Help us stop the "Voting Rights" bill that restricts voter choice!

Have you heard about HR 1, the poison pill sponsored by Congressman John Sarbanes disguised as a bill to get money out of politics? As electoral reform including getting big money out of politics has become more popular among voters, the Democrats are using it as a smokescreen to push for changes that will continue to restrict voter choice and silence opposition parties like the Green Party. Continue reading

The REAL Green New Deal!

The Green New Deal is suddenly a hot topic in the news and on the streets. Did you know that the Green Party has been promoting a Green New Deal for climate protection and economic human rights in our platform and on the campaign trail since 2010? Greens are glad to finally see a spotlight on a comprehensive plan to address the climate emergency and, in the process, create millions of good jobs. But most Democrats and environmental groups who have picked up our slogan have also watered down the program. Continue reading

One click is all it takes!

Why only two national parties? Of course, we have more choices -- but the major parties want us to believe we only have two. They don't want to share power with the "non-major" parties. And they manipulate laws and the media to get their way. Continue reading

Victory for Election Integrity in Pennsylvania

This week, Jill Stein announced a huge victory for election integrity in Pennsylvania. There will now be voting systems which include paper ballots by 2020 and automatic audits after 2022. This victory builds on years of Green Party led fights for electoral justice in Pennsylvania. Continue reading

Help us move closer to winning National Improved Medicare for All!

Have you noticed? More people are talking about a National Improved Medicare for All single payer health program to solve our ongoing healthcare crisis. Thanks to decades of advocacy for single payer by Greens across the country and others, the Democrats are talking seriously about Medicare for All and, for the first time, a majority of Republicans support it. Continue reading

Your Small Change Makes a Big Difference

Greens are leading the way on critical policies like strong local schools, municipal utilities, public banks, support for small businesses and worker cooperatives. We're calling for millions of jobs to achieve 100% clean renewable energy by 2030, Medicare For All, and requiring the wealthy few to pay their share of taxes.   We support Green campaigns at every level. Plus we also help them with campaign infrastructure: training their volunteers, providing technical support, leading campaign schools... the list is endless. We have hundreds of Greens all over the country working hard on their campaigns and they are counting on the support of people like you! Continue reading

Help us continue the fight for living wages and active unions!

"My friends, it is solidarity of labor we want. We do not want to find fault with each other, but to solidify our forces and say to each other: We must be together; our masters are joined together and we must do the same thing."  Mary Harris “Mother” Jones Mother Jones reminds us why the Green Party is celebrating Labor Day - a holiday whose beginnings in the 1880s were established to honor the working class. She fought for the rights of workers until she tired out completely at the age of 100. She was an organizer for the United Mine Workers, helped found the Social Democratic Party in 1898, was a lecturer for the Socialist Party of America, and aided in the formation of the Industrial Workers of the World. Continue reading

We're mobilizing for political change!

Every month, we ask our supporters to give $5 (or more) to the Green Party. Why $5? Because most can afford $5 and we're all about inclusivity. Also, with over 25,000 active Green Party donors - if 1,000 or more people gave $5 dollar donations it would make a huge impact. And now, there’s no better time to give because our party is growing from the grassroots up, running more candidates, raising our political profile, and mobilizing more effectively for political change.  Continue reading

Making progress with ballot access

Last year, your donations helped our Presidential ticket get on the ballot in 45 states, which was a Green Party record. We were on the ballot in Connecticut, Montana, and Vermont for the first time since 2004; in Missouri and New Hampshire, for the first time since 2000; and in Wyoming, for the first time ever! We could not have done it without your support. Continue reading

We will not be marginalized, demonized, and scapegoated

Whether it be legislative policies that support the rich, ongoing expansion of the war industry, or another corporation engaging in environmental destruction, there’s always disappointment from the corporate-backed two-party system or constant spin in the mainstream media. As Greens, we are actively marginalized, demonized, and scapegoated by people that see our existence as a threat. You all already know the ridiculous distortions they throw at us. Continue reading