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December 2021 news from Pennsylvania

Democrats Throw Meatballs in the 2021 Election By Co-chair Tina Olson. The results of the 2021 elections aren’t looking great for progress in the next season. The spreadsheet from this year’s results shows many easy misses and many hard-ball truths. The Democratic Party continues to spread itself too thin while boasting that their big tent can represent both Centrists and Leftists. Continue reading

Green Party Says Democrats' Efforts to Expand Voting Reform Needs to Include Third Parties

ALBANY, NY  12/2/21 – Green Party of New York leaders today called on the Legislature and Gov. Hochul to enact a "Gold Standard" ballot access bill that would expand voter choice in New York State. While Green officials said they supported the Legislature's renewed push to expand absentee ballot access and a voter registration deadline closer to Election Day, they also said that strengthening democracy requires Democrat Party lawmakers to reverse their recent efforts to kill the independent third parties in New York. Many political scientists point out that the United States' unique lack of robust third parties among the world's so-called democracies is a major cause of the present toxic politics in the country. Continue reading

Green Party candidates reflect On 2021 PA election

PHILADELPHIA – In the 2021 General Election, the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) had 12 candidates on the ballot and several write-ins. When the smoke cleared, the Green Party had seven candidates win election. Several Green Party candidates offered their thoughts on the 2021 campaign. Those thoughts are collected here to help future candidates, especially those who are running for office in 2022. Continue reading

Take action on AB627

MADISON, WI – A bill introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature seeks to broaden the ability of the state to terminate the parental rights of incarcerated individuals. AB627, a partisan bill sponsored and introduced by Assembly Republicans, would allow for the involuntary termination of parental rights of inmates whose incarceration is considered "substantial" or "repeated" by the juvenile court. Continue reading

Jill Stein – "I really need your help"

SO. DEERFIELD, MA – Thank you for all you've done to build our movement for people, planet, and peace over profit! Our work together has set the progressive agenda on issue after issue, from an emergency Green New Deal and Medicare for All to free public higher education, democracy reforms like Ranked-Choice Voting and much more. Now, in the face of accelerating climate collapse, crushing inequality, endless war and the epic failure of public health — we need independent politics more than ever to advance these transformative solutions our lives depend on. Continue reading

Become a Whole Washington Signature Captain for Universal Healthcare

EATTLE – The most direct path to universal healthcare in Washington state is by putting it on the ballot and passing it through a vote of the people. All it takes is 400,000 signatures, collected in 2022! In order to collect these signatures, Whole Washington is recruiting Signature Captains – people who are willing to step up and collect just 13 signatures a week from May-December, either by themselves or with a small team. Continue reading

Join us at the California Green's General Assembly

Saturday, Dec. 4 - Sunday Dec. 5, 2021 REGISTER HERE SAN FRANCISCO – California Greens are invited to the next GPCA General Assembly, Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 4 and 5, 2021. This GA will be held by video- and teleconference and the details of the teleconference will be emailed to you shortly after registration along with your receipt. Continue reading

Green Party immigrant rights update

By Jenny Isaacs PHILADELPHIA – Since 2019, the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) has been on record calling for the closing of the Berks County Detention Center. Many people were shocked to learn that Berks had been housing immigrant families (including children) since 2014. They were unaware that family detention and mass deportation as tools of immigration enforcement did not originate with the Trump administration. Continue reading

Democrats Throw Meatballs in the 2021 Election

By Co-Chair Tina Olson, Green Party of Pennsylvania PHILADELPHIA – The results of the 2021 elections aren’t looking great for progress in the next season. The spreadsheet from this year’s results shows many easy misses and many hard-ball truths. The Democratic Party continues to spread itself too thin while boasting that their big tent can represent both Centrists and Leftists. Certainly from the bullpen, the Blue Sox appear to appeal to a large number of spectators. From the national league, you have rookie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in left field striking out with Democratic Socialists by putting Medicare for All back into the batting cage. While they also have seasoned-player Kyrsten Sinema playing short-stop on raising the minimum wage. These broad swaths of ideology should give them a hometown advantage, but when a conservative batter charges the mound, there simply is no solidarity, no nine-on-one fight. Continue reading

Latest news from the Green Party of New Mexico

Redistricting The Green Party of New Mexico (GPNM) is part of the coalition gathered by Fair Districts New Mexico to promote citizen involvement in the redistricting process at the state level. The Citizen Redistricting Committee (CRC) forwarded three maps each for redrawing districts for U. S. House of Representatives, the New Mexico House and Senate, and the Public Education Committee. At this point it is up to the state legislature to adopt maps from the CRC or create its own. We ask that you contact your legislators or write letters to the editor of your local news publications about this. Points to emphasize include adopting a CRC map that is strongly population balanced; avoids partisan and incumbent gerrymandering; protects historically oppressed and underrepresented communities; and respects tribal, county, and municipal boundaries to the extent possible. Please point out that the redistricting process should comply with the Open Meetings Act with proceedings open and accessible to the public--no backroom deals! Continue reading