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Texas Updates for February

If any year has shown that the 2 old parties do not value peace, the planet, democracy, & justice, it was 2023.  In 2024, we have a chance to show them we do.  That starts with... Precinct Conventions The Texas Green Party's 2024's Precinct Conventions are on March 12th!  That's just a few weeks away, so the time to organize is RIGHT NOW, so let's get organized & informed TODAY! Continue reading

South Africa v Israel - The International Coalition Against Genocide

Video Now Available As the world watches the bombings of homes and hospitals, killing mostly children and women, the murder of healthcare and aid workers and media, and the denial of basic necessities to Gazans, civil society has risen in solidarity with Palestine with major demonstrations, efforts to blockade weapons and other supplies to Israel and legal cases to stop the genocide and hold individuals accountable. One expression of this resistance is a new International Coalition to Stop Genocide in Palestine, which currently has over 2,000 endorsing organizations from 100 countries. Continue reading

Degrowth: Healthier Food Grown Locally

Presented on February 7, 2024 The United States uses enormous amounts of energy and labor while causing ecological destruction in order to manufacture food that is awful. The worst example is “factory farms” (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) that are spreading like a disease. Alternatives are growing. Agriculture does not need to be complicated. Continue reading

Anti-Racism Training and Winter Membership Meeting

February 24, 2024 at 10:00 am – 1:30 pm, Minneapolis Central Library We hope that you'll be able to join us on February 24th for Anti-Racism Training and the Green Party of Minnesota's (GPMN) Winter Membership Meeting.  Continue reading

War and Climate Change

As wars proliferate, and the planet becomes more polluted and less safe, C02 in the atmosphere is now the highest it has been for 14 million years.  A report from the Institute for Policy Studies calculates that the cost of U.S. militarization in the last 20 years is a staggering $21 trillion. Estimates calculate the total cost of shifting to 100% renewable energy over 10 years would be a fraction of this - $4.5 trillion. Continue reading

Ohio Green Party Denounces Senate Bill 137

Another Insult and Attack on Democracy Columbus, OH – The Ohio Green Party condemns Senate Bill 137, legislation introduced by Senator Theresa Gavarone (R-Bowling Green) that seeks to ban ranked-choice voting (RCV) across the state. This regressive bill undermines democratic principles, silences voters, and forces them to choose between a limited and often unsatisfactory set of candidates that legislate against their constituents.  Continue reading

Free Dana Beal

The Bronx Greens call for the release of marijuana movement political prisoner Dana Beal from jail.  The incarceration of the 77-year-old face of the Left marijuana movement and Ibogaine activist, for the alleged possession of a large amount of marijuana is not just about him, but about all the hundreds of thousands of people currently suffering from the continuance of the war on marijuana.  According to the FBI's statistics in 2022 over a quarter of a million Americans were arrested for marijuana.  Continue reading

Green Party of Washington Spring Gathering

The Green Party of Washington State will hold an early Spring Gathering to consider statements from Green Party presidential candidates and to receive nominations for our Coordinating Council and GPUS delegations. We will meet on Sunday, March 3, 2024, from 6 PM – 8:30 PM on Zoom. Register to attend: https://www.gp-wa.org/gpwa_spring_gathering_2024 Continue reading

February 2024 Greenstar

2024 Elections are Upon Us By Chris Robinson 2024 will be an exciting election year for the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA). We will have a Green Party candidate for President of the U.S., and there are many other offices awaiting a candidate who supports the Green Ten Key Values. Continue reading

Nevada Green Party issues statement on border blockade

The Green Party of Nevada does not agree with governor Joe Lombardo, who supports allowing an illegal and dangerous blockade at the Texas border. The actions taken by Texas are abhorrent and should be stopped immediately. We also condemn president Joe Biden for failing to take the action he stated he would implement. Continue reading