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Make 2021 the year we come together in building the just world we deserve!

As we bring an unprecedented 2020 to an end, we invite you to join us in building the Green Party of California and making real change in our communities in 2021. The following statement was shared by Laura Wells, GPCA spokesperson and 2018 Congressional Candidate. The Green Party is alive and well We run, we win, we serve as a real progressive think tank, and we do not stop. Continue reading

December 2020 news from Utah

Election News Congratulations to Michael Cundick, 2020 Salt Lake County Mayor Candidate, for making history in the Green Party of Utah (GPUT)! Michael earned the votes of 17,622 Salt Lake County voters, representing 3.34% of the county-wide vote. Continue reading

Green Party: PA should follow Oregon and decriminalize drug use

PHILADELPHIA – Fifteen states have now legalized the adult use of cannabis (aka marijuana, ganja, reefer, weed, etc.). While you were occupied with the November 3 election, four states, Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota legalized cannabis, joining the other eleven states and two U.S. territories where it was already legal. Voters in Oregon State, where cannabis was legalized in 2015, went a step further and decriminalized heroin, cocaine, and "all drugs," a sentiment clearly stated in the Green Party platform. For many years the Green Party has called to "implement a step-by-step program to decriminalize all drugs in the United States." Continue reading

The State of Police Accountability in Rochester

ROCHESTER, NY – If you're a Green, or Green-friendly, you know that the 2020 election results were not a cause for celebration.  Yes, we're getting rid of Trump, but not the causes of Trumpism.  There is still a lot of work to do and as usual, the Greens are getting down to it. Join the Green Party of Monroe County for our monthly meeting on Thursday, December 10th at 7:00 p.m.  This month we will be discussing The State of Police Accountability in Rochester with brief presentations from three different groups: Continue reading

Latest News from the North Carolina Green Party

Thank You to H20 Volunteers, Resist Raytheon in Buncombe, What's Next for NCGP Ballot Access, The Dems' SCOTUS Sham, Building a Mass Party Now and for the Future The North Carolina Green Party has several updates for you this month: an Election Day roundup, what's next for Green Party ballot access, how to build the party we need for the future, and a call to resist the new expansion of Raytheon into Buncombe County. Continue reading

Renaming streets and statues in Missouri & the US

Black & Green Wednesdays are sponsored by the Gateway Green Alliance and the Universal African Peoples Organization ST LOUIS – After George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis on May 25 people across the US have examined whether streets, statues, parks and schools were named after racists. What should be the criteria for renaming? How should new names be determined? What is Teens Taking Action in St. Louis (TTAStL) doing about racism? If you live in University City, Missouri, do you think the streets Pershing, Jackson, Amherst and Wilson should be renamed? Though the webinar is hosted from St. Louis you are welcome to join from anywhere in the US. Continue reading

November newsletter – post-election edition

Thank you to all who voted Green in 2020, making a clear demand for the changes we need. While the scenery of the political theater changes, the circumstances of people's lives remain precarious. The climate catastrophe continues whether we prepare for it or not, and the empire continues its short-sighted pursuit of safeguarding the status quo. The Green Party of Texas (GPTX) retains ballot access through 2026. By holding the door open for progressive candidates to access the ballot without competing in a crowded Democratic primary, Greens serve as a pressure point to force issues into the public debate, and a very real threat that if progressive voices are continually denied they will go elsewhere. Continue reading

Invest in a Green Future, Donate on #GivingTuesday

In this season of giving thanks, we in the Green Party of California are grateful for the tireless work of Greens across the state who live our Green values through service to their communities. We are proud and humbled by all your work for a better world, from running for public office, organizing mutual aid programs, assisting unhoused neighbors, addressing food insecurity, to filling gaps in the pandemic PPE supplies, and so much more. Continue reading

November newsletter: Updates and Kevin Zeese Memorial Service

Pro-democracy movement in the streets Baltimore Green Party members came out to a demonstration across Northern Parkway on November 4 to demand that all votes be counted. In the photo are Erica Harts'horn and Bill Barry, who were also joined by Cynthia Marshall, at the corner of Northern Parkway and York Road. There were demonstrators at every major intersection in Baltimore after a press conference at a church in Pimlico. Post-election, Green Party members across the country are rallying to protect the democratic right to vote and have every vote be counted, and remain involved in many local political activities and community organizing at this crucial time in our city and country. Continue reading

The fight against Line 3 continues

Opponents of the oil project have explained: "If built, Line 3 would carry dirty tar sands oil through critical ecological and cultural resources including Ojibwe treaty land, wild rice lakes, and the headwaters of the Mississippi River, as well as enabling expanded development of tar sands, one of the most climate-polluting fuels on the planet." ~ Gabby Brown with Sierra Club Line 3 Continue reading