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GPWA statewide membership meeting

SEATTLE – The Green Party of Washington will hold a statewide membership meeting on Wednesday, February 3. We will discuss news and happenings with the national Green Party, and give input for upcoming decisions at the national level regarding state affiliation of Green Party chapters in RI and GA. We will hear updates from our Green Party US committee representatives and our local Green Party chapters. Continue reading

News from Minnesota

Celebrating Black History Month MINNEAPOLIS – African Americans have contributed to America for over 400 years and this month we celebrate those contributions and the legacy of Black Americans in the United States. The Minnesota Green anti-racist leaders have been busy in the fight for racial justice. Green Party activist Trahern Crews worked closely with city councilwoman Jane Prince on working on and passing bipartisan resolution the Saint Paul Recovery Act which will set up a commission to study reparations at the city level in Saint Paul City Council passes Reparations ordinance Continue reading

Platform for Human Dignity

HOUSTON – What is a political party if not its platform? The 2021 Texas Green Party (GPTX) Annual State Meeting is the next opportunity to update our state party platform. This is distinct from the national party platform, and to some degree reconciliation may be desirable. In essence, the Green platform is a Platform for Human Dignity, in this case as curated by the consensus of the Green Party of Texas in the two decades since our inception. We recognize the 10 key values of the Green movement as the basis for our decision-making. Continue reading

Formation of the United States Green Party first affiliated disability caucus

INDIANAPOLIS –  The Indiana Green Party (INGP) held its coordinating committee meeting utilizing Zoom teleconferencing due to COVID-19 restrictions on Saturday, December12th. The creation of the Disability Caucus signifies a step towards inclusion and diversity for the INGP. The Disability Caucus foci include advocating for disability issues within the state of Indiana, promoting disability issues within the Green Party, and promoting the INGP to the disability community. Continue reading

Join the world: Say "No" to War on Yemen

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, people in the U.S. and around the world are demanding an end to the brutal, U.S.-supported war on Yemen. Since 2015, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have waged war against Yemen, killing and injuring thousands of Yemeni civilians. After five years of war, roughly 14 million people are at risk of famine and over 24 million people rely on food assistance for survival. More than 2 million people have been infected with cholera, among other alarming epidemics. The Saudi-led coalition’s blockade has impeded the flow of food, fuel, and medicine, threatening the lives of millions. Continue reading

Indiana Green Party condemns the war in Yemen

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Green Party (INGP) is holding a virtual day of action on January 25th to demand an end to US involvement in the War on Yemen. Yemen is currently the largest humanitarian crisis in the world with over 24 million Yemeni civilians in need of humanitarian assistance according to UNICEF. Continue reading

Announcing the 2021 GRP Membership Drive!

BOSTON – Today the Green-Rainbow Party is launching our membership drive for 2021. It is my pleasure to invite you to consider joining the party! Our State Committee adopted a Membership Dues Policy, which we hope will achieve two basic goals. First, we want to secure our financial future by expanding our base of reliable donors. Second, we want to solidify our grassroots organizing model by inviting you to take greater responsibility for the welfare of our party. Continue reading

News from Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Here is the January 2021 news from the Green Party of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area. AREAS OF FOCUS, 2021Please choose and rank items you would like to see GPAMA direct its efforts in 2021. We plan to focus on the top-three items from the vote results. Thank you for your input. www.opavote.com/en/vote/4734327020584960 REGULAR MEETING DAYWe anticipate our monthly meeting to move from the second Thursday to the third Wednesday. It is not clear when this will take effect. Please check the web site gpabqmetro.org for the latest news on this. Continue reading

Self-sustained Community: Development vs Gentrification

A Black and Green Wednesday Program ST LOUIS – In the past 50 years whole sections of cities all over this country have been deliberately bled to death. Once livable and vibrant communities like St. Louis’ northside and some areas in Kansas City, Mo. now resemble ghost towns that mirror the tragic, compounding effects of systemic racism, on-going governmental corruption, economic disinvestment and long-term neglect. Large areas are already blighted and/or slated for re-development—if city governments had their way. 7:00 p.m. Central Time Wednesday February 3, 2021RSVP here Continue reading

Organizing efforts continue in Illinois

Updates on January 25th Events CHICAGO – Massive change requires massive organizing. Massive organizing requires big resources. The big donors from the corporations and the 1% will never support the changes the Illinois Green Party is fighting for. Give what you can and keep working, learning, teaching and building whenever and wherever you can to make the world we want, need, and deserve.  Continue reading