Murphy wrong on support for Israel

I applaud your publishing Michael Galant's excellent (Nov. 18) essay, "Chris Murphy wants a new foreign policy." As Murphy's constituent, so do I. Still, I couldn't agree more with Galant about Murphy's bellicose attitude toward Palestinians and apparent veneration of a Zionist Israel. Consider a 2015 press release issued on Murphy's becoming a ranking member of the Mideast Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in which he says: Continue reading

Israel: Ethnic Cleansing, Land Theft, Apartheid and Jim Crow

In recent weeks, racism against Palestinian people and the expansion of apartheid-Jim Crow policies have escalated. The Israeli lobby and its supporters attacked freedom of speech in the United States, showing how far they will go to prevent the US public from being aware of their behavior. If more people in the US become aware of the truth about Israel’s genocidal policies, the economic lifeline and political protection of the United States will disappear. Israel could be forced to make significant changes that recognize the human rights and self-determination of Palestinians. Continue reading

We can’t rid ourselves of citizens loyal to tyrants

America’s dearth of leadership, hampering us for 25 years or more, is now an imminent threat to our cherished institutions. Central to that problem is how Democrats and Republicans use a Peter’s Principle for advancing candidates. Intelligence and wisdom are less desirable attributes than abilities to raise money, organize campaigns and win at all costs. With spite and political retribution on the rise, victory today is less about controlling destinies than excluding opposition. That paradigm wouldn’t exist, however, if voters reliably made decisions in their own best interests. Instead, we latch onto tribal images and personalities, support serial failures who take us where we shouldn’t go, and expect some messiah to deliver us from evil and ourselves. Continue reading

The Bolton Speech on Africa: A Case of the Wolf and the Foxes

The Trump administration claims China and Russia are exploiting Africa, but US policy offers nothing but more guns, more bases and more subversion. “Economic relations with China provides African states a modicum of spaceto exercise more effective national sovereignty than had ever been afforded them by the European colonial powers.” Continue reading

Cuomo Should Declare Climate Emergency

Climate activists are urging Governor Cuomo to declare an emergency climate mobilization in New York in response to the recent report by the United Nations that we have only 12 years left to avoid catastrophic climate change. Cuomo is expected to preview his 2019 legislative agenda, including on climate, in a speech on Monday. Continue reading

Sorry Democrats, the Green Party Came Up With the Green New Deal!

This week progressives nationwide are talking about a Green New Deal and, while mainstream media is saying that insurgent Democrats came up with this, we beg to differ! We applaud the efforts of Democrats for finally adopting what the Global Greens began to work on in 2006 while noting that the delay of 12 years is very significant when it comes to climate change. Continue reading

In 2016 the Democrats had their chance. Now it's our turn!

You may have thought 2016 was bad. It wasn't just that the country elected Donald Trump to the Oval Office, though that was pretty bad to be sure. Rather, it was that American liberalism — always a treacherous force — took a sharp turn to the right, due to a confluence of two factors. First, when the "out of touch" campaign of Hillary Clinton went down in flames, the ace mathematicians of the Democratic Party figured out that in several key states, the Green Party slate of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka had scored enough votes to either have cost Hillary the election, or enough votes to be within a hoot and a holler of costing Hillary those states. The Green Party may be small, but it is no longer a joking matter. Continue reading

Jill Stein wins PA lawsuit

Jill Stein, and the citizen Plaintiffs from Pennsylvania, announce a Settlement Agreement regarding the 2016 recount lawsuit. The Agreement requires a phasing out of the mostly paperless voting equipment used used in the state in favor of machinery the includes a paper ballot for all voters. The upgraded machines must be in place by 2020, but, by 2022, Pennsylvania must also perform audits in all counties, in order to verify the validity of election results, and the effectiveness of the voting machines used. The audits will compare paper ballots with machine totals to give citizens confidence in the accuracy of elections. The Federal Court has retained jurisdiction in the matter to assure Pennsylvania complies with the terms of the settlement. Additionally, Jill and the other co-Plaintiffs will be allowed to appoint observers to confirm the Commonwealth is upholding its responsibilities in the Settlement. Continue reading

You're a Green (And You Never Even Knew)

You may not know this from mainstream media coverage, but the Green Party is overwhelmingly popular among us Millennials. 71% of Millennials think we need a third party, and not just any third party will do. We want a party that fights for universal healthcare coverage, marijuana legalization, strong action on climate change, and more equitable economic outcomes. We believe the government should provide more services and want the country to be more welcoming to immigrants. Republicans reject all of these priorities, and Libertarians most of them. Democrats, at best, merely talk about implementing them while catering to the same business interests as the other two. The Green Party is the only national party that fights for all of these issues, all of the time. And we do so without a penny in corporate money. We are a Green generation! Continue reading

Jill Stein Lawsuit Forces Adoption of Paper Ballots and Election Audits in Pennsylvania

When you absolutely, positively need to steal an election, nothing beats the simple elegance of modern, computerized faith based voting machines. You can gerrymander districts, you can conduct malicious purges on spurious grounds like people convicted of felonies in other states having similar names. You can close polling places in neighborhoods unlikely to vote for you. You can even intimidate voters at the polling place, but all these things either leave paper trails or can generate unwanted publicity. Continue reading