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Green Party Calls on the Legislature to Impeach and Remove Cuomo in Light of AG James’ Report

ALBANY, NY – 8/3/21 - Green Party of New York officers demanded that Speaker Carl Heastie move immediately to impeach Gov. Cuomo and Leader Stewart-Cousins to remove him from office in light of the shocking findings contained within Attorney General Letitia James's investigation. They stated Cuomo's violation of state and federal laws indicate that he and his administration are deeply corrupt, and that he cannot credibly lead the state. Party leaders concluded that Cuomo's refusal to resign indicates that, like a rotten autocrat, he will never leave without being forced to do so. Continue reading

California Greens accelerate call for ecosocialist Green New Deal

SAN FRANCISCO – The Green Party of California has taken three crucial steps in its push for comprehensive actions on the climate crisis and vast social inequality in the face of Democratic and Republican politicians’ failure to act. In early July, Green Party delegates from across the state voted to take an unequivocal stand on the party’s identity as EcoSocialist by adding a critical preamble to their platform stating that the alternative social, economic, and political system Greens have advocated for decades is EcoSocialism. https://www.cagreens.org/platform Continue reading

Justice is Making Healthcare a Human Right

Green Party of New York Co-Chair, Gloria Mattera, addresses M4M4ALL crowd outside NYC City Hall on Saturday, July24, 2021. Listen to Gloria explain what Health Justice is about and how important it is for Congress to pass H.R. 1976. Continue reading

#M4M4All – These are so inspiring

Yesterday, Greens across the country joined or co-organized events to support the grassroots #M4M4ALL day of action. No other national political party matches our commitment to healthcare as a human right. Improved, expanded Medicare-For-All has been in our platform for decades. Candidates and elected officials in the corporate-dominated parties flirt with supporting Medicare-For-All, then back-peddle once elected, or once it comes up for a legitimate vote. Continue reading

Latinx Caucus Statement in Support of Cuba

There has been much uproar to half a century old political dilemma with a country roughly 90 nautical miles from Miami. In a country with intermittent power outages, food shortages, lack of international trading partners, deteriorating infrastructure, limited access to much needed medical supplies. Yet despite these conditions, despite these deplorable conditions which none of us reading this statement, would endure, the People of Cuba have learned to improvise for the lack of bare human necessities caused by the U.S. embargo. Continue reading

Green Party of New Jersey co-sponsors March For Medicare For All

GPNJ Co-Sponsors national March For Medicare For All #M4M4ALL this Saturday, July 24! TRENTON, NJ – We hope you are all staying safe while enjoying the summer! We've had a productive July so far with the Green Party US ANM last week, supporting our campaigns as they organize for this fall, the YES-Young EcoSocialists Caucus featured our Lt. Governor Candidate Heather Warburton and our Elections Committee held a meeting with independent candidates running this fall in New Jersey that are considering joining us! We have a few urgent events to alert you all to about with this Saturday's March For Medicare For All which we have co-sponsored! Our next State Meeting is this Sunday and we are hosting our first in person Potluck Picnic for everyone Aug 1! Continue reading

March for Medicare for All This Saturday!

ROCHESTER, NY – Green Party candidates and advocates have been fighting for single payer health care for decades. And during that time, it's been made clear that those in power have no intention of creating a true, single payer health care system and that is just one of the reasons the Green Party exists and continues to grow around the country. So please join us this Saturday as the Green Party of Monroe County continues our push for single payer in solidarity with others who see health care as a human right.  Continue reading

Join Wisconsin Greens at July 24 March for Medicare for All

MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Green Party is supporting the March for Medicare for All, a national grassroots coalition that is organizing marches to call for Medicare for All across the country on Saturday, July 24. With the US leading the world in deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic, it's an outrage that we remain the only wealthy country with a pay-or-die healthcare system. We will march in solidarity with people in 45 cities and counting to demand that politicians respond to the public demand for Medicare for All NOW. Continue reading

PA Greens to March for Medicare For All

PHILADELPHIA – The Steering Committee of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) is pleased to announce that it has endorsed the #M4M4ALL | Marches which will take place on Saturday, July 24. Many members of the Green Party will participate in this nationwide march to rally for the cause of universal health. Continue reading

Medicare for All – Call to Action!

Medicare for All Call to Action: July 24th, 2021 SEATTLE - The Green Party of Washington State is one of the many sponsors of the #M4M4ALL [March for Medicare for All] which takes place in cities and towns all over the country this Saturday, July 24, 2021. The Green Party of Washington State strongly urges all Green Party members and supporters to get involved! Continue reading