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Towards a Greener 2022

Thank you for standing with us – Together, let's welcome a Greener 2022 SAN FRANCISCO – As the Green Party of California welcomes the end-of-year holidays and reflect on the past year we also gaze at the coming year ... some of us with open arms, relief, or enthusiasm and others with caution and concern. ALL of us hope for a better year and a more fair, healthy, secure, equitable, accessible, and a just life for ourselves and our communities. Continue reading

Philly Greens: Urge Kenney to appoint a GP City Commissioner

PHILADELPHIA – The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) decries Mayor Kenney’s unconsidered and tired response to replacing the vacated minority party seat on the City Commission with more of the same: Republican Seth Bluestein. The Green Party is the only one of the minority parties in the city putting forward a replacement candidate, in this case, the extraordinarily well-qualified Richard Garella, co-founder and director of Protecting Our Vote. Continue reading

North Carolina Party Members In the News

Did you know that many members of the North Carolina Green Party are organizers for Social Justice, against the War On Drugs and Mass Incarceration, for a World Beyond War and a Living Wage? Check out these NC Greens in the news. Continue reading

Green Party says New York’s draft climate plan is too weak to avoid climate collapse

ALBANY, NY – 12/13/21 - The Green Party of New York (GPNY) said that the initial draft climate plan by the Climate Action Council falls far short of adequately responding to the Code Red for the Planet warning issued by the world’s scientists in the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). Continue reading

It was a good run ... but the race is far from over

By David Ochmanowicz As my 4 years as School Director conclude, who would have thought I would have so many mixed feelings over these last few months. What a privilege it has been to be the voice of a (my) community. What a responsibility it has been to be trusted to serve. Continue reading

Free speech is not a crime!

The Green Party Stands In Support Of Whistleblowers How shameful is it that, on Human Rights Day of all days, we find out the UK courts have moved one step closer to handing over Julian Assange to the United States — a country whose leaders have expressed a desire to assassinate him? The years long-persecution of Assange, led by White House administrations from both corporate parties, has not only caused Assange immense suffering for his innovative journalism — it endangers press freedom and democracy in three grave ways. Continue reading

COP26 and other follies

What did not make the COP-Out 26 report 1. Over 500 fossil fuel lobbyists were at COP 26, more than any other single delegation. consortiumnews.com 2. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres cautioned that promises emerging from COP 26 will "ring hollow when the fossil fuel industry still receives trillions in subsidies." UN.org; commondreams.org Continue reading

Pacific Green Party of Oregon December 2021 News

Thought of running for office? The Pacific Green Party of Oregon will be holding elections for the State Coordinating Committee and is seeking candidates for 2022. Here is a list of races compiled for 2022 as well as excellent training and know how.  Continue reading

December 2021 news from Pennsylvania

Democrats Throw Meatballs in the 2021 Election By Co-chair Tina Olson. The results of the 2021 elections aren’t looking great for progress in the next season. The spreadsheet from this year’s results shows many easy misses and many hard-ball truths. The Democratic Party continues to spread itself too thin while boasting that their big tent can represent both Centrists and Leftists. Continue reading

Green Party Says Democrats' Efforts to Expand Voting Reform Needs to Include Third Parties

ALBANY, NY  12/2/21 – Green Party of New York leaders today called on the Legislature and Gov. Hochul to enact a "Gold Standard" ballot access bill that would expand voter choice in New York State. While Green officials said they supported the Legislature's renewed push to expand absentee ballot access and a voter registration deadline closer to Election Day, they also said that strengthening democracy requires Democrat Party lawmakers to reverse their recent efforts to kill the independent third parties in New York. Many political scientists point out that the United States' unique lack of robust third parties among the world's so-called democracies is a major cause of the present toxic politics in the country. Continue reading