National Staff

The National Staff of the Green Party of the United States are members of the Industrial Workers of the World. The statement from the Staff can be read here.


Adrián Boutureira, National Political Organizer

Adrián came to the US in 1973 following the consolidation of the brutal right wing military regime in his native country of Uruguay. He has since spent most of his adult life in the US engaged in the struggle for social justice. To this end, he has co-founded and served in several key national, and community based organizations as program director, political organizer, outreach coordinator, popular educator, policy analyst and community outreach coordinator.

The focus of his work has included racial economic and environmental justice, Latin American liberation struggles, Palestinian Liberation, and immigrant, indigenous, labor and human rights. In December 2014, Adrián joined the JillStein2016 campaign, where he served as Field Director and Special Advisor on Palestinian and Latin American Affairs.

Adrián is also a musician, a gardener, a repairman, a writer and a chef.

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DSCN6887.pngDavid Doonan, Web Manager

David Doonan has served as web manager for GPUS since 2007. His career has been spent in the graphic arts, working as a college photographer; offset platemaker, stripper and compositor, desktop publishing technician; photographer & journalist and web developer.

A 1977 graduate of The Cooper Union in New York City, Doonan began his career in politics circulating petitions for an anti-war congressional candidate in Springfield MA in 1968. In 2008 he was elected Village Mayor of Greenwich, New York. He was re-elected to a second four year term in March 2012.

Shortly before 9/11, Doonan left full time employment to become a self-employed web developer. Shortly after 9/11 Doonan changed his party registration to Green as a silent protest against vengeance and not justice.

Doonan lives with Judy, his wife of 32 years, two cats who fully live up to their names (Trouble and Turbo) and has his heart constantly broken by Tottenham Hotspur and the Buffalo Bills.

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2a_2E.jpgScott McLarty, Media Director

Scott McLarty serves as media coordinator for the DC Statehood Green Party as well as GPUS. He has been published in Roll Call, Common Dreams, Z Magazine, CounterPunch, and In These Times, among others.

Scott joined the Green Party in 1996 and in 1998 ran for the Ward 1 seat on the Washington, DC City Council. McLarty is from Long Island, New York, and now lives in Washington, DC.

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3a_2E.jpgStarlene Rankin, Fundraising Director

Starlene Rankin is a longtime member and leader of the Green Party, and joined the staff in 2015. She has been a co-chair of GPUS. She is a founder of the GPUS Lavender Green Caucus, former co-chair of the Media Committee, and manages the GPUS social media presence.

Starlene co-chaired the Iowa Draft Nader for President Committee in 1996, then co-founded the Iowa Green Party.

Starlene lives in NW Portland, OR with her cool cat, Bobby. She has three amazing sons and adores singing and performing as a member of the Portland Lesbian Choir.

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cynthia.jpgCynthia Joseph, Office Manager

Cynthia Joseph has been the office administrator for the Green Party's National Headquarters since January 2016. She is financial and merchandise coordinator, information agent and customer service representative. And she collaborates with staff and liaises with volunteers; assisting several committees in maintaining and recruiting membership to the Green Party United States.

Cynthia has experience in print, broadcast and electronic media as a continuity coordinator, announcer, writer and blogger. She served as a Communication Specialist/Conference Coordinator for an American University think tank and was instrumental in developing a certificate program designed to help federal managers become senior executives.

She's lives in the DC area, is avid tennis player and great sports enthusiast.

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