Hawkins, Mattera call for Economic Bill of Rights on Labor Day

The Green Party of New York gubernatorial ticket is marking Labor Day with a call for an Economic Bill of Rights that includes a $20 minimum wage, a guaranteed income above poverty, state-level Medicare-for-All, affordable housing and child care, tuition-free public college, stronger union organizing rights, and a “just transition” for workers and communities displaced in the transition to 100% clean energy. Continue reading

A New Labor Movement

Workers and Communities Unite We honor Labor Day in support of union power and collective bargaining rights Today, the struggle for labor and workers' rights is as relevant as ever. It may have taken a global pandemic and decades of a two-party monopoly's corporate-serving policies but we are seeing a wave of emerging labor mobilization. Continue reading

PA Green Party Candidates, Unions Can Build Working Class Unity

On Labor Day 2022, Green Party of Pennsylvania candidates for PA Governor and Lt. Governor recognized the importance of organized labor in moving forward our Commonwealth. Green Party candidate for PA Governor, Christina "PK" DiGiulio (Chester County) said, “I am inspired to see a new generation of workers forming labor unions to elevate and protect their workforce.” Continue reading

Mountain Party Reiterates Commitment To Labor Movement

This Labor Day, the Mountain Party reiterates our commitment to the labor movement. From Starbucks to Amazon, workers across the country are banding together to win better pay and benefits and a greater say in their workplace. Continue reading