GreenLine — September 10, 2020

September 10 at 9pm ET/6pm PT Tune In Live For The First Green Wave Candidate Showcase of 2020 Watch live on Facebook or go to for more ways to watch. We're so excited to speak to tonight's guests: Continue reading

GreenLine — August 1st. 2020

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who supported our Presidential Nominating Convention in July. Thanks to the workshop presenters, the guest speakers and the many volunteers who pulled together this event during challenging circumstances. And we wish a Big, Green 🎉Congratulations🎉 to our nominees for President and Vice President, Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker! Continue reading

GreenLine for June 4, 2020

Our country is enduring yet another reckoning with the perpetual nightmare communities of color have suffered under the structural violence of white supremacy. We are at a painful, fragile juncture: George Floyd was murdered by police in a city governed by a mayor from the Democratic Party, in a state with a governor from the Democratic Party. President Trump, from the Republican Party, has callously demonized and brutalized those calling for justice and is now flirting with martial law. Continue reading

GreenLine — May Day Weekend Edition

We hope you had a Happy May Day and took a moment commemorate the international struggle for workers' rights, equity and justice. This year, we greeted May Day at a critical juncture in that struggle. This COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the brutal disregard our economic and political systems have for workers' well-being. Frontline workers are told to go without proper safety equipment, others have been forced out of work entirely and left to fend for themselves, giant corporations have been gifted enormous transfers of wealth and now our communities are bracing for brutal cutbacks to public goods and services at the moment we need them most. COVID-19 presents only a fraction of what's to come as the climate emergency escalates. Our hyper-capitalist plutocracy, led by the two parties of War and Wall Street, has flunked this test. Miserably. To defend ourselves against "Shock Doctrine"-style exploitation of this immediate crisis and to win the Eco-Socialist Green New Deal necessary for averting the crises ahead, we must join together now in strategic, networked collective action to shut this system down. We are fighting for our lives. It is not yet safe for physical gatherings but there is still much that a People's Strike can accomplish to support the demands of frontline workers and prepare our communities for the time when we all can — and must — assemble in the streets, city halls and state legislature buildings as necessary to demand a People's Bailout and immediate implementation of a Green New Deal. Continue reading

