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New London Greens open campaign office Wednesday

NEW LONDON, CT — The New London Greens invite the public to join them for snacks, music, and an opportunity to meet this year’s candidates at their campaign office and community space at 312 State Street, from 6:00 – 8:30 PM this Wednesday, September 29th. The office will also be open for drop-in visits starting at 12 noon. Running for City Council is dedicated restorative justice trainer and facilitator Kris Wraight. Kris will prioritize addressing the needs and struggles of our city's residents; building strong relationships across lines of race and ethnicity; re-envisioning public safety by supporting preventive practices; opportunities for affordable housing/home ownership, community spaces for our youth, and a well-funded Public Works Department to keep our streets, schools, and parks safe/clean. Continue reading

The Green Party of Connecticut Supports Mandatory Covid-19 Public Health Measures

HARTFORD, CT – The Green Party of Connecticut has a long history advocating for a safe and healthy environment. After a year and a half of disastrous policies by both Republican and Democratic politicians, we say that the protection of the public health demands emergency action and mandatory measures to contain the global Covid-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Bidens Racist Immigration Policy

MINNEAPOLIS – The treatment of the Haitian immigrants at the Texas border is racist. The Chair of the Minnesota Green Party (MNGP) Trahern Crews sat down with members of the Haitian Green Party to discuss Joe Biden's racist immigration policies and the crisis in Haiti. Read the interview with the Green Party of Haiti here. Continue reading

Help save democracy in New York

ALBANY, NY – You've seen the headlines: The Republicans are stripping away voters' rights, state by state. The Democrats lack the political will to change the filibuster rule in order to pass legislation to protect voters' rights. Right here in our state, now-disgraced-and-resigned Cuomo and the State Legislature took away your right to vote your values when they changed the election law to radically increase New York's ballot access requirements. The Green Party of New York (GPNY) has never stopped fighting back — in the courts, speaking with legislators and engaging the public. It's an expensive fight: attorney fees, paid petitioners and well-resourced candidates for 2022 are needed. Can you help by giving $22 today, to the Green Party in New York? Continue reading

Green Party of Haiti speaks about the crisis in Haiti and at the US border

On Sunday members of the Green Party of Haiti spoke to Trahern Crews, the Chair of the Minnesota Green Party about the crisis in Haiti and the Black immigration crisis at the border. Members of the Haitian delegation said they condemn the assassination of the former President of Haiti. Even though they disagreed with him and the current administration about policy issues. Some of those issues pertain to Haiti's independence and too much international intervention in Haitis political affairs. The Green Party of Haiti said that the people of Haiti should decide which is best for the country not outside forces and that they should be working towards sustainability for the country. Continue reading

The United States’ Haitian Humanitarian Crisis

There can be no denying that the recent releases of videos showing Haitian refugees appearing to be be whipped and corralled by white men on horses at the US border are reminiscent of slavery days and slave tracking and bear the same shameful scar of racism and intolerance in the United States of America. Regardless of the reasons for attempts to enter the United States without documentation there never is, nor can there ever be, a time when whipping humans is sanctioned or acceptable law enforcement practice. While the explanation is that the patrol officers held loose reins and not whips the use of any item for the purpose of inflicting pain to stop an action is not acceptable including grabbing people by the collar from a mounted position on a horse. Continue reading

Updates from Oregon

CORVALLIS, OR – Next Saturday, and on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month - the Communications Committee of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon will be meeting. We are looking for people with creative skills (graphic art to prepare the materials for next year campaigns, writers) as well as people who want to help update the database and do phone calling Continue reading

Stepping Up for Systemic Change in 2022

BALTIMORE – Support for systemic change is the highest ever - and the Maryland Greens' pathway to power with candidates on the ballot is one of the quickest, strongest paths to make those changes. If you would like to make a powerful impact on the systemic abuses of our government, from racial injustice to climate change to corporate exploitation, consider helping the Greens this coming year. Continue reading

Healthcare For ALL at Viva Calle San José

San José City Hall Rotunda, Sunday, September 19, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM SAN JOSÉ, CA – Join Santa Clara Greens and our partners, the San Jose Peace & Justice Centerand the Santa Clara County Single Payer Health Care Coalition, at the Viva Calle San José event on Sunday Sept 19, 10 am – 3 pm and enjoy a day of cycling, fun and community. Continue reading

Running for Election as a Green Party Candidate

By Co-chair Beth Scroggin, Green Party of PA PHILADELPHIA – Welcome to October, a month when our Pennsylvania fall foliage can astound us with its beauty, and when our Green Party electoral campaigns are in full swing! The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) is proud to be running ten candidates in local elections and is eagerly anticipating running a full slate of candidates for state-wide positions next year. My fondest memories of my work in the Green Party are from when I have worked for local campaigns: collecting nomination signatures, introducing candidates to potential voters at fall festivals, and knocking on doors to hand out literature and talk to voters about their concerns. Continue reading