Money always talks, but it doesn't always win.

By Laura Wells Big money will be talking plenty between now and November 2020. How does it make us do what it wants, even going against our own self-interest?One of big money's targets will be the "Prop 13 reform" initiative on the ballot in California. Winning Prop 13 reform will have repercussions across the country. The money spent to oppose it will make money spent on other initiatives look like children's lunch money. Continue reading

Statement on Bolivia

In response to the abuses that have been perpetrated by the illegitimate government of Jeanine Anez, that took power in Bolivia in a coup de tat perpetrated by a cabal of the military and the wealthy elite, the Latinx Caucus of the Green Party of the US calls on the OAS, the US government, the United Nations, and all governments of the region to be vigilant in support of democracy. Upcoming elections must be fair and honest. We further call for a halt to the renewed persecution and violence against indigenous people in Bolivia. Since the coup 17 pro-Morales protesters have been killed by the police and about 150 have been injured. Continue reading

Municipal efforts against fracking are grassroots democracy

By Garret WassermannPITTSBURGH – On October 30, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto surprised many of us by finally opposing the petrochemical build-out in western Pennsylvania publicly -- although he was careful to oppose only "additional" development and not the Shell "cracker plant" currently being built in Beaver County. Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald's response was a very heated rant in favor of fracking and the petrochemical industry. Fitzgerald talked about natural-gas-powered cars, implied plastics are inevitable so should be made here, and demonized a general anti-fossil-fuel stance as "far left" and unreasonable. Continue reading

Occupied Palestine: from BDS to ODS

Popular ResistanceBy Kevin Zeese & Margaret FlowersNovember 17, 2019 We spent the last week in Occupied Palestinian Territory, commonly referred to as Israel, where we traveled around the country to visit communities in Jerusalem, Jaffa, Bethlehem, the West Bank, the Nagab, and more. Continue reading

Lisa Savage: As U.S. senator, I'll stand up to neo-McCarthyism, say 'no' to U.S. wars

Smear campaigns and déjà vu Russia-baiting for anyone who dares mention defense cuts won't stop me Who will stand up to today's neo-McCarthyism? In 1950, a neophyte senator from Maine stood to address the U.S. Senate. Margaret Chase Smith was in her first term, the first woman elected to both the House and Senate, and the only woman in the Senate. It was famously her "Declaration of Conscience." Continue reading

The weaponization of New York’s campaign finance commission

The creation of the Public Campaign Financing Commission has been a rare chance for New Yorkers to have a robust discussion on how to eliminate very wealthy people’s disproportionate influence on politics and expand democratic choice. Unfortunately, recent statements by Gov. Cuomo, his appointee Jay Jacobs and former Gov. David Paterson show the commission has perversely become a cudgel with which to attack smaller parties while defending major parties and incumbents. The concerns raised by all three men are broadly similar: Public financing is expensive, fusion will increase the expense, it is too easy to become a ballot-status party and more groups will aim to do so in order to receive public campaign funds; thus, the threshold for access to funds must be high and requirements to become a party must be raised in order to weed out most third parties. Continue reading

Hillary Clinton called me a 'Russian asset'. The establishment is losing its grip

The McCarthyist smear against the Green party shows the lengths to which Clinton will go to blame others for her 2016 defeat Like her attack on Tulsi Gabbard, Hillary Clinton’s accusation that I am a “Russian asset” is a ludicrous, unhinged conspiracy theory with no basis in fact. It’s also an attempt to deflect attention from the role of Clinton’s campaign in her own defeat. This desperate blame game is not an encouraging sign that the Democratic party will muster a winning strategy to oust the disastrous Trump administration in 2020. Equally alarming, the Clinton camp’s attempts to shift responsibility for their electoral failure to “Russian assets” has fueled a new era of McCarthyism - a toxic brew of warmongering, political repression and censorship now poisoning our public discourse. Continue reading

US out of Syria and the Middle East

Stop the Turkish invasion of Syria By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular ResistanceOctober 20, 2019 The crisis in Syria has taken a new direction with the Turkish invasion into the Northeast ostensibly to push the Kurdish peoples out. The US has added to this crisis by its green light to Turkey to attack after using the Kurds as a proxy force in the battle against ISIS. Continue reading

Protecting the children on a Trumpian planet

Okay, I'll admit it. Sometimes I can't take the bad news. It's too much. It's so extra, as the kids like to say. When I hit that wall of hopelessness and anxiety so many of us have become familiar with, I take what I think of as a "kid break." I stare into the faces of my three children seeking solace and sanity. I remind myself that they are the why of it all. Continue reading

The United States’ declining power was on display at United Nations session

As the United Nations wraps up its General Assembly session, we speak with Bahman Azad, a professor who heads the United States Peace Council, about the unprecedented steps the Trump administration took to restrict visiting diplomats and heads of state from attending or from speaking outside the UN during their stay.  Continue reading