Endorsement Of The Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The Selective Service Act allows Conscientious Objectors to war to have alternatives to military service. People with religious, moral or ethical beliefs against participation in war through taxation require a similar alternative to enhance the common good without their taxes going to war. The bill enjoyed the support of hundreds of Greens at the fall 2001 Nader rally, and Mr. Nader himself expressed interest in it. Continue reading

May 1, 2002 Convergence in defense of Immigrants and their Human Rights

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Since 911 immigrants have seen their basic human rights further eroded. They are now also unable to travel to DC to speak on their own behalf because of the potential for arrest and deportation. On May 1, 2002, Immigrant, Union and Latino activists and sympathizers will go to Washington DC to speak-out for the most exploited workforce in the the country. If the Green Party of the United States (USGP) is ever to stand-up and support our brothers and sisters, now is the time to do so. Continue reading