GreenLine for September 6, 2023

The 2023 Green Party Annual National Meeting (ANM) was held from August 3-6th! We were delighted to gather virtually to provide an opportunity for all to participate this year, while we continue efforts to meet again in person in 2024 for our Presidential Nominating Convention. Watch the videos online today! Continue reading

GreenLine For September 24, 2022

U.S. Senate Candidate Matt Hoh Fireside Chat with Chris Hedges Join North Carolina Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate Matt Hoh and best-selling author Chris Hedges for a Fireside Chat on Zoom Wednesday September 28th at 8pm EST. Chris Hedges is an award winning journalist and accomplished author whose groundbreaking books include: "America: The Farewell Tour" and his most recent "Our Class: Trauma and Transformation in an American Prison." Read Chris' latest writings on his substack. Register online to join... Continue reading

GreenLine For September 1, 2022

A Word About International Peace Month The month of August commemorated the 96th annual International Peace Month. TIME magazine inaugurated International Peace Month in August of 1926, when 4,000 pacifists from 30 countries assembled for the International Democratic Peace Conference. For almost 100 years, generations have carried the torch for global, peaceful solutions to resolve conflict — even when those paths require more time and discussion. As we continue to resist and campaign against the United States' proxy war with Russia and the push toward more militarization, surveillance, and national enmity, let's remember the communities on every side of each conflict organizing for de-escalation and justice. As residents in the center of empire, it’s our responsibility to expose how war and militarism undermine every aspect of the struggle for a more sustainable and equitable planet. When we contact Joe Biden to demand a Green New Deal, we need to talk about cutting the military budget by 50%, to fund it. When we demand the release of Julian Assange and other whistleblowers, we do so knowing they are facing persecution precisely because they have exposed the Pentagon’s war crimes and lies. We're truly grateful for our Green candidates, organizers and community who are building toward peace wherever they are — we work diligently to raise awareness of your efforts.  Peace is priceless and war is costly — for the planet, our families and our society. Let us “wage peace” through transformative programs like Single Payer Healthcare, a Universal Basic Income, and a Green New Deal for all communities to show what a world beyond war can look like. Continue reading

GreenLine For August 17, 2022

Guess what, Greens?? New merch dropped! Get your fall fashion look ready with these new offerings from! The Green Party Pin Pack Green Party "Justice" Navy Zip Hoodie Lavender Caucus T-Shirt Perfect additions for your wardrobe, or gifts for your favorite Greens. —Michael O'Neil, GreenLine Editor and Green Party Communications Manager Continue reading

GreenLine for August 2, 2022 — ANM Video Edition

Happy August! We hope you're having a happy and productive summer. Be sure to stay cool and hydrated! When you're taking a break from the sun we have just thing: some video highlights from our July Annual National Meeting. We've rounded up five here, but you can find all of our available ANM videos on our YouTube page. You can also find the latest press releases from Green Party US at, along with news from our state parties. And don't forget to check our Twitter and Facebook. Until then, have a great week! —Michael O'Neil, GreenLine Editor and Green Party Communications Manager Continue reading

GreenLine for July 28, 2022 (also, call Biden today 📞)

We have hit the ground running after last weekend's Annual National Meeting with a call-in day to tell President Biden to declare a Climate Emergency! A threat as deadly as the climate crisis demands using every executive power a president can muster. Anything short of that is lip service while the world burns. Please share the action page, make your call, and check out the latest Green Party updates below! —Michael O'Neil, GreenLine Editor and Green Party Communications Manager Continue reading

GreenLine For July 14, 2022

We're just over one week out from our Annual National Meeting! Here are the latest updates: The ANM schedule is now online. Keep in mind some elements of the program may be subject to necessary changes Tickets are now available for our ANM Fundraiser with comedian and broadcaster Katie Halper! In order to accommodate registrants, we ask that you register for the ANM by tomorrow, Friday 07/15 Those who have registered should start receiving notices from our meeting communications platform tomorrow. Workshops, a community film screening, the latest on the fight for fair elections, live comedy, and so much don't want to miss out! Register today. —Michael O'Neil, GreenLine Editor and Green Party Communications Manager Continue reading

GreenLine for July 8, 2022

Last weekend, it might have felt strange to observe a holiday celebrating independence and freedom, considering recent news. It’s important to remember that freedom is a constant struggle. You aren’t alone in that struggle, and there is no one we’d rather be fighting alongside than you. “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” — Albert Camus — Daniel Bumbarger, National Lavender Greens Caucus Continue reading

GreenLine For June 15, 2022

This week's GreenLine includes news of ballot access victory in California and heartbreak in New York. As Greens across the country continue to organize and campaign under this country's inherently unjust electoral power structure, let's celebrate those breaking through and support those struggling to overcome the duopoly's latest crackdown. Keep fighting for the better world we all deserve! —Michael O'Neil, GreenLine Editor and Green Party Communications Manager Continue reading

GreenLine For June 9, 2022

Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed scenes of terrible violence and reprehensible responses from our elected leaders and government. It can be difficult to keep our outrage from turning to despair. At the same time, the month of June commemorates strength, progress and courage as LGBTQ+ Pride Month. We can reconcile the gravity of current events with the annual celebration of Pride by drawing on the lessons of movements for LGBTQ+ liberation for hope and inspiration. Let's keep working together to make our communities safer for all, in the spirit of love and solidarity!  —Michael O'Neil, GreenLine Editor and Green Party Communications Manager Continue reading