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Statewide meeting in Tennessee

The Green Party of Tennessee must fight the duopoly just to get on the ballot, then we must fight the mass media blackout of progressive voices speaking truth to power in order to be heard. Our nation is moving rapidly toward a fascist police state that the people do not want and the political process is ruled by big money to keep the people's voices from being heard.  Continue reading

GPNY: Marijuana Deal Needs to Include Reparations, Expunge prior criminal records

ALBANY — The Green Party of New York called today for the State legislature to legalize the use of marijuana, including repealing existing laws criminalizing possession and use. Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers have recently said that legalization is unlikely to occur this session partially due to opposition by suburban Democratic legislators. The Greens, who have advocated for legalization for decades, said that the Democrats must ensure economic equity while allowing for home growing and preventing the use of pesticides and genetic engineering. Continue reading

City Council Candidate Anthony Beckford supports Universal Rent Control in New York

For the past few years Community Leader / City Council Candidate Anthony Beckford and many other Housing Advocates and Organizations have been fighting for the rights of Tenants in New York. The fight has taken place at City Hall and in Albany. With only 11 days left before New York's rent laws expire, the push to renew and strengthen the rent laws have intensified. There was always talk about Republicans getting in the way and of the IDC. Well, now that the Assembly and Senate in New York are run by Democrats, there are no more excuses that can be given to passing progressive and much needed legislation in both the Assembly and NYS Senate. Continue reading

Stop the closing of Benton Harbor Public Schools!

The Michigan Department of Education has proposed a unilateral plan to close Benton Harbor High School in 2020 with redistribution of high school students to a proposed charter school under Lake Michigan College and nine other local school districts. Would this EVER happen to St. Joe schools? NEVER! Continue reading

May News from the Illinois Green Party

Action Alert: Stop HB 1633! As reported in our last newsletter, we are still in a struggle to defeat Illinois House Bill 1633 in the State Senate. Thank you to all who filed witness slips or contacted your State Senator to urge a “no” vote. Continue reading

Green Party of Florida Annual General Membership Meeting

Green Party of Florida 2019 General Membership Meeting May 31 – June 2, New Smyrna Beach, FL Continue reading

The Green New Deal: Promise and Problems

Black & Green Wednesday Forum St Louis – In 2010 Green Party of New York candidate for Governor Howie Hawkins was the first to run for office on a Green New Deal (GND) platform. The GND seeks 100% renewable energy by 2030 along with the right to single-payer healthcare, a guaranteed job at a living wage and affordable housing. It would create 20 million jobs and end destructive extraction. The GND would mount a World War II-scale mobilization by investing in green businesses. It would redirect research funds toward wind, solar and geothermal energy.  Continue reading

A call for support for the live broadcast of the UN open hearings on Puerto Rico

United Nations Hearings On The Decolonization Of Puerto Rico, June 24, 2019. From Puerto Rico To Palestine, Colonialism Is A Crime! Latinx Caucus of the Green Party of the United States  – Every year the United Nations holds hearings on the Decolonization of Puerto Rico during which individuals, groups and organizations from Puerto Rico, the United States, and other countries testify in support of decolonization and for the independence of Puerto Rico. We are grateful to the UN, to Keisha Anita McGuire and the UN Committee of 24, (that deals with Colonized Nations under domination of Colonizers), for holding these very important hearings. Continue reading

Abortion Rights are Human Rights!

Mobile Bay, Alabama – A woman's right to bodily autonomy is not to be trifled with. These regressive laws being passed by our out of touch state government to restrict women's rights will not go by without hearing our voices! Sexism and women's oppression are blights on our society that go deep. We are seeing them institutionalized in front of our very eyes. We show that SOLIDARITY is stronger than their repressive attacks on women! Women are not second class citizens! Continue reading

California Greens General Assembly

The Green Party of California invites all registered California Greens to join us at our next General Assembly (GA) in in San Francisco, hosted by the Green Party of Alameda County. The General Assembly is the primary decision-making body of the GPCA and consists of delegates from each active county organization. Delegates are selected by the counties each July and serve as delegates to both the GA and the Online GA (the SGA). If there are any changes please notify us at agenda-team@cagreens.org. Continue reading