in order to ensure equal protection under the law and voting rights for all citizens, including newly enfranchised African Americans. But local, state, and federal government bodies quickly undermined the 14th Amendment, especially through Jim Crow laws, restrictions on the right to vote, passage and maintenance of winner-take-all and at-large voting systems, and application of the 14th Amendment to corporations under the principle that corporations were persons under the U.S. Constitution. Continue reading