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Support Wisconsin Green Candidates Petition for Ballot Access

  May is an important month in political campaigns, it is the season where candidates and their supporters circulate petitions to get on the ballot. Wisconsin Green Party endorsed candidates Chester Todd and Jo'Nathan Kingfisher need your help. These two candidates need volunteers to help them share their petitions and message. Continue reading

Greens Take a Stand with #Ceasefire Movement

from the Illinois Green Party The Green Party has long stood in solidarity with the struggle for justice and liberation in Palestine. While the arrest of 2024 Green Party Presidential contender Jill Stein has been national news, Greens across the country (including in Illinois) have been joining rallies, marches, teach-ins, and encampments calling for an immediate ceasefire and the end of the current assault on Gaza, which has killed tens of thousands. Continue reading

Latest News from the Illinois Greens

Encampments Continue, Illinois Green Ballot Access Team Gears Up! SPRING 2024! Here we are ... we made it to May! Can we have a second to appreciate this moment in history? A moment in history where there is alignment, where the power of the people IS being represented! Continue reading

Skip the Line at Saturday's Annual Convention

Join us at Green-Rainbow State Convention on May 11, 2024. When you register by Monday, May 6th you'll be pre-registered. No wait. And we can order enough food! Continue reading

North Carolina Green Party Stands in Solidarity with Student Protestors

  The North Carolina Green Party condemns in the strongest possible terms the violent repression of university protests across the nation, and especially at UNC-Chapel Hill. Students protesting at universities are exercising their right to public dissent from the foreign and domestic policies that oppress people both within and outside of the United States. Continue reading

Green Party of Washington Nominating Convention

Green Party of Washington Convention begins May 4 and runs thru June The Green Party of Washington State will hold a Nominating Convention to select electors and to participate in nominating our Green Party Presidential candidate. Our Nominating Convention will begin in Seattle and Olympia on May 4, 2024, and continue on weekends through May and June.   Continue reading

New Jersey, Greens the 2024 Convention agenda is posted!

NJ Presidential candidate nomination this Saturday! The last 48 hours have been heartbreaking to see unfold across the country. Yesterday, New Jersey Greens were out participating in May Day events across the state and even in Colombia! We have a few more urgent details to share below ahead of the 2024 State & Presidential Nomination Convention. Continue reading

Tennessee Green Party National Presidential Convention Delegates

Of the 4 delegate votes that Tennessee has, 3 will be given to Dr. Jill Stein and 1 will be given to Jasmine Sherman. This past Saturday the Tennessee Green Party held its own Presidential Nominating meeting to decide who we should give our 4 delegate votes to in the National Green Party Presidential Convention this August. We had five Green Party Presidential Candidates {Jill Stein, Jasmine Sherman, Davi, Jorje Zavala, Randy Toler} attend our meeting to talk with us about their platform and then give a short Q&A session afterwards. (if you were not able to attend the meeting but have a question you would like asked to a particular candidate, please feel free to respond with your question and what candidate you would like us to send it to) Continue reading

The Firefly: Connecting Indiana Greens

April 2024 issue The past weekend was an exciting and busy time for Greens across the Hoosier state as we were out at many Earth Day events. This marks the start of outreach season as we promote our eco-justice and environmental values. This is going to be a great year for Greens in Indiana as we organize for our people and our planet. Our Green Party Primary election is also fast approaching and the Indiana Green Party wants your voice to be heard. Add your vote by becoming a member of the Green Party of Indiana today so that you will receive a ballot on May 24th.  Continue reading

In honor of May Day join us for the Decolonizing Economics Online Forum

Graphic by California Labor Federation Latest news from the Green Party of California May Day 2024: Workers' Rights are Human Rights Chicago's Haymarket Riot in 1886 may have triggered the historic labor movement leading to May 1, being recognized as the International Workers Day, but workers' struggle against capitalist exploitation has existed long before then. Throughout history the labor movement has closely intersected with many other critical social justice movements such as the suffrage movement and the civil rights movement. Continue reading