Trying to shut us up with an "open letter"

The "Open Letter to the Green Party About 2020 Election Strategy" marks the first 2020 salvo telling you and your fellow Greens to just shut up and submit to a fundamentally undemocratic system that was designed specifically to marginalize you. This steaming pile of cowardice and shoddy logic is especially disturbing because of co-signers like Noam Chomsky and Barbara Ehrenreich, who many of us otherwise consider to be heroes. Continue reading

A new year and a new war

No level of U.S. aggression toward other nations is acceptable. However, this week's drone assassination of Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani could launch our country’s war machine into overdrive at a scale we have not seen in some years. And that puts countless more lives in danger around the world. Trump is a monster, a criminal and he is responsible for this attack. But the larger crisis, the crisis that brought us Trump in the first place, is the domination of our government by two parties who march to the beat drummed out by War and Wall Street. When the Republican and Democratic parties are both controlled by war hawks, who is left to stand for peace? Continue reading

They’re still getting Afghanistan wrong

Reporters and editors at The Washington Post have done the world a great service by suing our government to obtain what has come to be known as “The Afghanistan Papers,” and then publishing the results. Now, did you or I need countless pages of insider confessions to figure out the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan has accomplished little except death, destruction and profits for war-mongers? Of course not. It did not take the Green Party eighteen years to call out the two parties of War and Wall Street for twisting our grief, pain and fear from the 9/11 attacks into an excuse for empire, atrocities and corruption. We were on that from day one. Continue reading

"Hillary Clinton: Jill Stein "is a Russian asset. I mean, totally"

Over the weekend it came out that Hillary Clinton unleashed another unconscionable smear against the Green Party and our 2016 presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein, calling Dr. Stein “a Russian asset...I mean totally.” We need to fight back right now. Will you sign up to become a Monthly Sustainer right now, or upgrade your monthly contribution if you are already a Sustainer? Let’s show Hillary Clinton and the DNC leadership their slander and scaremongering won’t work — and that it will only make our party and our movement stronger. Continue reading

If you missed it we've got you covered

Get to know candidates like Danielle Swift with the Green Wave Telethon Video on Demand! Woot-woot! 🎉 Last week’s Green Wave Telethon livestream featured a FABULOUS showcase of Greens running for office from across the country. Did you miss it? We’ve got a link below for you to catch up. The telethon had two goals: 1. We want to celebrate who is out there fighting in the trenches for our party’s values in 2019 and 2. We’re asking you to give to our Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC), a fiercely dedicated team that provides year-round support and training for current and aspiring Green candidates. Continue reading

Texas Greens Win Huge Ballot Access Victory! Critical Ballot Access Hurdles Ahead

Last week, the Green Party of Texas (GPTX) enjoyed a tremendous victory for ballot access! Join the Green Party of the United States in this celebration by helping us to achieve urgent and critical ballot access victories in other key states today. On Monday, Texas Gov. Abbott signed HB2504 into law. The new law makes it easier for political parties to retain ballot access, which reduces the vote test from 5% to 2% of any statewide race in any of the last five elections. Continue reading

#WarOnWomen gets bipartisan support

Recently, Dee Taylor wrote to you about the saddening blow to women’s health rights in Alabama, where Governor Kay Ivey signed into law one of the most restrictive bills ever against a woman’s right to choose. Strong Green women everywhere were shocked and outraged by this oppressive move to quash women’s health rights... but that’s not the worst of it. Continue reading

A mother's wish for Mother's Day

As families around the country celebrate the women in their lives this Sunday, I am reminded of the origins of Mother’s Day and how much we need that sentiment today. Women organized for peace, spoke out against war and grieved for every son that had been killed. Mother’s Work Day and Friendship Clubs took action by fighting poverty and unsanitary living conditions for poor women and children. The Green Party stands against wars and imperialism which disproportionately affect women and children. Our 10 Key Values exemplify the early iterations of a “Mother’s Day” that had peace, equal rights and access to child care as its focus. Continue reading

Earth Day Every Day

Like many people around the world, I’ll be celebrating Earth Day today.  And as a Green, I know that Earth Day is about much more than one time actions like recycling or picking up litter (as important as they are) but about ongoing sustainability. Sustainability is one of the Green Party’s 10 Key Values.  Sustainability is the idea that we as humans need to live in concert with the planet for the ongoing maintenance of that planet.  We need to live in a manner that allows the Earth to sustain itself for generations to come. Continue reading

Celebrating Green Sheroes

Women's History Month is a time to honor and celebrate our sheroes. The Green Party has many strong women leaders. Three of those women left a legacy of leadership in the party with their passing in 2018. We celebrate and remember their lives and their roles in making our world a better place. Continue reading