As the coup in Caracas falls apart ...

... the DC police and Homeland Security step aside as Guaidó's mob attacks the Venezuelan Embassy in the District of Columbia. May 3, 2019U.S. State Department Continue reading

For One Big Union! For One Big Party!

"May Day" or International Workers' Day commands a worldwide celebration of massive marches and events but it is hardly noticed in its country of origin, the United States. I am proud to be a member and a staff member of the Green Party of United States because the Green Party celebrates workers on this special day. In October 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions met in Chicago for its annual convention. The delegates approved a resolution stating “eight hours shall constitute a legal day's labor from and after May 1, 1886”. The resolution continued that if the federal government did not enact legislation enforcing the 8-hour day by May 1, 1888, the Federation would call a general strike. Continue reading

AP reports military coup under way in Venezuela

April 30, 2019 – Shortly after 7:30 EDT this morning the Associated Press reported that  Juan Guaido, the self-proclaimed President and defender of democracy in Venezuela, launched a military coup.  The report from AP went on to say "Venezuelan Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said on Twitter that Nicolas Maduro’s government is confronting a small “coup attempt” led by military “traitors” backed by right-wing opponents." Details are extremely scarce. Continue reading

Join The Emergency Venezuelan Embassy Protection Mobilization!

We are calling for a full mobilization of all people of conscience to join us on Saturday, April 27 at 2:00 p.m. at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C. We urgently request that all who can stay overnight on Saturday and/or all or part of Sunday. The powerful mobilization of people across the country who came together at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C. Wednesday and Thursday has prevented the take over of the embassy by the Trump administration and their fraudulent puppet government. The Collective has exposed the illegal character of the Trump White House’s efforts to seize this diplomatic compound. The embassy, which is a building owned by the Venezuelan government and covered by the Vienna Convention, has been the scene of a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week vigil that has included rallies, teach-ins, and mobilizations by US peace and anti-war activists who are the invited guests of the Venezuelan government. Continue reading

Report from the International Conference on Monetary Reform

Green Party Member Sue Peters of the Banking and Monetary Reform Committee Attends International Conference on Monetary Reform Several members of the Banking and Monetary Reform Committee (BMRC), have been studying and promoting monetary reform for many years. One BMRC member, Sue Peters, is also an active member of the American Monetary Institute (AMI), the Alliance for Just Money (A4JM), Greens For Monetary Reform, and a NYC neighborhood study/activist group called ‘The Fed Group.’  Continue reading

Activists protect DC Venezuelan embassy from US-supported coup

The Trump-orchestrated plan of creating a parallel government in Venezuela and then simply taking over diplomatic premises is totally illegal. An extraordinary chapter in the ongoing saga of Venezuela has been taking place, virtually unnoticed, at the Venezuela Embassy that lies in the heart of swanky Georgetown in Washington DC. A group initiated by CODEPINK and Popular Resistance, all activists opposed to the prospect of the Venezuelan opposition taking over the Embassy, have been living inside the building for the past two weeks, working side-by-side with the skeletal Venezuela diplomatic staff that has been told by the State Department that they must leave by April 24. Continue reading

Venezuela: Embassy Protection Collective 'the next two days are crucial'

Embassy Protection Collective will refuse to turn over embassy to US puppet government: arrests expected The next two days will be crucial for the protection of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC. The Embassy Protection Collective is prepared to stay at the embassy for the foreseeable future, for as long as it takes to protect the sovereignty of Venezuela from a coup led by the United States with its fraudulent puppet government that the entire world knows is a farce — unelected and illegal under Venezuelan and international law. We stand with the Venezuelan government and their legitimately-elected president, Nicolas Maduro. Continue reading

Something Was Rotten in Pennsylvania

I was privileged to be a plaintiff along with Jill Stein on the exemplary lawsuit that challenged several critical election laws and procedures in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. When the suit was settled last November it resulted in a guarantee that (a) paper ballots will be used by 2020, and (b) post-election audits will be initiated in 2022. We have far to go toward assuring full electoral integrity. Pennsylvania was, and is still, shamefully backward when it comes to rights of voters and ballot access. The state has even been called the poster child for gerrymandering. And, in the seven years I’ve lived here, apparently the only method by which one can seek redress is by lawsuits. To their almost singular credit, the Green Party has filed several such suits, thus leading the movement to enhance electoral integrity for Pennsylvania voters. Continue reading

Earth Day, planetary boundaries, and the Green New Deal

We need system change, not business as usual. As we celebrate Earth Day in 2019, we need to recognize that more than climate change threatens our environment and our very existence. We have passed or are approaching several Planetary Boundaries outside of which human society may not survive. Continue reading

Extinction Rebellion, Grief and Climate Catastrophe

I was attracted to the Extinction Rebellion by its call for net zero carbon emissions by 2025 – more in line what is needed to save life on the planet than what many other groups have been calling for. And the fact that it employs acts of civil disobedience as a main organizing tool and directly challenges the present actions by elected official everywhere as untruthful and grossly inadequate to the task. I attended the action at Rockefeller Center in January. Yesterday more than 60 were arrested in NYC near City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge while the London CD protests enter their fourth day. Continue reading