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SEIU 200United endorses Funiciello

SEIU 200United, a union that represents employees of human service agencies, municipalities, school and sports franchises, has endorsed Green Party of New York congressional candidate Matt Funiciello. The endorsement splits labor support three ways in the 21st Congressional District race. Continue reading

Additional CPD Debate Protest Rallies Coordinated by Libertarian and Green Parties

We're writing with a quick update about today's rally to protest the exclusionary "Presidential Debates". In addition to the Green Party of Minnesota's originally scheduled rally on the U of M campus at 6:00 pm, the Libertarian and Green parties are coordinating a joint effort to educate the public about why they see only two candidates in the debates in election after election. All three rallies are slated to occur on Monday September 26 in the Twin Cities metro, with the two additional rallies earlier in the day at local television stations (KARE11 and KSTP): Continue reading

Monthly Meeting of Philly Greens

The September membership meeting of Green Party of Philadelphia will concentrate on planning outreach for the Jill Stein / Ajamu Baraka Campaign. The meeting will also discuss how to refine our strategy for representation at the polls during the General Election. Continue reading

Jill Stein to make campaign stop in Miami

Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, is making a final Florida stop in downtown Miami on Friday, September 30th! She is eager to hear and discuss the concerns facing Miami, the state of Florida, and the entire country! She is ready to present how a Stein-Baraka White House would be an avid ally for those looking to stop disastrous trade deals, halt (and begin the process of reversing) a climate catastrophe, eradicate the systemic racism, and much more! Continue reading

Join the Green Party of Brooklyn at the Atlantic Antic!

Calling all Greens and Friends! Calling all supporters of Jill Stein, Ajamu Baraka, and Robin Laverne Wilson! Please join the Green Party of Brooklyn and our campaigns for a day of tabling at the Atlantic Antic. Continue reading

Planning for Election Day

This teleconference/ webinar is designed especially for Greens who are running for local office as well as those considering a run in the near future. This call will cover actions campaigns need to take to effectively plan for election day. September 27, 2016 at 9pm – 10:30pm Continue reading

Tampa Greens to go door knocking

Join us for canvasing this Saturday. Come with us to dismantle the two party system. We will meet at the Interstate 4 corridor, one the the most important location for the swing state Florida. We can turn things around! Come and meet us at 8052 56th Street next to 7/11 gas station corner of Puritan Road Saturday 24, at 10:00 am. Continue reading

Spokane Greens meeting & visibility project schedule

There are less than 50 days left until the presidential election. As a part of our ongoing Spokane for Stein Visibility Project we will continue to gather in groups at busy intersections in Spokane, communicating support for Jill Stein to voters. We have large custom made signs and a large banner to display on the I-90 overpass! Come join us to get the word out to our community that we have a great candidate as an alternative to the two party tragedy.  Continue reading

Wyoming Voters Deserve Open Debates

In the coming weeks news reports will be filled with coverage about the performance of the Republican and Democratic Party candidates in the televised Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. Wyoming voters deserve to receive equal coverage about the ideas of the Green and Libertarian Party candidates. The private company that controls the debates has set an arbitrary bar to participation. The only candidate outside the two ruling parties to qualify was a billionaire financing his own campaign a quarter century ago. The debates themselves are actually scripted press conferences disguised as journalism. Continue reading

Get Jill in the debates: Protest at Hofstra University

The Commission on Presidential Debates has decided to exclude Jill Stein and Gary Johnson from the debates. We expected this decision and are escalating our actions to get Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka into the debates.  Continue reading