Bill Bonk

Bill Bonk, a former Hawaii Democratic official who helped found the state's Green Party, died on November 25, 2008, West Hawaii Today reports. Bonk was changed by his World War II combat experiences in the Philippines and New Guinea, plus an extended stay in Japan during the American occupationî and became a peace activist and progressive leader in the state. Continue reading

Eddie Boyd 1961 – 2008

What do you do after you experience homelessness? Well, if you're Eddie Boyd, you join Mitch Snyder and the Community for Creative Non-Violence, an advocacy organization for the homeless. And what do you do when you're dying of cancer? From your deathbed, you talk about the Green Party with anyone who will listen. Continue reading

Jim Brewer

Jim Brewer, long-time Green Party of Hawai'i member and activist, candidate for public office plus Honolulu community organizer, passed away on May 26, 2020. He protested Chinatown evictions in the 1970s and advocated for nuclear disarmament in the 1980s. He was Vice President of Lokahi Employees for Economic and Democratic Advancement (LEEDA) that opposed Honolulu bus fare increases and advocated for the creation of the state-wide A+ program in the 1980s.  Continue reading

Peter Camejo 1939 – 2009

Peter Miguel Camejo, a civil rights leader, socially responsible investment pioneer, and founder of the California Green Party, died in September from lymphoma cancer with his wife Morella at his side – only days after completing his autobiography. Camejo was a student leader, civil rights advocate, leader in the socially responsible investment industry with his own investment firm, Progressive Asset Management, Inc., and author of books on investment and history including "Racism, Revolution, Reaction, 1861-1877," and "The Rise and Fall of Radical Reconstruction, California Under Corporate Rule." Continue reading

Salute' Bruce Dixon

The Green Party of the United States National Black Caucus Salutes the life and legacy of Mr. Bruce Dixon. We are mindful and grateful for the amazing work that Dixon did in his lifetime. He was a stalwart vigilant advocate and warrior for Black Liberation and Justice, seeking to raise black voices and consciousness in the United States of America and around the world and particularly within the ranks of the Green Party of the United States. Continue reading

Ann Eagan 1935 – 2018

Our beloved comrade, Ann Eagan, passed away at the age of 83 after her health deteriorated recently. For years she had lived in an unregulated apartment in a private house in Sunnyside, Queens. She became a victim of gentrification as the rent went up beyond her abuility to pay. She moved to senior subsidized housing on West 87th Street. While in Queens she was a community activist and organized a Green Parrty local there. After moving to Manhattan, she became active in the Manhattan Greens Local. Continue reading

Claudia Ellquist

The Green Party of the United States was saddened to hear of the recent death of Claudia Ellquist. A long-time member of the Arizona Green Party and the National Women’s Caucus (NWC), her dedication to building a better world was an inspiration to many Greens from around the country. Jody Grage, national secretary and a member of the Green Party of Washington states “I have saved a good many of Claudia’s posts. Her words of wisdom will continue to guide me and others who have been so fortunate to know her. Claudia is a great Green whose memory will invite and encourage us to live up to her example.” Continue reading

Charlie Green

We are sad to relay this belated announcement that Charlie Green passed away on September 15, 2012. He had been ill for some time, and passed away in mid-September. Many of you knew him as an NC delegate from Colorado, and *all* of us relied upon him as the main administrator for the voting page, which he became shortly after its inception in 2003. Continue reading

Jack Harrington 1946 – 2010

An honoree for his efforts in the Maine Green Party, John T. (Jack) Harrington passed away Thursday, April 22, 2010, after a brief illness. The Green Party has been a big part of his life. Jack served his state by sitting on multiple committees for the Maine Green Independent Party, was a delegate to the National Committee of the Green Party of the United States, and was to be honored as the 2010 Maine "Green of the Year," an award he will receive posthumously. At the time of his death Jack was the Green candidate for State House Representative in District 36, which extends from part of Mt. Desert Island to the island of Vinalhave. "Jack was a man with a heart of gold and a deep sense of integrity and compassion," affirmed Claire Mortimer, long-time Green activist and dear friend. "He dedicated his life to fighting for social justice." Continue reading

Joanna Herlihy 1934 – 2019

Joanna Herlihy of Cambridge, Massachusetts, died in her home on November 29, 2019. She was born on March 9, 1934, in Chicago, Illinois, to Frank and Betty Herlihy and grew up in Comstock, Michigan. Joanna entered the University of Chicago at age fifteen and graduated with a degree in linguistics. She and her first husband, Alexander Lipson (d. 1980), moved to Cambridge in 1955. They had four children: Sonia Lipson, Nathan Lipson (d. 2017), Sam Lipson, and Mimi Lipson. She later spent seven years farming in southeastern Ontario with her second husband, Ernest Murray, after which she served a term in the Peace Corps in Kingston, Jamaica. In 1985 she moved back to Cambridge with her third husband, McDonald Burnette (d. 2015). Continue reading