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Green victory over Glyphosate

Thanks to Greens in the ABQ metro area ALBUQUERQUE, NM –  The Green Party of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area's petition campaign paid off big time in terms of public health and environmental integrity. The petition asked the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners to stop using glyphosate in open spaces, parks, sports fields and other public areas under its administration. Approximately 500 signatures were presented to the Commissioners. Continue reading

Green Party of Santa Clara County September Newsletter

Get Ready for Campaign Season! Santa Clara, Ca – As leaves start to fall off trees and California Assembly and Senate members reconvene in the Capitol, we, Santa Clara Greens, get ready to fight for the causes and campaign for the bills and candidates we have endorsed. From Public Banking, Rent Control, and Ranked Choice Voting bills to the Climate Strike to our County Council elections, we are busy bringing our Green values to our communities. Continue reading

Climate Strikes & other news from NOLA

New Orleans – At September meeting of the Green Party of New Orleans we learned there's a lot going on in the Crescent City, across the state, and around the world, that will be of interest to all Greens. Even as I type, people are converging on the Public Service Commission meeting in Baton Rouge. If you care about solar energy, contact your commissioner immediately and demand the preservation of net metering. Continue reading

Rensselaer County plays Game of Theft with taxpayer money

TROY, Ny – In late July Rensselaer County put up billboards in Troy neighborhoods with a significant black population. The billboards state, "GAME OF THEFT - Report Welfare Fraud Now! - 833-DSSTIPS - DSSTIPS@rensco.com - ARRESTS ARE COMING" with imagery from Game of Thrones, the popular television series. This comes after a long and costly investigation by the county which culminated with the arrest of 19 people in May who were accused of improperly collecting $56,000 in welfare benefits which makes up a very small percentage of total benefit spending by the county. Continue reading

New Jersey tried to hide the fact that Newark is another Flint

The latest podcast from Clearing the FOG Residents of Newark, New Jersey learned last year that their water was poisoned with high levels of lead, something the government failed to inform them about even though it knew about it in June 2017. When people learned of the problem, the government first denied it and then tried to blame homeowners and downplayed the severity of the impacts. Then, the city offered half-hearted solutions. Continue reading

We're Hiring A Ballot Access Coordinator

Thank you for your continuing support of the Maryland Green Party and the greater Green movement. Small donors are helping us finance the position of Ballot Access Coordinator, and we are excited to announce the start of the hiring process. Continue reading

Green Party Fall Gathering in Milwaukee!

Have you heard the news? July was the hottest month ever recorded, and record-breaking wildfires are raging from the Amazon to the Arctic. Meanwhile, Congress passed a massive $733B military spending bill with overwhelming Democratic Party support - while at the same time Democratic leadership laughs at the idea of a Green New Deal. In short, it's as clear as ever why we need to build the Wisconsin Green Party like our lives depend on it. Continue reading

Walking the line

Solidarity with the Communications Workers of America members at AT&T who are striking over unfair labor practices. One of my junior political advisors and I went out this morning and walked the picket line with local union members and their families. It's time for AT&T to step up and send folks to the table who can make decisions. We join our fellow workers demanding that they bargain in good faith. Continue reading


The topic for the next Black & Green Wednesday Forum is Trauma Trauma is a deep emotional wound. Children, especially black children, are exposed to too much toxic stress and upsetting situations that impact overall health and well being. What physical changes go on in the body when a person has too much stress? How do personal problems and community issues interact with each other?  Continue reading

Katrina 14 Commemoration

Katrina 14 Commemoration: Honoring Legacies of Courage – Connecting the Dots of Climate & Environmental Justice Fellow Green, The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy invites you and members of your organizations and community to join us in commemorating 14 years of recovery since Hurricane Katrina. Together participants will highlight the power and resilience in 14 years of Katrina recovery, and connect the dots between the Climate and Environmental Justice struggles throughout the Gulf South.  Continue reading