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Great news! Just filed a powerhouse challenge to the FEC we believe we can win

I’m excited beyond belief. We’ve just filed our legal brief challenging the FEC in the DC Court of Appeals, thanks to the help of visionaries like you! Our lawsuit, you may recall, contests the FEC’s draconian order that I personally repay over $175,000 in matching funds we used to get on the ballot – 6 years after the fact, no less. Continue reading

Help make history in Connecticut

A humble request from your candidate for Governor Michelle Louise Bicking I am reaching out personally to solicit your support in reaching the 7,500 signature deadline by August 10st. If there is any way you can gather signatures in your own towns as well as places that you frequent, please let me know. If there are places that you would like me to speak or otherwise be present, please call on me directly.  Continue reading

These states need ballot access help *right now*

The Democrats’ scandalous campaign to purge Green Party candidate Matthew Hoh from the U.S. Senate ballot in North Carolina has attracted national attention. Now, Matthew and the North Carolina Green Party are fighting back and need your support, so make sure to spread the word and keep this battle in the spotlight! We know the two corporate parties work to suppress Green candidates across the country, and we have requests from three more states who need immediate help. First up is Pennsylvania: Continue reading

The Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party needs help getting on the ballot

The Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party urgently needs your help getting our statewide slate on the ballot, which could lead to regaining major party status and securing ballot access for our 2024 federal and presidential candidates! Would you like to see Green candidates through 2024? This year, MA Green-Rainbow Party is down several key volunteers for various reasons and they are relying heavily upon a professional petitioner to collect the 5000 verified signatures needed to secure ballot access for our slate of statewide candidates. We need his help and yours! Continue reading

Help put the Green Party of Pennsylvania on the ballot

The Green Party of Pennsylvania needs your help to ensure there's a Green choice on the ballot in Pennsylvania this year. We need at least 5000 signatures before July 29th, 2022, and we're over half way there now -- your help will get us to the goal! We're working to do this three ways, and call for volunteers to sign up for one of the following: Continue reading

Green Star News for July 2022

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us A guide to the PA Green Party ticket and some of each candidates’ top issues By Harrison Cann, City & State PA, May 9, 2022 While most election talks are focused on red versus blue, there’s another color looking to get on the ticket in the Commonwealth: green. Continue reading

What can our local politicians do about Gun Violence?

Gun violence is an epidemic that has our community and our entire country stuck in a pattern of inactivity.  There is no one reason why we are in this situation and there is not one solution. What can our elected officials do to help stem this tide of violence?  Continue reading

Vote for Green Governor & Maryland Green Party Officers

Registered Greens have a chance to vote in Maryland Green Party-run elections this July! The Maryland Green Party (MGP) is excited to announce our July 13-20 gubernatorial primary and election to fill MGP officer vacancies. All Maryland registered Greens can vote online or by paper ballot. Here's what you need to know. Continue reading

Independence from Corporate Politics

Join us at the Green Party of California (GPCA) Assembly! These are hard times, to say the least, but they are not unexpected. For each of the many recent devastating steps reversing decades of advances in human rights and democracy, we Greens can point to the actions or inactions of both corporate parties working hard behind the scenes to profit the billionaires who own them. Continue reading

Help Fight for a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and more!

If you want to see important issues like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal with a Fracking Ban, and Ending Corruption By Passing a Gift Ban on the ballot in Pennsylvania this year, then we need your help! We have a slate of candidates running for office this year that need your help to get on the ballot so they can represent your Green values and give voters a real choice this November. Can't wait? Sign up to volunteer now! Or, read on for more info how you can help! Continue reading