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Stepping Up for Systemic Change in 2022

BALTIMORE – Support for systemic change is the highest ever - and the Maryland Greens' pathway to power with candidates on the ballot is one of the quickest, strongest paths to make those changes. If you would like to make a powerful impact on the systemic abuses of our government, from racial injustice to climate change to corporate exploitation, consider helping the Greens this coming year. Continue reading

Healthcare For ALL at Viva Calle San José

San José City Hall Rotunda, Sunday, September 19, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM SAN JOSÉ, CA – Join Santa Clara Greens and our partners, the San Jose Peace & Justice Centerand the Santa Clara County Single Payer Health Care Coalition, at the Viva Calle San José event on Sunday Sept 19, 10 am – 3 pm and enjoy a day of cycling, fun and community. Continue reading

Running for Election as a Green Party Candidate

By Co-chair Beth Scroggin, Green Party of PA PHILADELPHIA – Welcome to October, a month when our Pennsylvania fall foliage can astound us with its beauty, and when our Green Party electoral campaigns are in full swing! The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) is proud to be running ten candidates in local elections and is eagerly anticipating running a full slate of candidates for state-wide positions next year. My fondest memories of my work in the Green Party are from when I have worked for local campaigns: collecting nomination signatures, introducing candidates to potential voters at fall festivals, and knocking on doors to hand out literature and talk to voters about their concerns. Continue reading

Now is the time to run as a Green in Texas!

Basic Income Among other developments, the Green Party of Texas (GPTX) added Basic Income to its platform at our June state meeting, revising IV. Economic Sustainability, B. Living Wage, by adding, "...GPTX supports programs to ensure that all people have a livable income, whether implemented as a guaranteed minimum income, an unconditional basic income, or as a negative income tax." Continue reading

Phonebank for a carbon free and nuclear free future

From our Platform – "Our goal is an energy future that is “carbon free and nuclear free.” WHEATON, IL – Although some policymakers have pointed to nuclear power as an “answer” to global warming, this would be a “cure” worse than the disease. While the Illinois Green Party does not oppose basic research on any technology, we categorically oppose the building of new nuclear power plants, and call for the rapid phaseout of existing plants, given the present state of nuclear reactor technology. Current forms of production of nuclear energy –from the mining of uranium, which constitutes one of the grossest forms of exploitation of the Native American population, to the still unsolved problem of radioactive waste disposal –are an environmental nightmare from beginning to end. Continue reading

Without Labor Nothing Prospers

On Monday September 6th, as Americans across the country honored workers on Labor Day, the Biden Administration allowed the Covid extended unemployment benefits to expire for about 10 million workers whose lives and livelihood have been ravaged for nearly two years by the Covid pandemic. At the same time the eviction moratorium has expired and the federal minimum wage has stagnated at $7.25 for over a decade. In recent years U.S. has seen an unprecedented wealth and earning gap bloom at nearly the same rate as worker exploitation with the rise of the gig economy. This capitalist bubble of growth and concentrated profiteering is unsustainable by people or the planet we inhabit. We must reverse course to an economy of, for and by the people. Continue reading

Green Party of California opposes the recall and endorses Green, Dan Kapelovitz

SAN FRANCISCO - The Green Party of California OPPOSES the Gubernatorial Recall Election and endorses Green Party candidate Dan Kapelovitz for Governor after delegates from active county Green Parties participated in a vote following a six-week discussion period. Vote by September 14 on the Gubernatorial Recall Election: Ballot Question #1: VOTE NO ON RECALLBallot Question #2: VOTE FOR Green Party's DAN KAPELOVITZ Continue reading

Open Letter to the Hon. Gov. Kathleen C. Hochul From the Green Party and Libertarian Party on Ballot Access

In an open letter to Governor Kathy Hochul, the co-chairs of the Green and Libertarian Parties of New York ask her to overturn undemocratic ballot access laws put in place by her predecessor and to restore democracy in New York State. Link to PDF. Link to GPNY Release. September 8, 2021 To the Honorable Gov. Kathleen C. Hochul: We, the co-chairs of the Green and Libertarian Parties of New York, write to you on the occasion of your assuming the office of Governor with a matter decisive for the future of democratic government in New York State. It is within your power to overturn actions made by your predecessor that were made to aggrandize himself and hinder his opponents. These actions have crippled the possibility of democratic competition and good governance in New York. By moving swiftly you can wipe away his tarnished legacy and renew democracy in New York State. Continue reading

The Green Party of Santa Clara County Opposes the Gubernatorial Recall Elections

SANTA CLARA, CA – The Green Party of Santa Clara County (GPSCC) believes this undemocratic power grab by the Republican Party is yet another example of our broken electoral system. The very same system that in our deep blue California has given free rein to the Democratic Party’s corporatist, neoliberal policies by Governor Newsom and the majority of CA’s Democratic Party leadership. Continue reading

Hampton Roads Green Party Condemns Chesapeake School Board

Calls for Local School Districts to Pass Trans Model Policy HAMPTON ROADS, VA – The Hampton Roads Green Party (HRGP) condemns the refusal of the Chesapeake School Board to implement a policy that would protect trans students in Chesapeake Schools. Students need to know that they are in a safe learning environment where they can focus on their schoolwork without the worries of being humiliated or discriminated against. Continue reading