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TXGreen Updates for September!

2024's Green Party of Texas Precinct Conventions are on March 15th! The time to organize is now, so let's get organized & informed today! If your area doesn't have an active Green Party group & you'd like to connect, please reach out & let us know what county you're in! If you're the only Green around, ask about the Rural Caucus. If you already have, you'll hear from us soon. Continue reading

Here Comes The "S" Word--Spoiler

By John Blumenstiel We are living in the most perilous of times. Could anyone imagine 3 years ago that voting for the “lesser evil” would now have us contemplating the horror of a two-theater nuclear war? Could we ever have considered the thought that such a war would have as its primary sponsor the Democratic Party? Continue reading

Green Party Joins Philadelphia Rent Control Coalition

At their General Membership Meeting on June 27, the Green Party of Philadelphia decided by consensus to join the Philadelphia Rent Control Coalition. The coalition consists of a dozen community organizations which plan to demand rent control legislation from Philadelphia City Council. Continue reading

The Imperative of Defending Tribal Nations Amidst Damaging Rhetoric

To the Citizens of South Dakota and Concerned Parties Nationwide, The South Dakota Green Party feels the urgent need to address recent comments made by Governor Kristi Noem regarding the U.S. southern border and the complex challenges faced by our tribal Tribal Nations. These statements, set against the backdrop of broader national conversations on tribal rights and sovereignty, carry significant implications for our state and our understanding of the values enshrined in our Constitution. Continue reading

Remembering Eric Duprey and Facing Occupation in the Bronx

By The Bronx Green Party Eric Duprey died about two miles from me, in the University Heights section of the Bronx. The 30 year old Duprey was killed – it is reported – after he fled a drug bust on his scooter, which he used to deliver for DoorDash and UberEats.  Continue reading

South Dakota ballot access drive

Greens are close to achieving historic ballot access in South Dakota! Several Green Party supporters in South Dakota have been collecting signatures. We are only one month away from achieving our goal: we only need about 1,500 more signatures by early October to confidently submit our application for ballot access! Continue reading

September Statewide Missouri Green Party Ballot Access Coordination Meeting

Missouri Green Party volunteers from around Missouri are meeting monthly to coordinate our bid to regain our statewide ballot access. Although we started petitioning in January and now have over 3000 signatures collected, we still have a long way to go. Momentum is gathering (both here and around the country) for the Green Party in 2024, so now is the time to add your shoulder to the wheel alongside your neighbors to challenge the thoroughly corrupt and unresponsive pay-to-play politics at City Hall, at the county courthouse, in Jefferson City, and in Washington DC. Continue reading

September 2023 GreenStar

Green Party Leader Supports Rent Control in PA By Alex Casper (they them) Early in August, Seattle Socialist City Councilmember Kshama Sawant brought forward legislation to set universal rent control to cap rent increases with inflation. Cornel West, running for the Green Party nomination for president, endorsed the plan. Hundreds of tenants, workers, and union members packed the Seattle City Hall to where attendance was standing room only, but the Democratic Party led city council struck down the bill. West called this bill a “moral imperative,” and I agree... Continue reading

Ballot access petition drive underway in Arizona

The number one priority of the Arizona Green Party is to regain our ability to run corporate-free candidates in Arizona in 2024. We are gathering 60,000 signatures by October 31st in advance of the mid-November deadline. The Arizona Green Party is asking for you help with our ballot access petitioning campaign. Help restore Democracy in Arizona! Continue reading

Oregon Peace Network + last two upcoming meetings

Oregon Peace Network A group of folk, including greens & progressive party folk, started organizing a network for coordinated actions confronting military spending and militarism.  One of the lead groups is Divest Corvallis, who were successful in getting the city of Corvallis to divest from military companies.  Join the coalition:  Email: [email protected] (no website yet, you may need to set-up a free account to groups.io) Continue reading