Who has the muscle to stop the genocide?

By Laura Wells How can it be that those of us who do not want war are not getting what we want? We who do not want war are the majority. When South Africa brought its case to the International Court of Justice, there was some doubt that the court would rule in its favor, but the court did hand down a near unanimous ruling that there was a “plausible” case that Israel was violating the Genocide Convention. So now what? Continue reading

Imperial Costs: Two Stories Summarize the Cost of Empire to Democracy

Two press reports stood out to me this week: the release of the names of two US Navy SEALs who drowned two weeks ago in the Arabian Sea and the Air Force’s production authorization for the B21 Raider bomber. Both stories symbolize an imperial inertia that defines American national security policies, an inertia that is damaging our democracy and jeopardizing futures. Continue reading

Running more candidates down-ticket would help our national campaign

We should encourage activists to come forward to run campaigns … at all levels of offices. Robust Green campaigns are inspiring; they get publicity and they help build the party. This year they’ll also increase visibility for the Jill Stein campaign. In my state, specifically, fielding down-ticket candidates results in better ballot placement for all Green Party candidates. Continue reading

"Have you no sense of decency?"

Sign a petition urging Congresswoman Stefanik to resign Dear Congresswoman Stefanik, We, the undersigned, urge you to resign immediately for your aiding and abetting genocide of Palestinians in Gaza by voting to send arms to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to perpetrate the crime in violation of the Genocide Convention. It is altogether fitting and proper that you do this. Continue reading

Cornel West, Jill Stein, and the Green Party

By Howie Hawkins The Green Party persists because it is needed. Hundreds of thousands of progressives vote for Green candidates because they want an alternative to the neoliberal corporate Democrats, not to mention the increasingly neofascist Republicans. On issue after issue—climate, inequality, wars—Green voters find most elected Democrats fight their progressive demands. The Green Party’s ranks are constantly replenished by progressives disillusioned and angry at Democratic resistance to progressive policies. Continue reading

A Statement on Israel and Palestine

As a potential 2026 candidate for Governor of Maryland, as a human being, and as a member of the Maryland Green Party, I am committed to peace, justice, and democracy for Palestinians and Israelis alike. I am deeply saddened by the violence, the occupation and the system of Israeli apartheid. I am angry at the United States federal government, and numerous state governments, for the direct and material enabling of Israeli regimes that continue to defy international law and make peace impossible. Continue reading

Shut It Down For Palestine Roundup

I was able to attend two of the many, many actions in solidarity with Palestine in my state this week. On Friday evening I joined 150 at a demonstration held outside the state capitol building fence, sponsored by the newly minted Maine Coalition for Palestine (which I've now joined). Truly excellent speeches by well-informed activists were interspersed with chants like "Free, free Palestine" and a whole lot of honking from passing motorists. The crowd assembled was quite different from the group I stood with about a month ago at a same time, same place demo. Not nearly as many people of color or Arabic-speaking college students this time. Maybe they have peeled off to join demos nearer to them in our sprawling, sparsely populated state? The crowd last Friday had more oldsters but was predominately white 20 and 30 somethings from coalition orgs like the PSL* and Student for Justice in Palestine. Continue reading

Free Palestine!

My name is Peter LaVenia, and I am the co-chair of the Green Party of New York. I'm here with the rest of you to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the end of the ongoing genocide being conducted against the Palestinian people! What the United States is doing is shocking to many because we live in an era when images and video can be shared immediately. But it is also surprising because for most in the United States, we do not learn that it has always been this government's policy to back its client states when they conduct wholesale murder against an entire population. Continue reading

Only a movement can topple corporate tyranny

The Green Party is the only significant leftist, socialist, working class, ecology party in the United States in the last 50 years. The Green Party is not about trying to get one person on the ballot. The Green Party is about running thousands of corporate-free public servants in all 50 states at every level of government--local, county, state, and federal. Hundreds of Green Party candidates have been elected to public office in this country over the last few decades. No other leftist party can claim this. The Green Party is the only political movement that is seriously challenging corporate tyranny. Continue reading

We called for climate action at the UN

KUDOS! Now there's more we can and must do! The world has witnessed the largest climate mobilization since the pandemic as concerned citizens came together to demand presidential action to phase out fossil fuels and address environmental injustice. Kudos to the thousands who turned out, and to the many Greens who participated, led by The Green Party's Eco Action Committee. Visibly present were Jasmine Sherman and Dr. Cornel West, who are seeking the Green Party's nomination for presidential candidate 2024. Protests have been historically impactful, and continue to be indispensable in raising awareness of the climate crisis and demanding action from our leaders. We also recognize that protest alone is not enough. Relying solely on politicians entrenched in the existing system, beholden to corporate interests, and hoping they will enact meaningful climate policies is not a viable strategy. They've done virtually nothing since the first Earth Day in 1970 to thwart global warming, which has evolved into a climate emergency. Greenpeace International noted that at the UN Climate Ambition Summit that "ambition [was] shamefully missing," and that "we remain at full speed on the highway to climate hell." Continue reading