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Honoring the Earth, Everyday

There are no longer questions or doubts that human-made climate change is already wreaking havoc on communities around our planet. It is a certainty that we have a very limited time left to reverse the damage our extractive, consumptive, capitalist systems have inflicted on the finely balanced ecosystems refined over millennia. What remains a question is why do the governments of the richest, most resource- consumptive countries on our planet refuse to take action and divert humanity off this course of self-destruction? Continue reading

Stop Biden's Offshore drilling bill now

Social Day of Action April 20 In honor of BP Deepwater Horizon explosion 12 years ago - we urge Greens and allies to shout out on your social media against the imminent authorization of new offshore oil drilling leases. Continue reading

Let's Get the Green Party on the Ballot!

Two years ago, disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature worked to pass legislation designed to kill the Green Party. Because of that, we lost our ballot line — but we're still here and ready to fight to get it back! To do that, we need 45,000 signatures for our gubernatorial slate — and we have six weeks, starting today! Continue reading

Peace in Ukraine and Russia

Who Needs a Climate When We Can Sell Gas to Europe? On Friday, March 25, in Brussels, President Biden announced a “deal” with the European Union to “end the bloc’s dependence on Russia’s energy exports.” He committed the United States and its “international partners'' to selling vast quantities of liquefied natural gas to the EU starting this year. US Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm stated The Biden administration is urging the U.S. oil and gas industry to ramp up production to meet demand and to help lower prices for working families everywhere. ... read more ... Continue reading

2022 Green Party of Texas State Convention

RSVP here The 2022 Green Party of Texas state convention will be Saturday, April 9th, at 10AM. Check-in starts at 9:45. 30 delegates appointed at the 6 valid county conventions will confirm the results from the precinct conventions & vote on these items: Continue reading

Join the Wisconsin Green Party Spring Gathering

"No to War, Yes to Peace" Featured speaker is NCGP Senate candidate Matthew How Please join us for the Wisconsin Green Party 2022 Spring Gathering state membership meeting on Saturday April 9, 2022. The theme of the gathering will be "No to War, Yes to Peace" and we're excited to welcome special guest speaker Matt Hoh, former Marine turned antiwar leader and 2022 Green Party candidate for US Senate in North Carolina. Continue reading

Sweeping nuclear boondoggle at taxpayers expense proposed by Ohio legislators

COLUMBUS, OH – The Green Party of Ohio opposes HB434 and supports the right of communities to know what is in their neighborhood and have a say in decisions that affect their health, safety and quality of life. The Ohio House has passed a bill that threatens to surpass HB6 in its impact on Ohio citizens, and it won’t be confined to First Energy ratepayers.  Continue reading

Campaigning 101

SEATTLE – The Green Party of Washington State is looking for progressives who share our values to run for elected office. All across the country hundreds of Green Party candidates will be challenging the two corporate parties so this is a great time to learn the ins and outs of running for office and a great opportunity to listen to the experiences of Greens who have run and won their seats. Continue reading

​Celebrating Jennifer Hyman

Wake at 9:30 am, Memorial Service at 10:30 am at the Unitarian Church of Staten Island The Unitarian Church of Staten Island will be hosting a wake and a memorial service for Jennifer Hyman, 35, who passed away suddenly on the weekend of March 13th. Her cause of death is unknown, and her sudden unexpected loss has affected all whose lives she touched. Jennifer was actively a part of several activist groups and organizations across Staten Island and New York City. She had just finished law school and was starting her career as a Tenant Rights lawyer. Her passion and energy for justice and activism blessed our community and all who knew her.  Continue reading

Green Party’s Hawkins on NYS Budget

With the New York state budget due to be adopted April 1, the Green Party of New York has renewed its call for a Green New Deal and more criminal justice reform. Howie Hawkins, the former Green candidate for Governor, discusses the green agenda. By Mark Dunlea for Hudson Mohawk Radio Network. (Dunlea is a co-founder of Green Party of NY.) Continue reading