Why We're Green!

A few members of the Indianapolis Green Party / Circle City Greens explain why they're Green. So why are you Green? Let us know or make some noise at your local meeting Continue reading

Andrea Merida reflecting on today's events in Palestine & Jerusalem

Thoughts on today's Israeli attack on Palestinians, as well as a recap of the Green Party platform on Palestine. Additional articles on the Green Party position on Palestine and Israel are located here. Andrea E. Merida, Co-Chair, Green Party of the United States. Continue reading

What are you willing to sacrifice to make this county better?

Kelly from the Green Party of Kansas City passionately telling us why we need to support the IWW members arrested for protesting during Trump's inauguration.  Additional information after the court case can be found at It's Going Down. Continue reading

Why you should run as a Green

Marnie Glickman is an elected Green school board member in San Rafael, California. She talks about why it is important to run as a Green with help from her daughter Calliope Continue reading

The need for public money

Howard Switzer, a long time member of the Green Party of Tennessee, talks about the Green position on monetary policy. Continue reading

The View from Ohio

Constance Gadell-Newton, Green candidate for Ohio Governor, reflects on those who voted from Trump because they wanted to "shake up the system" and details why voting Green is the best way to "shake up the system". Continue reading

Gadell-Newton on Ohio courtroom shooting

Eyewitness Statement by Constance Gadell-Newton Constance Gadell-Newton describes for us what happened immediately after the lethal shooting of 16-year-old Joseph Haynes in the Franklin County Ohio Courthouse, by a sheriffs deputy. Gadell-Newton was in court that day, representing a client. She shares with us her camera-phone video of the incident. Continue reading

Greg Gerritt, The State of the Union

The State of the Union January 2018 Hello, I am Greg Gerritt, a Green Party member since 1984 and a resident of Rhode Island. The State of the Union is fragile, threatened by three interconnected issues, the expansion of the war machine, growing inequality, and climate change. Continue reading

Time for a change

Skip Mendler on the need to change to a multiparty democracy in America. Mendler chose to record this in a hospital waiting room because the state of our union nearing life support. He is a member of the Green Party of Pennsylvania. Continue reading

The Green Party vision should be your vision

Gloria Mattera has been a member of the Green Party since 2001. Coming to the Green Party through the Nader campaign, Gloria has been involved in building a left, political independent movement since the mid 90's as a leader in the Labor Party New York Metro Chapter. She has served as a coordinating member of System Change Not Climate Change and is a founding member of Left Elect. Gloria Mattera is a co-chair of the Green Party of the United States and co-chair of the Green Party of New York. Continue reading