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Greenstar June 2022

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us. Download our petition “Right now, gathering signatures on the Green Party petitions to nominate state-wide candidates is a great opportunity for new activists,” said GPPA Steering Committee Member Beth Schongar (Allegheny County). “First, it will give them a great opening to talk to people about the Green Party and progressive politics,” said Schongar. “Volunteers will be asking voters to help us get candidates on the ballot and increase everyone’s choices on Election Day. Most voters are glad to help and interested to find out that the Green Party is real and active. It can lead to interesting conversations and recruit new members.” Continue reading

North Carolina Green Party qualifies for the ballot

North Carolina Will Have A Voice For Working People This November Grassroots petitioners, volunteers, and staff of the North Carolina Green Party and the Matthew Hoh for Senate campaign have made history by collecting almost 22,000 signatures in 96 counties to qualify the Green Party for the ballot – the first time since its founding that the North Carolina Green Party qualified for the ballot through running a successful petition drive.  Continue reading

We Can't Stand Silent. Green-Rainbow news for June 2022

Save the Date: October 1, 2022, for GRP Annual State Convention on Zoom Each year, the Green-Rainbow Party sets its most important goals for the coming year at its Annual State Convention. (Not to be confused with the equally vital Annual National Convention on July 28th and 29th.) As the GRP Convention Planning Committee refines our theme and schedules inspiring presenters, we Greens are urged to save the date of Saturday, October First. We are all hoping that this will be the last ZOOM State Convention and that in 2023 we will be face to face once again.  Continue reading

Earthflower, The Official Green Party Of Michigan Newsletter!

Volume Two, June 2022 GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Welcome to EARTHFLOWER, the official newsletter of the Green Party of Michigan! Find out what Greens are doing all across the state and in your community! Here's your chance to participate! National, State and Local meetings and events, press releases and official statements on relevant issues, fun games, Green Party trivia and more! Look for this informative newsletter on the first day of each month! From solid policies like the Green New Deal and single-payer improved Medicare for All, if you're reading this, you probably realize that the GOP and the Democratic Party are either unwilling or unable to bring about the positive change necessary to turn things around in our communities. Either way, when they win, we continue to lose. Continue reading

VOTE for the Left Unity Slate!

News from the Green Party of Santa Clara County Want change? VOTE Left Unity Slate! There is a lot that we need to change about how our society, economy, and government have been structured, or shall we say, we've allowed to be structured! We not only WANT change but we NEED change. Our families and communities are being devastated by the corporate two-party system that sold us out long ago. Continue reading

Exciting news from our court case!

I'm writing to you with great news to report from our court case appealing the FEC's demand that I personally repay over $175,000 in public matching funds that our campaign used to get on the ballot in 2016. In short, the FEC has been trying to withhold evidence in the record that makes our case. This is the very financial information (statements, receipts, expenditures etc.) proving we don't actually owe this money. Continue reading

It’s not Jill Stein’s fault that Democrats don’t deliver

Listen to the interview On this week’s Unruly we chat with former Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein about why Democrats blame her for their party’s failure to deliver and a way forward for the people who are in desperate need of a political system that works for them, not against them.

Stop HB 434 Rally

Stop HB 434 Rally at Noon – Wednesday May 18, 2022 Ohio Statehouse – West front sidewalk – Columbus Another radioactive taxpayer boondoggle has passed the Ohio House and has moved on to the Ohio Senate. The Green Party of Ohio opposes HB434 and supports the right of communities to know what is in their neighborhood and have a say in decisions that affect their health, safety and quality of life. Continue reading

How the Democrats are culpable in the erosion of abortion rights

By Dylan Parsons, Mountain Party Vice Chair & Candidate for House of Delegates With the Supreme Court due to overturn Roe v. Wade within the coming months, the left has been berated by liberals with the familiar talking point that in order to protect abortion rights we must "vote blue." Predictably, liberals took to social media soon after the leaked draft opinion was reported, blaming Susan Sarandon and other third party voters for the upcoming Supreme Court decision, while completely ignoring the Democratic Party's culpability in this travesty. Continue reading

2022 Indiana Green Party Annual Congress

Saturday, June 25, 2021: 12:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. Registration is now open Due to the pandemic and the Congress being virtual this year, there is no cost to attend the event. Any donation you would be willing to give would certainly be welcome! Continue reading