In the U.S. they are never called human rights violations

Trump’s 2020 budget proposal reflects another significant increase in military spending along with corresponding cuts in spending by Federal agencies tasked with the responsibility for providing critical services and income support policies for working class and poor people. Trump’s call for budget cuts by Federal agencies is mirrored by the statutorily imposed austerity policies in most states and many municipalities. Those cuts represent the continuing imposition of neoliberal policies in the U.S. even though the “A” word for austerity is almost never used to describe those policies. Continue reading

Juneteenth 2019: The US Must Repair Historic and Current Racism

On this Juneteenth, we must confront the impacts of racism dating back to the founding of the United States with the slave trade of Black people brought from Africa, Jim Crow segregation, and policies that continue to this day that cause wealth inequality, disinvestment in Black communities, police violence, mass incarceration, and white nationalist violence. A pre-eminent African historian, Basil Davidson, credits the initiation of the African slave trade to Columbus. The first license granted to send enslaved Africans to the Caribbean was issued in 1501, during Columbus’s rule in the Indies. Davidson labels Columbus the “father of the slave trade.” African slavery is as old as the European colonization of North America. Continue reading

Major wins behind us, exciting struggles ahead!

More than two years after the groundswell demanding recounts in the 2016 election, the fight for election integrity and voting justice is still going strong. To keep you up to date on our work, made possible by the generous support of recount contributors, here are some exciting developments in the continuing struggle on the front lines. Continue reading

Why did both Obama and Trump sanction Venezuela?

This question has deep relevance. In my first BLOG after returning from the Alliance for Global Justice "End Venezuela Sanctions" delegation, my goal was to provide the most fundamental information possible about what we can do as a government and as citizens of the United States. Most people in Venezuela and the U.S. can agree on these three basics: no war, end sanctions (which are a form of deadly warfare), and respect the sovereignty of other nations. The U.S. is not the boss of the world, and recent "help" from the U.S. has not helped the people of the world. Continue reading

Federal Court Finds Cheri Honkala Guilty

WASHINGTON D.C., June 10, 2019 – In the case United States v. Honkala, defendant Cheri Honkala, international anti-poverty and housing activist, was found guilty of unlawful entry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC), of which Honkala is the founder, condemns this attack on free speech and the right to petition our government, and the silencing of dissent. Continue reading

Lavender Green Caucus "Pride Month 2019" statement

It was business as usual on June 28, 1969 when the police launched yet another raid on a gay bar in New York City, but this time, the police wagons were late. The Stonewall Inn was a place patronized by drag queens, trans men, trans women, and prostitutes, and where homeless trans/bi/lesbian/gay youth loitered. Their very existence was against the law. The sight of arrested patrons waiting on the sidewalk drew a crowd of pissed off LGBTQIA community members, and sparks (and the most famous "brick" in history) flew.  Continue reading

Double Dads One Teen

Pennsylvania Green and Judge of Elections Dr. Stuart Chen-Hayes publishes Queer family memoir on 25 years of activism in USA and Taiwan: Double Dads One Teen Double Dads One Teen: A Queer Family's Trailblazing Life in the USA and Taiwan has been published by Dr. Stuart Chen-Hayes, a Green Party Judge of Elections in Newtown, PA, and professor of Counselor Education at CUNY Lehman College as a celebration of his 25 years of activism with his husband, Dr. Lance Chen-Hayes, and their queer teen, Kalani. Continue reading

On Shifting Focus

Speech Delivered by John Rensenbrink on May 19, 2019 at the Annual Meeting of the Maine Green Independent Party in Augusta, Maine Not so long ago we were warned that dire things were in the offing; environmental, economic, and political disasters threaten to put our very survival in jeopardy. But, led by the rich and powerful, people shrugged and put it out of their minds. It’s just doomsday talk, they said. Scientists were blamed for scaring us. But some, very few, took it seriously. Continue reading

Reflecting on Nakba

The Nakba — the expulsion of the majority native Christians and Muslims from historic Palestine from 1947-1949, a dispossession that continues to this day — is the core of the conflict, not the military occupation. For a sustainable and just peace, Palestinian refugees’ international human right to return to their homes in Israel must be honored. And the only plausible way that can happen is if Israel-Palestine becomes one democratic state with equality before the law, the national homes of two peoples. Justin McCabeMay 15, 2019 Continue reading

An Open Letter to District of Columbia Authorities

In allowing coup supporters to lay siege to the Venezuelan embassy, D.C. Police are violating the First Amendment and District of Columbia law At this writing, a rightwing mob of supporters of Juan Guaido, (the self-described, U.S.-named “interim president” of Venezuela, who has no legitimate, lawful claim to that office) has been blocking access to the Venezuelan embassy, located at 1099 30th St., NW, in Washington, D.C., since April 30th. This mob has been actively supported by the Metropolitan District of Columbia Police and the U.S. Secret Service (SS). Continue reading