The Green Party stands in support of our Muslim sisters & brothers

The exploitation of fear fuels Islamophobia and drives reactionary activists to promote propaganda and messaging to keep the narrative alive. A network of bloggers, think tanks and propaganda mills have raised and spent hundreds of millions of dollars since 2001 to propagate misinformation about muslims and Islam.

iStock-508747140-600.jpgIslamophobia manifests in this country in the form of:

  • police-state surveillance, infiltration and entrapment;

  • a Clinton crime-bill statute criminalizing 'material support of terrorism' used to prosecute and incarcerate a volunteer board seeking to send humanitarian relief to the people of occupied Palestine;

  • a chilling impact on political discourse to rival COINTELPRO, the Red Scare, the HUAC, the Palmer Raids;

  • hate crimes including assaults, murders, mass shootings, graffiti, vandalism and arson targeting mosques and community centers, muslims and those mistaken for muslims;

  • the promotion of mis-information and false narratives which justify the dehumanization and the othering of a quarter of our global neighbors and 1-2% of our neighbors here in the United States;

  • public fear and public policy shaped by folks whose Arabic vocabulary seems limited to the pejorative misuse of two words expressing key concepts of the Islamic faith: jihad and sharia.

As Green Party candidates and activists, we have a role as an opposition party to educate ourselves and our communities on issues related to Islamophobia, racism, sexism and gender-identity and to prioritize work to support the struggles of the most vulnerable and marginalized in our communities. We must make an active contribution to the work of defending the human rights of our neighbors. We can build enduring alliances by engaging with the political crisis now present in this country.

On this page we will collect resources useful to our work to engage effectively in challenging the Islamophobia we encounter in the world around us.

Green Party Resources

A Briefing Paper for Green Party Activists, published April 15, 2017 (13 pages)
Excerpts from "A Green Party Briefing Paper", published April 15, 2017 (trifold)

Other resources 

Kundnani Deconstructs US Anti-Terrorism Policy, video 82 minutes, author of the Muslims are Coming speaks at Charis Books and More, Atlanta Georgia, March 31, 2017.