Activist report from Mississippi Stand & Standing Rock


The Jill Stein campaign has been very active in giving support to Standing Rock and Mississippi Stand. Mississippi Stand was the proactive group that were peacefully demonstrating at the site where Dakota Access was boring under the Mississippi River to install their rusty leaking oil pipeline.

IMG_1659-edit.jpgAs the Iowa state coordinator for Jill Stein for president, I set up a campaign headquarters at the water protector's camp near Keokuk, Iowa. We spent much time there actively engaging with the peaceful demonstrations taking place and offering our solidarity to stopping this greed driven endeavor. My campaign team was greatly received. Because they knew that Jill Stein was the only presidential candidate speaking out against this impending ecological disaster. They also knew that Jill Stein was not bought and paid for by the same interests that are funding DAPL.

I also organized a supply trip in the beginning of October to take much needed supplies to Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock. We funded a 20' Uhaul truck with a Gofundme page and were able to raise the necessary funds to cover the moving van rental in about 12 hours. I can also proudly add that we were able to fill the trucks with generous donations from an enthusiastic group of supporters. These donations included cold weather gear, sleeping bags, tents, tarps, propane fuel, food, water, medicines, grain for horses and about anything else that one could imagine being necessary at Standing Rock.

We also came with campaign yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons and flyers. Everyone there was very receptive to our campaign. Not one negative comment. Jill Stein stood with Standing Rock and Standing Rock stood with Jill Stein!

Chris Laursen