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Broken System: Effects on Health Care Workers

"Broken System: Effects on Health Care Workers" with Mimi Signor and Dr. Pamella Gronemeyer is the latest episode  presented by the Gateway Greens of St. Louis on Green Time TV.  How does it affect health care workers to have seriously ill patients talk about whether their families would have less financial distress if they died? Host Don Fitz and guests Mimi Signor of Missourians for Single Payer and Dr. Pamella Gronemeyer, a physician and small business owner, discuss "best practices" standards of care and how the private insurance monopoly impacts professional ethics. They look at Supreme Court decisions protecting insurance companies and ask how single payer could help small businesses. Continue reading

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All: GPTX December Newsletter

On this shortest day and longest night of the year, the Green Party of Texas brings you Green Tidings. Greens Abroad Two weeks ago, after a new election was held in Austria following a challenge to the vote results in May, the first Green President in the world, Alexander Van der Bellen, was (re)elected. His win of both elections demonstrates Greens' ability to successfully impede the efforts of “far-right" forces re-emerging across the First World. But what about the integrity of the electoral process in our country? Continue reading

In Memory of Rob Sherman

Illinois Green Party member Rob Sherman, 63, of Poplar Grove, died in a tragic plane crash on Friday, December 9th. A small aircraft enthusiast, Sherman was piloting his home-built single-engine aircraft en route to an event in Schaumburg when it went down. The Illinois Green Party extends its condolences and sympathy to his family. Continue reading

Green Party – Join Picket to Defend ALL Homeless Shelters in St. Louis

Picket to Defend ALL Homeless Shelters in St. Louis The St. Louis City Hall is attempting to shut down New Life Evangelistic Center (NLEC) at the same time as temperatures are plunging below freezing. The Gateway Green Alliance / Green Party of St. Louis supports ALL area homeless shelters. The Green Party emphasizes the need to defend NLEC because it is a critical “shelter- of-last-resort” for desperate people who cannot find a bed anyplace else. Continue reading

Continuing the Green Revolution

The Green Party of Knox County December 9, 2016 The Fire Next Time Although wildfires are a natural occurrence, the drought that seized the Southern US this fall has been anything but normal. According to the National Drought Mitigation Center[i] over 13% of the area of Tennessee was under "exceptional drought" conditions when deadly wildfire swept through Gatlinburg last Monday. (More than 60% of the state was under extreme drought conditions, and more than 99% of the state was under severe drought conditions.) Thirteen people so far have been confirmed dead in the Gatlinburg wildfire, and families and friends are still awaiting news of missing loved-ones. More than 1400 homes or businesses were damaged or destroyed.[ii] Continue reading

Jill's Press Conference and Federal Update

Jill Stein was in Pennsylvania to meet the media and to show her support for the incredible effort of the Pennsylvania recount volunteers. Dr. Stein continues to express the need for voting results that can be verified, and for election audits to prove that ALL votes are counted. Her visit was timed to coincide with the Federal Hearing in Philadelphia, in which we are asking for a recount of the entire state as a matter of constitutional guarantees of free and fair elections. Jill also explained the blatant continuation of "electoral Jim Crow" through the Michigan recount. It turns out that in Detroit and Flint there are over 75,000 ballots where voters appeared, but cast NO vote for ANY presidential candidate. This is glaring on its face, and surely demonstrates why a recount is needed there, yet those very ballots have been declared ineligible for recounting. Dr. Stein called this outrageous and vowed to fight as long as needed to see these issues addressed and resolved. Despite the cold and raw weather in Philadelphia, Jill was surrounded by the warmth and support of about 50 supporters. Continue reading

Green Party of Brooklyn Membership Meeting

At their membership meeting to be held on Thursday, December 8th, the Green Party of Brooklyn will be nominating officers for the following positions; Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and two at-large Executive Committee members. All terms are for two years. The position descriptions are as follows: Continue reading

#StandingWithStandingRock: Q&A with Green Activist, Diane Moxley, about Her Time in North Dakota

  The North Star: How long have you been an activist? Diane Moxley: In some ways I have been an activist my whole life, but got more involved when Occupy Wall Street started, in the fall of 2011. Continue reading

New Green Party chapter in Colorado

This year citizens of Longmont have come together in support of the Green Party and have created their own group, and potentially their own Chapter in the near future. The group was initially created to campaign locally for Green Party Candidates on the ballot in Colorado. They have a core of dedicated people who canvassed many Saturdays at the Longmont Farmers Market, canvassed at street fairs, festivals, door to door, community college, and other important Longmont locations and local events. Continue reading

#NoDAPL Scores Major Victory: No Final Permit For Pipeline

Cannon Ball, North Dakota (Oceti Sakowin or Council of the Seven Fires Camp) – Today, the people won a major victory in the fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The US Army Corps of Engineers sided with the Water Protectors and refused the final permit that would have allowed Energy Transfer Partners to drill under Lake Oahe. There will be battles ahead but this was another amazing people-powered victory. When people unite, we have power. This time people power defeated big oil and big finance. Continue reading