Greens Say ‘No to NATO’ While War Parties Give Standing Ovations to NATO

Greens are political activists and can be found in every movement for economic, racial and environmental justice as well as peace. They do not organize as Greens but as people who are part of the popular movement. The article below about the week of protests against NATO highlights Greens who participated, often as organizers with other peace and justice activists. There were many more Greens at these events than are mentioned. I apologize to those who are omitted.  Last week was one of contrast over the issue of war and militarism as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) came to Washington, DC. “No to NATO” protests began on March 30 and continued until the meeting of NATO foreign ministers on April 4. While people were opposing NATO’s aggressive militarism, the two Wall Street and war parties were giving the NATO General Secretary standing ovations. Continue reading

Why You Should Look Beyond Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

After reading an article about information that was presented to the Lavender Caucus recently by a proponent of the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), I recognized the need to provide an explanation to the members of the Green Party of the United States of the difference between the “teachings” of MMT and the real need for monetary reform as contained in the Green Party platform. This need for an explanation was further illustrated by a press release published recently on the Green Party website wherein the Green Party of Pennsylvania espoused “reformation of our economic model” in accordance with MMT. Obviously, Green Party members are eager to have information about the best way of funding the Green New Deal, and the best reforms needed for that funding. I have also had a couple of Green Party members tell me that they thought that MMT was part of the Green Party platform. It is not. Continue reading

Reflecting on the March of Return

The March of Return is a scream for life so that we may leave the walls of our prison. These are the words repeated by Ahmed Abu Artema in his many lectures and interviews. Abu Artema is the brain behind the most powerful expression of unarmed Palestinian resistance, The March of Return, which began on March 30, 2018, and has become a weekly occurrence in the Gaza Strip for close to a year. "Why would we die here in silence? We want our message to reach the world. We want to say to the world ‘here there is a people. A people searching for a life of dignity, human rights and freedom.'" Continue reading

The Green New Deal — not just a Plan, but a Vision

And when political movements overflow the channels they normally flow through, they interact with entire societies in ways they don’t normally. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s already too late. It’s actually ...  many days late and a few trillion dollars short. The cries for action to prevent or reverse Climate Change are urgent and powerful. We face catastrophe if we don’t [fill in the blanks] in the next [number of years]. The problem is that we are already in the midst of catastrophe as we speak and [still] breathe. A hard look makes plain that — while the U.S. is frozen in a deadly downward spiral of austerity and war, while even essential services have been cut and many, many more are on the chopping block — what is required is a total social transformation. Continue reading

Why I am Going to Venezuela!

Hope. That's it, in one word. And there's more!I am writing this because many people have been asking – and have been worried – about my planned trip to Venezuela with a political delegation of 20 people from 7 countries that will be there from March 28 through April 7. Continue reading

Facing 2020 and Bernie 2.0

Four years ago this May I was the first to brand Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as 2016's Democratic sheepdog candidate. As I explained then, "The sheepdog is a card the Democratic party plays every presidential primary season when there's no White House Democrat running for re-election. The sheepdog is a presidential candidate running ostensibly to the left of the establishment Democrat to whom the billionaires will award the nomination. Sheepdogs are herders, and the sheepdog candidate is charged with herding activists and voters back into the Democratic fold who might otherwise drift leftward and outside of the Democratic party, either staying home or trying to build something outside of the two-party box." Continue reading

The Path to Climate Justice Passes Through Caracas

It is critical to understand how blocking the regime change agenda with respect to Venezuela is integrally connected to confronting the challenge of climate change. Fighting the Media War Continue reading

Iran wants peace. Will the US allow peace?

We just returned from nine days in Iran with a 28-person peace delegation organized by CODE PINK. It is clear that people in Iran want two things: To be respected as an independent, sovereign nation To have peace with the United States without threats of war or economic sanctions seeking to dominate them. Continue reading

The US must grow up and respect Iranian independence

One of the lessons from our recent visit to Iran as a Peace Delegation is that Iran is a mature country. It is 2,500 years old, ten times as old as the United States and one of the world’s oldest continuous major civilizations with settlements dating back to 7,000 BC. It was an empire that controlled almost half the Earth for over 1,000 years. It is hard not to see the US-Iran relationship as one between an adolescent bully and a mature nation. Continue reading

War, what is it good for?

Edwin Starr, in his 1970 hit single asked "War, what is it good for?" His catchy answer was "absolutely nothing!" On the face of it Mr. Starr's point seems obvious. But if so why has the United States engaged in seemingly endless war in places like Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Afghanistan and Iraq, since Mr. Starr's song hit the charts? Why are policy makers in Washington D.C. fomenting for more war in Venezuela and Iran? Apparently, war is good for something as the U.S. continues engaging it. Continue reading