GreenLine March 2020

Oh, what a difference a month makes. March saw the COVID-19 pandemic sweep across this nation and transform daily life for millions of people. Many have lost their jobs while others are being coerced to work in dangerous circumstances. Brave workers in multiple sectors are boldly pushing back. People are trying to keep it together when, for the sake of safety, we are asked to remain physically apart. Of course the system failed us, and not just President Trump. Decades of cutting public services, suppressing Medicare-For-All and squeezing workers — all for the benefit of corporate profits — have let us with scandalously threadbare protections against a crisis of this scale. We must figure out how — even in these unique and alienating circumstances — to support each other and to organize to build the power necessary to hold the bi-partisan system accountable for its failures. That is why we must keep fighting to build the Green Party as a home for everyday people who have been all but forsaken by the two-party cartel and their Wall Street paymasters. Read on and learn about how that work continues and how you can be part of the change we need. —Michael O'Neil, GreenLine Editor and Green Party Communications Manager Green Party US and State Parties Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic, Implications for Communities and Candidates In addition to the government's unjust bailouts for corporations while leaving working people with the barest assistance, we are also dealing with the consequences of how "social distancing" to contain the pandemic could have the effect of killing grassroots candidates' chances of getting on the ballot this year. Use our action center to email your governor today and demand that candidates be granted emergency relief from normal petitioning requirements. We should not be asked to sacrifice democratic participation in elections when officials can readily grant the exceptions necessary to keep communities safe and allow candidates the opportunity to serve those communities in public office. Learn more about how state Green Parties and candidates are responding to COVID-19 Save the date: July 9-12,2020 Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention The Annual National Meeting (ANM) Committee is exploring a range of possibilities to convene our Presidential Nominating Committee (PNC) with Wayne State University (WSU), including different virtual options. We appreciate that WSU is working with us and giving us time to evaluate options as conditions develop. We have some folks gathering information from state parties to ensure any adapted convention we may have meets their ballot access requirements. We expect to reach a decision no later than mid-May, if not sooner, on how to proceed, so please keep looking for announcements. We are still accepting (and encouraging) registration to cover convention costs, regardless of format. But we have paused registration for meals and housing, at this time. Register online here.  Dee Taylor and Tamar YagerAnnual National Committee Co-Chairs Just click on the pic below to order your merchandise today! A Green Puerto Rico Report from Darlene Elias on her February visit to the first national congress of Estado Nacional Soberano de Borinken (National Sovereign State of Puerto Rico) I think a lot about the future of Puerto Rico. Especially after the hurricanes and recent earthquakes. Puerto Rico has been in a recession the last twelve years. It also has been plagued by corruption and the imposition of the Junta (financial control board) has just made matters worse. People are leaving Puerto Rico by the thousands in search for a better life. Now the amount of Puerto Ricans living in the United States has surpassed the number on the island. The population of Puerto Ricans continues to decrease with every major calamity. Something that has concerned me since I first learned about the forced sterilization of Puerto Rican women. My thoughts always bring me to the question of what can be done to improve the outlook of Puerto Rico. The answer I always arrive at is the United States has to cut with the purse strings and set Puerto Rico free. CONTINUE READING... Keep Up To Date With The Green Party Presidential Primary Candidates Visit today Self-Quarantined? "Binge Watch" Our Candidate Training Webinar Archive! The Green Party US Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC) holds monthly webinar trainings for candidates and campaign support staff. There are dozens of recorded trainings available on a variety of topics and there's never been a better time to catch up! This week's webinar featured a brainstorm on how to campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic, including tips for candidates getting started with livestreaming. Lisa Savage For US Senate (ME) Calls for Immediate Rent and Mortgage Relief Lisa Savage, Independent Green candidate for U.S. Senate from Solon, launched a Congressional petition this week, calling for legislation to enact forgiveness of rent payments for all residential renters and abatement of all mortgages on residential buildings with five dwelling units or fewer. While the legislation should be enacted immediately, she said, any eventual legislation should be retroactive to April 1 and last one month past any local, state, or federal declaration of emergency, shelter in place order, or widespread social distancing order that keeps a significant portion of the populace out of work. "Countless people have lost some or all of their income in the pandemic and are worried about how to pay their rent or make their mortgage payments coming due on April 1st," said Savage. CONTINUE READING... Green Party of Minnesota Takes on COVID-19, Duopoly Corruption, Keeps Celebrating and Organizing in the Community The Ruling Class Parties VS The Green Party Covid 19 Shows The Weakness Of The American For Profit Health Care System Cordale Handy 3rd Annual Rally & Banquet Weekend Upcoming Event: Saint Paul Reparations Book Club Meeting Green Party of Pennsylvania Holds Virtual State Meeting In Lieu of Convention, Models Virtual Meetings for Other States GPPA cancelled their March 21-22 state convention in accordance with social distancing but held a virtual conference on the 22nd so the state committee could conduct necessary business. The meeting had Green Party guests from Florida and Michigan to see how GPPA holds productive and secure meetings online! Contact GPPA to learn how your state or local party might implement virtual meetings Green Party of the United States @GreenPartyUS • Green Party Store • Elections Database and Campaign Information  • News Center  • Ballot Access Page • GreenStream Page  • Video Page  • Green Papers  • Twitter • YouTube  • Facebook Page

GreenLine December 2019

Hi Greens! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I hope you all get to relax and enjoy time with your family and friends. For my opening message this month, I thought I'd share this poem that comes from the Green Party of the UK: Continue reading

Greenline September 2019

Happy Fall Equinox! It's been a busy month for Greens around the country. Everyone's been preparing for the big Climate Strike Marches and the People's Mobilization to Stop the US War Machine Protests that happened last weekend. Check out the stories and photos below! Our National Outreach Committee gave out small grants to Green Party locals to help them get their members to the marches and protests or to have literature printed and signs made. Continue reading

Greenline August 2019

Hello Greens! Our 2019 Annual Meeting was great! There were over 250 attendees with us for long weekend at Salem State University in Massachusetts. This is the largest Annual Meeting we’ve had in at least a decade and we’re very happy about that! If you were there, thank you for coming. If you weren’t there, we hope you were able to watch some of our livestreams and hope you’ll come to our 2020 Presidential Convention next summer.  This August issue of GreenLine is dedicated to reporting back on what happened at the Annual Meeting and to share lots of photos and links to videos that you can watch. I hope you enjoy the articles, photos and videos!  Peace, Starlene RankinGreenLine Editor Continue reading

GreenLine April 2019

The Annual National Meeting Committee (ANM) is now accepting Letters of Interest (LOI) for hosting locations for the 2020 Presidential Nominating Convention through May 12, 2019. Submitting a LOI does not obligate you to submit a proposal. Likewise, you do not have to send an LOI to submit a proposal by the deadline. It simply means you are receiving  more information about the application and hosting process. We hope that all applicants will be able to exhibit and deliver a very brief presentation at this year’s Annual National Meeting in Salem, MA, July 25-28, 2019. The final location will be chosen by the Green Party National Committee in August 2019. Here is a tentative schedule: Continue reading

GreenLine March 2019

Change Comes from the RootsGreen Party Annual MeetingSalem State UniversityJuly 25-28, 2019   Continue reading