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2021 Illinois Green Party Spring Convention

CHICAGO – Join the Illinois Green Party for our 2021 Spring Convention! Register for the Convention at: https://www.ilgp.org/2021convention You will get a link to the ZOOM when you RSVP. Following the Convention (and a dinner break) we will be hosting our Spring Fundraiser, with special guest Howie Hawkins, via ZOOM. Continue reading

Wisconsin Greens spring gathering April 17

MADISON, WI – We're thrilled to announce that Winona LaDuke, Anishinaabe author, activist, water protector and 2-time Green Party VP candidate, will be joining us at the Wisconsin Green Party 2021 Spring Gathering state membership meeting this Saturday April 17, 2021! Winona LaDuke will join an awesome lineup that includes Wisconsin Greens and allies as well as Howie Hawkins, lifelong activist, union worker, Green Party US co-founder, and 2020 Green Presidential nominee. Continue reading

Mountain Party supports OVEC unionization

Salem, WV – A Resolution in Support for OVEC UnionizationWHEREAS, the employed majority of the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) has voted to form a union under the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) to advocate for improved workplace conditions; Continue reading

Solidarity & Support Alabama Amazon Union

ICE Out of NJ Speak Out! TRENTON, NJ – We had great support for last month's solidarity event. Tomorrow we will be hosting two events with our YES-Young Eco-Socialists Caucus. First, in solidarity with Alabama Amazon Workers and then only two miles away ICE Out of NJ Speak Out! We as a party have signed onto and support the March 2o "International's Day of Solidarity With Alabama Amazon Workers & Against Union Busting on World Day Against Racism." Continue reading

2021 Green Party of New Jersey annual convention

Keynote Speaker Angela Walker-2020 VP Green Party Candidate TRENTON, NJ – We are proud to announce our 2021 Green Party of New Jersey (GPNJ) Annual Convention on Sunday May 2nd, from 1-4pm. We welcome as our keynote speaker Angela Walker, 2020 Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate. Our Young Ecosocialists (YES) Caucus will also be presenting "Young Voices for a Green Tomorrow." This will be online via Zoom due to the ongoing pandemic.  Continue reading

Green Party of Virginia Condemns Atlanta Spa Shootings

GPVA Calls for Systemic Changes to End Anti-Asian Xenophobia RICHMOND, VA -- On March 16th, 2021, our nation was rocked once again by another mass shooting, this time targeted against Asian women in the Atlanta Metro Area. This horrendous act of violence that resulted in the deaths of 8 individuals, 6 of whom were Asian women, characterizes America’s underlying problems of racism and sexism, as well as the resurgence of anti-Asian sentiments that have accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic. However, anti-Asian hate has persisted in American society for centuries: from the anti-Chinese riots of the mid-19th century to the internment of Japanese-Americans during the Second World War. The current resurgence is nothing new to America and exposes our broken institutions and flawed system. Continue reading

The Post 9-11 Wars; A 20-Year Retrospective

A Peace Action Committee webinar March 20, 2021 was the 18th anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq and this webinar takes this opportunity to consider critically important questions about US war policies. Round 2 of the reconstituted “war on terror” began following the 9/11 attacks. What began as an invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001 has developed into a massive network of counterterror operations in more than 70 countries. Trillions of dollars and innumerable lost and disrupted lives later – what do we have to show it and where are we heading? Continue reading

Women's Rights are Human Rights

Honoring Women This Month and Every Month! SAN FRANCISCO –  This week, as media and our consciousness are filled with images and stories of women who have changed the trajectory of our history, we face the realization that today, in 2021 we still have a long way to reach our goals of equity and equality. Today, women continue to fight in the struggle for equal pay, racial justice, indigenous rights, reproductive rights, healthcare justice, gender self-determination, environmental defense, and sustainability. Continue reading

Green Party of NJ launches petition drive

Denounces Current Lawsuit Focusing Only On Ballot Design During Primaries The Green Party of New Jersey (GPNJ) calls on the Fair Ballot Project and all coalition members to embrace general elections, too, not just primaries. GPNJ denounces this current lawsuit for chasing 'Democracy' because it promotes only the agenda of the mainstream political parties, instead of promoting democracy for all. Continue reading

Stand with striking Amazon workers this Saturday

The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPoP) officially endorses and will participate in the national day of action on Saturday, March 20 in support of the Bessemer Alabama Amazon Workers as they take on a courageous, historic vote to form a union. Starting at 2:00 p.m., there will be a rally and march from the union-busting law firm Morgan and Lewis at 17th and Market Streets to Whole Foods.