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Mountain Party condemns bipartisan anti-abortion resolution

CHARLESTON, WV –  The West Virginia Mountain Party condemns the anti-abortion resolution introduced in the State Senate by Democratic Minority Leader Stephen Baldwin and Republican Senators Patricia Rucker and Randy Smith. Continue reading

My New Year's nightmare

I had a nightmare on New Year's Eve. I dreamt I was watching the 2022 New York gubernatorial debate. The "Left" was represented by a corporate Democrat, Gov. Kathy Hochul, who was praising the status quo. Her only opponent on stage was a Trump sycophant, Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin, ranting about "law 'n' order" and "illegal aliens." We can't let this nightmare become our reality in 2022. We need the Green alternative in this election to campaign for a full Green New Deal of climate and social protections, including the New York Health Act for a universal public healthcare system. Continue reading

Green Party says Gov. Hochul's proposed budget falls short

ALBANY, NY – 1/18/22 - Green Party of New York leaders today said that Gov. Hochul's proposed $216.3 billion FY 2022-23 executive budget falls far short of what is needed. The Greens stated that Hochul continued the failed budget priorities of ex-Gov. Cuomo, and that her proposed budget would enrich the 1% and campaign donors rather than working class New Yorkers. Continue reading

Help Get Our Candidates on the Ballot

CalCare for CA Support the Left Unity Slate of Candidates The Green Party of California has joined with the Peace and Freedom Party to endorse a joint Left Unity Slate of seven statewide candidates for the upcoming June 2022 election. In addition to advancing our shared values, this cooperative strategy increases the likelihood that both parties will reach 2% of the vote in at least one statewide race, which is a minimum threshold needed to retain ballot status. Continue reading

PA Green Party Elects 2022 Steering Committee

PHILADELPHIA – The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) is one of our Commonwealth’s most active minor political parties with 9,000 members. Those members are organized into county Green Parties, which elect the GPPA steering committee. On January 9, delegates from ten counties elected a dynamic steering committee to lead the Green Party during 2022. GPPA has two co-chairs who serve for staggered two-year terms. The delegates elected Co-chair Jay Ting Walker (Allegheny County) as leader until the end of 2023. Walker has been a member at large of the GPPA steering committee and an elected member of the Green Party of Allegheny County (GPOAC) steering committee since 2017. Walker has also run twice for election as the GPPA candidate for PA House District 23. Continue reading

Mountain Party responds to Gov. Justice's state of the state message

CHARLESTON, WV – The West Virginia Mountain Party rejects Governor Jim Justice’s false claim “that the State of our State has never been stronger.” The contradictory message was delivered in writing to the State Legislature due to the Governor testing positive for COVID-19. First addressing the matter of the ongoing pandemic, Justice has painted the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in West Virginia as a complete success. This is despite his Do It For Babydog sweepstakes being a costly failure unable to effectively incentivize vaccination. To date, West Virginia’s COVID-19 vaccination rate is in the bottom third of all states, despite having the third oldest population (by percent) in the union. As of yesterday, only 55.5% of our fellow West Virginians are fully vaccinated. In comparison this falls below the national rate of 62.6% and the rates of our international neighbors, such as Canada at 77.8% and Cuba at 85.9%. Continue reading

Green Party of New York calls for volunteers and candidates in 2022

Representing workers and communities with real solutions, the Green Party Of New York remains a unifying force for economic, social, political, and environmental justice. We started and stand proudly behind our campaigns for: World Peace; Medicare For All; Worker Ownership; Direct Democracy; Banking Reform; Judicial, Police, and Prison Reform; and an actual Green New Deal. Continue reading

Illinois Green Party supports the Chicago Teachers Union

WHEATON, IL – The Illinois Green Party (ILGP) wholeheartedly supports the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) in its struggle with the Chicago Public Schools over in-person learning and school safety. The CTU, naturally, is taking a stand to help protect its members from contracting the Coronavirus, but in doing so it is also protecting the health and safety of the children in the public schools and their families. Although political leaders argue that schools are safe, they are ignoring certain salient points. Continue reading

Take action today to fight PFAS water pollution!

MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Green Party supports regulations to limit the amount of cancer-causing PFAS chemicals in our water. These so-called “forever chemicals” are clearly linked to life-threatening diseases, and even tiny trace amounts can cause deadly harm to human and animal health. We call on all Wisconsinites to submit public comments to the Department of Natural Resources by the deadline of Tuesday, January 11th, supporting the strictest possible rules to reduce the amount of PFAS in our water as close as possible to zero. Continue reading

2022 Call For Candidates

SALEM, WV – The Mountain Party is recruiting qualified candidates to run for elected office across West Virginia. Many seats are up for election in 2022. While much of the conversation is largely placed on the State Legislature, we are paying special attention to local races such as Board of Education and Conservation District Supervisor. Winning local level races is the foundation for the Mountain Party to achieve bigger wins in the future. We are seeking candidates with the desire to run a successful campaign and engage voters. Experience in public speaking, administration and planning, along with a comprehensive understanding of financial reports and budgets, is very highly recommended. Potential candidates must share the values outlined in the Mountain Party platform of Democracy, Social Justice, Environmental Justice, and Economic Justice. Continue reading