The co-opting of Martin Luther King's legacy

By Tom Siracuse In a speech given on Aug. 31, 1967, Martin Luther King brought up the existential problem of European/American "civilization": Racism, Materialism and Militarism. In America the problem is especially acute. America professes Democracy, Equality and Peace but hypocritically has practiced the opposite since the founding of this nation. Durng the 1960's, Dr King was part of the emerging anti-Vietnam and Civil Rights/Black Liberation movement. At first Dr King thought that the system could be reformed but he progressively realized that what was needed would be a moral and political revolution. In the March on Washington, on Aug 28, 1963, Dr King made his "I Have A Dream" speech and this speech has been used by his co-opters as an example of King's peaceful philosophy ever since. Despite the moderate tone of the speech, Pres. Kennedy did not support the march. Continue reading

Cemeteries being underutilized for providing wildlife with needed safe space

Coyotes are among the wildlife in Providence’s North Burial Ground that Greg Gerritt has photographed and videotaped. PROVIDENCE, RI — I started hanging out in cemeteries when I was in graduate school, sort of a reasonable place for an anthropology major, but also a reasonable destination for someone who needs to be around trees. I returned to spending much time in cemeteries when I moved to Providence more than 20 years ago, walking in Swan Point Cemetery within four days of moving here. Continue reading

Propaganda Inversion: How American War Propaganda Has Undermined Foreign Policy

By Haig Hovaness In the early 20th century, the development of mass communications propaganda enhanced the ability of governments to secure public support for waging war. In America, WWI was “sold” to the public by a carefully planned public relations campaign directed by early pioneers of opinion manipulation, such as Edward Bernays. In 1928 Bernays published a definitive book, “Propaganda,” on the new science of influencing the public. In this book, he declares the purpose of this science bluntly: Continue reading

No war on Iran! End illegal U.S. intervention!

By Madelyn HoffmanJanuary 4, 2020 The Recent Action of the U.S. Military in Iraq must be the “Line in the Sand” for Those who Value Peace!  It was way back in 2001 when I heard these words spoken by Robert Jensen, “The world cannot afford any more U.S. patriotism.” I took those words to include notions of so-called “American exceptionalism.”  On Thursday, January 2nd, as the world ushers in a new year, the world saw yet another example as to why.  Continue reading

Stop the US war on Iran! US out of the Middle East now!

By Howie HawkinsJanuary 3, 2020 We all need to take to the streets tomorrow, Saturday, January 4, to demand that the US stop its war on Iran and that the US military get out of the Middle East now – out of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. Demonstrations are planned for dozens of cities. If you don’t find a protest near you on the Popular Resistance website, organize one. Continue reading

Hoffman calls out both Bookers for silence on the NDAA

By Madelyn HoffmanDecember 23, 2019 On December 17th, the U.S. Senate, by a vote of 86-8, passed the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This bill increases the military budget to an obscene $738 billion. Senator Cory Booker did not vote. Neither did Senators Harris, Klobuchar, Sanders or Warren. How can presidential candidate Booker speak out in a national interview exactly one month ago today about the need to contain military spending and executive power in declaring war and then not vote on the NDAA which both increases military spending and fails to rein in executive power? This is unacceptable -- New Jersey is the loser here. Continue reading

Green New Deal can slow destruction

How do you respond if you believe that the likely outcome of climate change is the collapse of civilization as we know it? This is the existential question that many climate activists and scientists increasingly face. How do you speak the truth without paralyzing people with a sense of hopelessness? Continue reading

Open letter to all 2020 Green Party candidates

The Green Party’s Banking and Monetary Reform Committee (BMRC) wishes to be a resource for all 2020 Green Party candidates seeking a deeper and more critical understanding of the current Federal Reserve monetary system. We believe understanding monetary policy is essential to understanding many of the nation’s (and the world’s) problems  – social, environmental and economic. We encourage you to read our committee website, This site explains simply the problem with our current monetary system and the solution, “Greening the Dollar”, found in our national platform. Continue reading

The struggle for democracy in Benton Harbor and around the country

BANCORev. Edward PinkneyDecember 12, 2019 The Rev Martin Luther King must be turning over in his grave over what is happening in Benton Harbor, Michigan and around the country. Today automation, computers, robots and production without our labor is rapidly eliminating the jobs left in our cities. Cities, school system and other public services are being destroyed. Continue reading

Fascists trying to take control of Latin America

Popular ResistanceBy Margaret Flowers & Kevin ZeeseDecember 7, 2019 Clearing the FOG hosts Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese interviewed William Camacaro, a Venezuelan activist living in New York City who is active with the Solidarity Committee with Venezuela NYC and organizes food sovereignty tours to Venezuela, on the eve of the December 3 Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR) meeting in Colombia. This meeting is the next step in the escalation of aggression towards Venezuela by the United States and its lackey governments in South America. Camacaro explains why this step is being taken, how it relates to current events in Latin America and what people in the United States need to be doing. You can listen to the entire program on Clearing the FOG. Continue reading