Big oil admits "gaslighting" the people while planet burns

Thank you for joining the Green Party in the fight for people and planet over profits. In the last week, internal documents from Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, and BP have come to light1 providing yet more proof that even their tepid, public commitments to addressing the climate crisis are a pack of lies. Continue reading

Green campaigns won student debt relief. We're not finished.

What's the old saying? "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you..." When Dr. Jill Stein promised to unilaterally abolish student loan debt during her 2016 presidential campaign, the corporate media (including no less than HBO's John Oliver mocked the idea as ridiculous. Now, less than six years later, a sitting president has used executive powers to cancel student debt for millions of Americans. Continue reading

Sustainer Saturday #9 — Dee gives us glee!

It's the second Saturday of the month, which means it's time to thank our Monthly Sustainers! This month, we want to give special thanks to Dee Taylor, co-chair of the committee that produces our Annual National Meeting, which will be held virtually from July 22-24. That's in just a couple weeks, but there's still time to register. Let's learn more about Dee! Continue reading

Biden's Gas Tax Holiday (From Hell)

And so it has come to this. Today, President Joe Biden called on Congress to suspend federal gasoline and diesel taxes amounting to 18 cents/gallon for three months. He urged states to take similar action. The past months' gas prices have been painful for everyday people like us. Had Democrats and Republicans listened to the last 12 years of warnings from Greens and others calling for a Green New Deal — that dependence on fossil fuels was becoming increasingly environmentally and financially unsustainable — we might be in a very different place than we are today. Continue reading

Inflating your expenses, deflating your vote

Rising prices for the necessities of life are hurting everyday people. And while many of us are still reeling from the pandemic and related economic crash, our government's response is to drive down wages, raise interest rates, and make sure it's not too easy for working people to find employment. That's because they think it's just fine for the wealth of billionaires to skyrocket during a global health crisis, but everyday people gaining a tiny bit of leverage against their employers can only be regarded as a problem that must corrected. Continue reading

Sustainer Saturday #8 — Justin is fighting for justice

Happy Sustainer Saturday! We want to lift up Justin Paglino, a Monthly Sustainer who is running as a Green candidate for US House of Representatives. Justin was interviewed for this piece by Green Party National Co-Chair Rei Stone-Grover. Continue reading

Sustainer Saturday #7 — Ann is Anti-War

Give a BIG, Green welcome to the subject of this month's Sustainer Saturday profile, Ann Link! Ann is a leader and organizer putting her passion for peace and social justice into action in several key roles for the Green Party. Let's learn about Ann's story: Continue reading

Wait, $40 billion on *what*…?!

Can you believe it? $40 billion worth of arms to pour gasoline on the already-raging inferno in Ukraine. Every. Single. House. Democrat voted in favor, sending this bill to the Senate. Continue reading

Sustainer Saturday: Laura Wells

This month’s Sustainer Saturday feature is about Laura Wells! Laura is running for Controller of California, and has previously run for Governor of California and U.S. Congress. Green Party US Treasurer Hillary Kane sat down with Laura last week to learn more about her history with the party and why she is a monthly sustainer at the local, state and national level. Continue reading

We won't get (fossil) fooled again

Among the dire consequences erupting from the conflict in Ukraine, the austerity and insecurity resulting from the disruption of fossil fuel sources is a reminder of how foolish we are to remain addicted to oil, gas and other forms of dirty energy. It brings an even greater sense of urgency to this year's Earth Day to May Dayorganizing, which you can support today with a generous contribution to the Green Party. The Green Party's plan for re-routing military spending into an Eco-Socialist Green New Deal would benefit the 99% in our country while signaling a commitment to peace and climate justice to the rest of the world. Continue reading