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Summer Issue of Green Mountain News

The Green ResponseDNC Continues Its Failed Experiment July 31, 2023  —  By Denise Binion, Mountain Party Chair DNC Chair, Jaime Harrison, recently attempted to undermine Dr. Cornel West’s “third party” run for President, stating that “this is not the time in order to experiment.” Harrison, head of one of the oldest political parties in the world, conveniently ignores the ongoing 235 year experiment of the American political system. This is the two-party system, which is arguably the greatest failure the United States has still yet to resolve. Continue reading

Statewide Missouri Green Party Ballot Access Coordination Meeting Invitation

Green Party volunteers from around Missouri met on July 12th to formally kick-off our bid to regain our statewide ballot access. Although we started petitioning in January and now have over 2700 signatures collected, we still have a long way to go. Momentum is gathering (both here and around the country) for the Green Party in 2024, so now is the time to add your shoulder to the wheel alongside your neighbors to challenge the thoroughly corrupt and unresponsive pay-to-play politics at City Hall, at the county courthouse, in Jefferson City, and in Washington DC. Continue reading

News From Madison County, Alabama

We wanted to share some news from the Green Party of Madison County in Alabama. Last month we did a whole host of Pride events. Our first one being in Decatur Alabama which had its first-ever pride festival we had a table set up and raffled a pride swag kit.  Continue reading

PA Green Party Leader Finds Blueprint for Organizing

2023 Goals The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) 2023 Goals were passed at the November 2022 State Meeting. Those goals said, "County parties are our cornerstone. They support our petitioning efforts, our candidates, and our local actions." Continue reading

The high cost of electricity

Why is electricity so expensive on Long Island -- and NY in general? At a recent meeting of the Green Party of Nassau County, activist Fred Harrison took a deep dive into the many contributing factors, and suggested some ways of fighting back. Some of this information will apply to other areas of the state as well. Continue reading

Vote Green in 2023

Agenda | Registration NOW OPEN | Media Credentials | Media Kit | Fundraiser with Lee Camp | Workshops | Presenters | George Martin The Green Party’s Annual National Meeting (ANM) will be held August 3 - 6, 2023! We are delighted to gather virtually providing an opportunity for all to participate this year, while we continue efforts to meet again in person in 2024. Continue reading

The Big Green-Rainbow Tent

  A Review of the May 6th Annual Convention by John Blumensteil After a 3-year COVID hiatus, May 6, 2023, witnessed the reopening of the “big tent” political convention of the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) in Worcester, MA. The GRP once again met face-to-face at the First Unitarian Church, on Main Street. What a joy and inspiration to see our fellow progressives face to face and spend a day together politicking, socializing, and reinvigorating ourselves for the struggle ahead. Continue reading

Missouri Green Party 2024 Petition Drive Underway

According to Sue Edward, Secretary of the Missouri Green Party, the MGP is now circulating a party petition for ballot access in The Show Me state for the 2024 General Election. She estimates that about 2,500 signatures have been gathered to date. 10,000 valid signatures will be needed by July 31, 2024, and the MGP’s goal is to turn in 15,000 total signatures. If the petition succeeds, it would qualify the MGP’s nominated candidates for all partisan elections in Missouri in November 2024. Continue reading

Montana Secretary of State Website Says that Green Party is On the Ballot for 2024

The Montana Secretary of State has listed the Green Party as a qualified party, after the party notified the Secretary of its new officers. There had been uncertainty about the party’s legal status. The Green Party was on in 2022, but because there were no statewide offices up in Montana, it was impossible for the Green Party, or any party, to poll 5% of the winner’s vote (the legal test) in a statewide race in 2022. Continue reading

Now is the time to get the Green Party on the ballot in Missouri in 2024

If you think that Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump (again!) is a good enough choice for President in 2024, then you can go on and skip the rest of this call to action... However, if you are not okay with this, then now is the time to do something BIG about it. Missouri Green Party volunteers have already been hard at work for months working on gathering the 15,000 signatures needed to put the Green Party on the ballot in Missouri in 2024. We have a great start. Continue reading